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Full Name

Emarel Aelavir


| HP: 18/18 | AC: 17 | F: +4, R: +7, W: +8 | Perc: +6


| Speed 30ft | Hero Points: 1/1 | 2/4 1st lv. spells | 0/1 focus point | Spell DC: 18| Conditions: None


Male Elf Wizard 2





Special Abilities

Low-light vision, +1 to Identify Magic and Decipher Writing of a magical nature






Taldane, Elven, Draconic, Sylvan, Celestial, Infernal

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Emarel Aelavir

To a human, Emarel may seem tall, but among his Elven peers he stands only a couple inches above the average 6 feet. Neatly kept brown hair cascades down to Emarel's shoulders, laying on darkly hued robes. His eyes shine in bright contrast to his clothes, swirling with changing colors as if they were repositories of the energies within him. He stands lean and without much grime on him or his belongings. Emarel can often be found speaking to himself lightly under his breath, while fiddling with a necklace that seems to be the depiction of half a black mask, and occasionally tapping his fingers in a sort of rhythm on his legs.

Reference Image:

Emarel was raised in the last great Elven settlement of Kyonin, along with his twin sister Mystana. With their parents being devout worshipers of Nethys, Emarel and Mystana became very involved with the rest of the church community. While Mystana eventually became more involved with the hunters and warriors of the society, Emarel showed an unusually high aptitude for the arcane arts at a very early age and became trenched into his magical studies. Unfortunately, Emarel didn't much get along with his peers as much as he did within his own mind and magical theory. He spent most of his free time with Mystana, tagging along as she learned the bow, and he found his propensity for evocation magic.

Emarel became engrossed in studying magical theory, thinking beyond what he was taught in his standard classes at the university. More often than not, he didn't bother attending classes, electing instead to draw inspiration from the woods around him in the comfort of familiar spots that he visited so often with Mystana. After a measly few decades, Emarel felt that he had exhausted the hospitality of the couple people that he spoke to regularly, and thought about leaving. He had read about the civilization of aquatic elves on the western end of Avistan, and although his interpersonal skills were not great, he thought that perhaps they had some magical knowledge he could use to further his studies that was unavailable to him in Kyonin. Mystana actively encouraged Emarel, and even gave him one of her bows. In return, Emarel gave her a personally crafted necklace depicting the light side of Nethys' mask, the mirror of his own black half, and set out.

Emarel arrived in Acisazi, located just north of the Ravounel Forest, early last year and found exactly what he was hoping for. He got along amicably with the aquatic elves and half-elves that populated the small village. More recently, he found about the presence of the odd bells within Kintargo that seem to be ringing at random intervals. Intrigued, and desiring to figure out how they work, Emarel arrived within the city to study the bells just in time to be locked in with the rest of the people during the change of authority. Now, having heard of the protest going on, he's made his way to the edges of the protest to people watch, and see if he can glean anything from the crowd and the damned house of Thrune that are now interrupting his studies.

Combat Stats:
AC: 17 (unarmored)
HP: 18
Class DC: 18
Perception: +6
Speed: 30

Dagger: +7 for 1d4P (Agile, Finesse, Versatile S)

Longbow: +7 for 1d8P over 100', 0 reload (Deadly d10, volley 30') 23 arrows

Fortitude: +4
Reflex: +7
Will: +8

Arcane spell attack and DC: +8
Uses per day
Focus Pool 1/1
Cantrips: 10 known + school, 5+1 Evocation per day
First Level: 7 known + school and focus, 3+1 Evocation, 1 focus per day


Produce Flame* (school)
Read Aura
Acid Splash
Ray of Frost
Electric Arc*
Mage Hand*
Detect Magic - At will

First Level
Magic Weapon*
Hydraulic Push*
Color Spray
True Strike
Feather Fall
Magic Missile* (School)
Force Bolt* (Focus)

Ancestry: Elven Weapon Familiarity
Background: Quick Identification
Arcane Thesis: Spell Substitution
Drain Bonded Item

Acrobatics: +7 (T)
Arcana: +8(T)
Athletics: +0(U)
Crafting: +8(T)
Deception: +1(U)
Diplomacy: +0(U)
Intimidation: +1(U)
Lore(Engineering): +8(T)
Medicine: +2(U)
Nature: +6(T)
Occultism: +8(T)
Performance: +1(U)
Religion: +6(T)
Society: +8(T)
Stealth: +7(T)
Survival: +2(U)
Thievery: +3(U)


Longbow, 23 arrows
Material Component Pouch
Adventurer's Pack
Writing Set
Basic Crafter's Book
Scroll Case
Scroll of Feather Fall
Grappling Hook
Potency Crystal (bow)
Feather Token lv 1 (robe)
Feather Token lv 2 (robe)
Scroll of Unseen Servant
Scroll of Feather Fall
Scroll of Sleep

34 SP

Character Build:
Ancestry: Elf (-con,+int/+dex/+wis)
Background: Pattern Seeker (+int/+dex, trained in Nature, Lore(Engineering), Quick Identification feat)
Class: Wizard (+int, Spell Substitution as Arcane Thesis, Evocation school)
Free: +int/+dex/+wis/+cha

For GM:
While Emarel does keep the standard spellbook in a tome version, written in a mix of language and cipher that he seems to have created, he prefers the version of his spellbook that exists written into light, metal bands that wrap up and down around his arms under his robes. They're written in a shorthand that he can read by touch, and the weight of them, light as Elven craftsmanship is, brings him comfort. I can figure out bulk and stuff for it if you need me to.

Also, if possible, for flavor purposes, I'd like Emarel to be able to form his evocation spells into the form of an arrow and shoot them through the bow. My logic for this being that in his savant nature, he's able to hold the spell for a brief moment upon finishing the necessary somatic components with his free hand (since bows are 1+ handed), and shoot it off with the bow. He treasures his sister, and wants to make use as much as possible of her gift.

Botting Instructions:

During exploration, Emarel will Detect Magic, and then Search.
During combat, Emarel will use cantrips for closer enemies, and a combination of spells and bow attacks for enemies past the volley range.