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Full Name

Eydis Batia




Incanter/Warpriest Gestalt 6 | HP:59/50 | AC: 24/ T: 12 / FF: 22 | Fort: +7, Ref: +5, Will: +10 | CMB: +8, CMD: 19 | Init: +1, Perception: +9 |








Neutral Good




Norsk, Nuklander, Ulnat

Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 18
Charisma 10

About Eydis

Eydis Batia

Female Human, Warpriest / Incanter 6
Neutral Good Medium Humanoid (Human, Humanoid)

Initiative; +1 Perception +9

Daily Abilities:

Blessings - 5/5
Channel Positive Energy (3d6) - 7/7
Fervour - 6/6
Incanter Spell Points - 10/10
Warpriest Spell Points - 7/7


AC 24 touch 12 flat-footed 22
Base = 10, Dexterity = 1, +1 Breastplate = 7, +1 Heavy Shield = 3, Shield Focus = 1, Dodge Bonus = 1, Natural Armour = 1
hp 40
Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +10


Speed 20 ft.
Roksper (+9 to Hit - 2d8+6 Piercing Damage - x3 Crit)
Roksper (Range 30ft - + to Hit - 2d8+6 Piercing Damage - x3 Crit)


Incanter Spheres
Casting Tradition Possession of Winter.
- Casting Sign -When using spells hair moves as if in a wind no else can feel, even blowing against natural winds.
- Wild Magic - There is a 10% chance each spell point used will create an unusual effect.
- Magical Focus - Ring. Without spells require a concentration check.
- Verbal Casting - A brief prayer to Wotan must be chanted with each spell.
- Easy Focus - Changes Concentration Checks to a move action.

Caster Level 4
Spell Points 12
Difficulty Check 16

Life Sphere Magic - Allows the use of Healing and Restorative talents.
Invigorate - Add a number of temporary hit points equal to caster level to a target. These do not stack with other temporary hit points and cannot increase it over there starting HP.
Cure - For one spell point, heal 1d8 plus your level.
Restore - Removes a variety of ill effects.
- Restore Health - This talent adds an additional 1d8 to all Cures cast, and allows Restore to affect Diseases and Poisons.
- Restore Soul - Add 1d8 to all Cures Cast, and allow Restore to affect ability drain and tempory negative levels.
- Ranged Healing - Use Life spells at the range of Close instead of Touch.
- Resuscitate - Potentially bring a dead character back to life.
- Greater Healing - Heal 2 points per character level instead of 1.
- Diagnose - Identify sickness and poison.
- Reviatalize - Use Fast Healing instead of healing normally.

Warp - Bend time and space to move yourself or cause other effects.
Teleport - As a standard action travel up to Close distance. Spend a Spell Point to raise distance to Medium.
Bend Space - Warp time and space with various abilities.
- Emergency Teleport - As an immediate action spend a spell point to teleport up to 5ft per 2 caster levels. If used to avoid an attack it grants you a dodge bonus on AC and Reflex equal to half caster level.
- Ranged Teleport - Teleport creatures at a distance.

Warpriest Spheres
Caster Level 4
Spell Points 7
Difficulty Check 15

Destruction - Grants the use of various devastating blasts.
Destructive Blasts - Deals 1d6 per 2 caster levels in bludgeoning damage as a touch attack or ranged touch attack. At the cost of one Spell Point this can be increased to 1d6 per caster level.
- Energy Weapon (Blast Shape) - Add a Destructive Blast to a weapon attack as a standard action.
- Crafted Blast - Change damage to piercing, slashing or bludgeoning. Rolls of 1 and 2 count as 3’s.
- Thorn Blast - Adds bleed damage equal to number of dice rolled.
- Greater Blast - Increase damage by 1d6[/dice]


Str 16 Dex 12, Con 12, Int 11, Wis 18, Cha 10
Base Atk +4; CMB +6; CMD 17

Cantrips, Extra Spell Points, Melee Blaster, Northern Spear Fighting, Shield Focus,Weapon Focus (Spear), Vital Strike[/url[.

[url=]Armour Expert
, Child of a Hero, Signature Moves
Drawback Burned
Racial Traits
Bonus Feat, Skilled.
Skills Accrobatics +7, Climb +9(7) Diplomacy +8, Heal+7, Knowledge (Religion) +6, Perception + 8, Ride +5, Swim +9(7), Sense Motive +8, Survival +11.
Bonus Skills Handle Animal +5, Linguistics +7, Profession (Farmer) +7, Profession (Sailor) +10
Languages Norsk, Nuklander

Combat Gear (Attuned) +1 Roksper (Silversheen Spear) (6 lbs), Darkwood Heavy Shield with Shield Sconce (5 lbs),(Attuned) +1 Breastplate (30 lbs), Masterwork Warhammer.
Other Gear Masterwork Survival Tools, Soap (1 lbs), Blanket (3 lbs), Bedroll (5 lbs), 100ft Hemp Rope (20 lbs), 200 ft String (2 lbs), Chalk x 4, Holy Symbol, Waterskins x4.
Cold Weather Gear x 3 (21 lbs), Explorer's Outfit (8 lbs),
Medium Tent, Grapple, Soap, Needle and thread
Trail Rations x 28, Cheese (5lbs), Honey (1lbs), Travel Cake Mix x 30, Wandermeal x30.
Holy Water X 2, Celestial Lamp, Climber's Kit.
Money, 2037gp, 6sp, 2cp
Weight 99 lbs (Medium Load)

