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F/R/W: +8/+5/+2; CMD: 21 (+2 vs trip, +3 vs dirty trick, +1 vs disarm and steal; +2 vs goblinoids);


VP: 25; WP: 33; Threshold: 14


AC 15 (T15, FF 12; +2 vs goblinoids); Init: +4; Perc: +9; Spd: 30;

About Falcon Gray


shuriken 10

Spell-Like or Racial Abilities


Class Abilities
Ironfang survivor (1) X
stunning fist (2; DC 13) X X


Male human Unchained Monk 2/ Fighter (Cad) 2
LG medium humanoid (human)
Init +4; Senses Perception +9, Sense Motive +2
Languages Common

AC 15 (Dex +2, Wis +2, Dodge +1), touch 15, flat-footed 12 (+2 vs goblinoids)
CMD 21 (+2 vs trip, +3 vs dirty trick, +1 vs disarm and steal; +2 vs goblinoids)
VP 30; WP 34; Threshold 14
Fort (6) +8, Ref (3) +5, Will (0) +2
Defensive Abilities None
Immune None
Resist None

Speed 30 ft
unarmed strike +8 (1d6+4; 20/x2; B)
tiger fork +8 (1d8+6; 20/x2; P; brace)
sansetsukon +8 (1d10+6; 19-20/x2; B; blocking, disarm)
shuriken +6 (1d2+4; 20/x2; P; 10 feet)
Special Attacks
Stunning fist (2/day; DC 13)

Abilities Str 19 (+4), Dex 14 (+2), Con 14 (+2), Int 7 (-2), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 9 (-1)
Base Attack +4; Melee Touch +8; Ranged Touch +6
CMB +8 (+2 trip, +3 dirty trick, +1 disarm and steal)

Power Attack (Free)
Deadly Aim (Free)
Risky Striker (Free)
Improved Unarmed Strike (Monk 1)
Stunning Fist (Monk 1)
Combat Reflexes (Monk 1)
Dirty Fighting (human)
Improved Trip (1)
Improved Dirty Trick (Cad 1)
Ki Throw (Cad 2)
Vicious Stomp (3)
Dodge (Monk 2)

Ironfang Survivor

Acrobatics (4) +9
Heal (2) +7
Perception (4) +9
Stealth (4) +9

Background Skills
Perform: woodwind (2) +4
Profession: herbalist (3) +8
Sleight of Hand (3) +8

Favoured Class
Monk 1: +1 skill point
Monk 2: +1 skill point

Ironfang survivor

Ironfang survivor +2 dodge bonus to AC and CMD vs goblinoids. Once a day can roll twice vs goblinoids on Intimidate, Sense Motive or Stealth and take better result.
Stunning Fist Once per round, can declare an attack as Stunning Fist. DC 10+1/2 character level + Wis modifier. Once per day per monk level plus 1/4 other levels.

PP – 0
GP – 3
SP – 6
CP – 9

Carrying Capacity: Light – 100 lbs; Medium – 200 lbs; Heavy = 300 lbs; Current – 40 lbs (Light)

Weapons – tiger fork (5 gp, 8 lbs), sansetsukon (8 gp, 3lbs), 10 shuriken (2 gp, 1 lb)
Other Combat Gear
Other Magic Items
Mundane Gear – waterproof sack (0.5 gp, 0.5 lbs), ear plugs (0.03 gp), 5 candles (0.05 gp), sack of powder (0.01 gp, 0.5 lbs), common lamp (0.1 gp, 1 lb), flask of oil (0.1 gp, 1 lb), backpack (2 gp, 1 lb), whetstone (0.02 gp, 1 lb), steel mirror (10 gp, 0.5 lbs), explorer's outfit (0 gp, 8 lbs), belt pouch (1 gp, 0.5 lbs), waterskin (1 gp, 4 lbs), hemp rope (1gp, 10 lbs), recorder (0.5 gp)

NPCs of Phaendar
Malcolm Gray - male human commoner - Falcon's father, a farmer
Fern Gray - female human commoner - Falcon's mother, a farmer
Felix Gray - male human commoner - Falcon's younger brother, a child (12 years old)
Phaistea Bonderman - female human commoner - farrier's daughter - Falcon has always had a crush on her, but too shy to ever say anything about it
Talgrum - male half-orc warrior - grew up with Falcon, best friends, became a merchant guard
Old Mrs. Haverstock - elderly female human - local widow - always sat on her porch in town and gave local children sweets

As a child, it was clear Falcon would never be a great thinker or man of business, but his shoulders were broad and he possessed a certain amount of common sense, so his father Malcolm never doubted he would be able to succeed one day running the family farm outside of Phaendar. If only he'd shown the least bit of interest in being a farmer.

He was five when Mr. Tsumoto moved to town. With his strange accent, strange clothes, and strange medicines he sold to the locals, he could not have been more exotic if he'd been a flying mermaid from Galt. Falcon could never explain why the man was so fascinating, but he spent many afternoons listening to his strange stories, drinking strange teas, and watching him at his strange exercises. One day, he joined in and became his student.

His father didn't appreciate this unusual education at first, but then Falcon knew of a local plant that saved his younger brother Felix from a bad fever. He also had an amazing agility and ability to jump he used to knock his mother Fern to safety from a run away wagon. He also knew how to fend off three wolves with nothing but a pitch fork, and save their small flock, and farm, from ruin. He didn't understand his son's path, but at least he had one--Malcolm gave his blessing, and Falcon became Mr. Tsumoto's apprentice.

The apprenticeship was sadly short-lived. Three years later, while on a journey of cleansing (and to fetch some herbs which only grew to the south), they were stumbled upon by a scouting party of the Ironfang Legion. Mr. Tsumoto tried to take them on, giving his apprentice time to escape, but Falcon still found himself facing off against two of the beasts. He was able to give them enough of a thrubbing to send them scattering, but he could only watch as his master went down by the hobgoblin captain's dire flail. He ran to the old man, only to receive the business end of the flail himself. Blackness closed in as he bled out onto the forest floor, his body looted by the hobgoblins, including a special keepsake pendant, a gift from his master (though they discarded his strange and homemade weapons). By rights, he should have died then and there, but his mortal coil was not ready yet to shuffle off, and he came to. It took him a day to crawl to a nearby farm, and weeks to recover from his injuries. Once able to travel, Falcon headed for home, hoping to make it back before the festival began.

Falcon Gray stands at 6 feet tall, his body lean and well-muscled. He wears simple but sturdy, well-made clothing typical of Nirmathas style. He keeps his face clean shaven, his hair short. He carries a reinforced hay fork with a longer handle, and wears an exotic three-sectioned version of a quarterstaff stuck beneath the strap of his backpack.

Feats he wants:

Improved Dirty Trick (Cad 1)
Ki Throw (Cad 2)
Dodge (Monk 2)
Kitsune Style (3)
Kitsune Tricks (5)
Scorpion Style (Monk 6)
Greater Trip (Free at 6)
Greater Dirty Trick (Free at 6)
Quick Dirty Trick (7)
Vicious Stomp (9)
Dirty Trick Master (11)
Enhanced Ki Throw (13)