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This is a great class & I am interested in trying it out.
Does anyone know what the Hit Die is?

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Good Afternoon,

I have been Dungeon Mastering and playing RPGs for a long time & since the advent of 3.0 and forward I have not seen anything tank a game faster then a wondrous item made from scratch by players.

Understanding the reality of "Rule 0"

1) Is Pathfinder doing anything to address this?

2) Are there some spells that should not be made into unlimited use items? (I.E. Mnemonic Enhancer,Disintegrate,Heal...) Etc..

3) Arcana Evolved gave an additional multiplier on certain Spells depending on the power level of the spell.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Mass Spell
Your mastery of Spellcasting allows you to affect more of your allies with your spells.
Prerequisite: Spellcaster level 6, Chain Spell
Benefit: You may cast any non-personal ,harmless spell that affects a single creature on a number of additional allies equal to one per 2 caster levels. All creatures targeted must be within a 30' radius. Casting a Mass Spell uses a Spell slot 4 levels higher than the original.

Note: If a Mass version of a Spell already exists all specifics of that spell supersede the Mass Spell feat.

Feedback is appreciated

Thank you!

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Here is my quick list of Feats I would like to see included.

-Extra Spell
-Extra Slot
-Quickened Turning (Channeling)
-Empowered Turning (Channeling)
-Speed burst (From Arcana Unearthed/ Evolved):Extra Move action as a Swift action 1 per day per 2 levels.

Any thoughts?

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Is there any chance that the 2 skill points per level can be amended?
I have run 3.0/3.5 & Arcana Evolved games since 3.0 launched and our very first house rule was raising base minimum skill points to 4 for the 2 points per level classes.

This has never caused a balance issue even after the conversion to Pathfinder's superior skill system.

Heroes need to know more then how not to fall off their horses and climb a tree in my opinion.

Thank you!