Special Abilities

Armour Expert - Reduce the penalty for wearing armour by 1.
Aura - Registers as a powerful Good character, like a Cleric.
Blessings - Warpriests gain two sets of Blessings, usable 4 times per day, DC 14.
- Magic Blessing - Hand of the Acolyte - Throw a melee weapon 30ft and have it instantly return. Uses Wisdom instead of Dexterity to hit.
- Good Blessing - Holy Strike - Add +1d6 Good aligned damage to a weapon, and make it good for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.
Bonus Feat - Gain an additional feat at level 1.
Burned - Take a -1 on Fire based saves, and a -1 to attack rolls, skill checks and saving throws when adjacent to fire.
Channel Positive Energy - As the cleric ability, heal 1d6 per two levels in a 30 foot radius. Usable 3+ Wisdom Modifier per day.
Cantrips - Perform a variety of minor magical spells.
Child of a Hero - Gain +2 Skill Points per level.
Combat Casting - Add +4 to concentration checks to cast when grappled or when casting defensively.
Fervor - Heal 1d6 per Warpriest level, or allow the use of a Warpriest Spell as a swift action affecting only the Warpriest.
Melee Blaster - When using Destructive Blasts as a melee or part of a melee attack they do not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Northern Spear Fighting - Allows the use of a spear in one hand and a shield in the other.
Power Attack - Add +2 to damage and a penalty of 1 to hit.
Sacred Weapon - All weapons with Weapon Focus gain increased damage at higher levels, and at 4th level can be granted a +1 Enhancement bonus.
Shield Focus - Gain +1 Shield Bonus when using a shield.
Signature Moves Grants a Silversheen Spear.
Skilled - Gain an additional skill point each level.
Threatening Defender - Reduce the penalty of Combat Maneuvers by 1.
Weapon Focus (Spear) - Gain +1 to hit with a spear.

Spheres of Might

Martial Tradition - Valkyria
Equipment - Armour Master and Dwarven Heritage
Sphere DC - 15

Lancer Sphere - Lethal, piercing attacks.
Impale - Take a -2 to Hit to Impale an enemy, pinning them in place.
- Focusing Finale - Regain Focus when you remove a weapon.

Shield Sphere - Using a shield for both offense and defence.
Active Defence - Use an Attack of Opportunity to increase the AC by 2.
- Extensive Defence - Use Martial Focus to add +2 AC against all attacks until the start of the next turn.

Favoured Class Bonus Warpriest +3 HP.[/spoiler]

Born the granddaughter of the Valkyrie Geiravor, Eydis had a shadow over her. Her Grandmother was a powerful servant of the gods. Her Grandfather a mighty hero who had wooed a Valkyrie. Her mother had the blood of the Valkyries in her blood, and soon proved herself her mother’s equal in valour and deeds, eventually finding a match in Eydis’ father.

Her siblings also inherited the powers of a Valkyrie into there bloodline but Eydis...Eydis did not. She was a simple human, a mortal. Among the radiantly powerful members of her family she felt small, pathetic and average. Magic did not spring forth from her fingers at a whim, nor was her body mighty.

But then, her father and grandfather were human too. Paragons of humanity, mighty heroes whose names carried renown for all, but humans. And so, she decided, she would make humanity her strength. She would never match her siblings for power or magic, but none of them could pick up new talents the way she could. She could read earlier, dance better and farm more expertly than most people.

More, her heritage and family name meant she could do things that others typically could not. The Spear Maidens of her home allowed her to train with them, and learn the ways of fighting with spear and shield. From her Grandmother she learned about Wotan Himself, Chief among the Gods, and eventually chose to dedicate her life to serving him as well. In pride her Grandmother handed her a silver spear, which she said had once been hurled by the Allfather Himself, and a shield she had carved.

By her dedication, she had received certain Blessings from Wotan himself, and received to focus those gifts with the training of the Cunning Women. With the spear of her Grandmother and the magic of her God, she tried to help as best she could.

Of course, her siblings were all around as well. There was, perhaps unsurprisingly, reasonably little to be done with so many around. Instead, she started to journey through the Northlands, doing small deeds to help those who needed it, whether it was mundane matters of the field or more dramatic and violent quests. She journeyed into darkened woods to find rare and exotic materials and into dark caves to slay strange beasts that plagued the lands. Often she stood with other warriors of the North, at least for a time, but just as often she stood alone.

The most famous tale to her name occured during an outbreak of fire on a small farm far from the homes and halls of others. The patrol she traveled with stopped to help, but by the time they reached the farmstead the home was engulfed in flames. All that could be heard were the wails from the upper floor and the wails of the parents, trapped outside. Eydis used her simple size and brute strength to smash down the smouldering door and her magic to heal herself as she waded through the flames. Reaching the upper floors, she was able to throw the children to their parents before jumping herself. Even with her magic, she was badly burned and scarred, but chose to accept them as symbols of her achievement.

It was soon after this that she was returning home, to rest and recuperate, that she saw the witch Sibbe and her henchman stealing three young girls. As was her duty she tried to save them, but was instead captured and dragged along. Drugged and bound, she was laid on the altar stone and sacrificed, her life’s blood spilled and her body cast aside. She was almost dead when three other heros approached the stones...

Party Loot:

2 x Masterwork Breastplate.
Masterwork Warhammer.
Masterwork Greatsword.
Holy Symbol worth 300 HS.
232 hacksilver.