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Human (Varisian) alchemist 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 26)
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +4
AC 15, touch 12, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 11 (1d8+3)
Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +0
Speed 30 ft.
Melee wand of misery +1 (1d6+1)
Spell Pool (5/ day)
Str 13, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Atk +0; CMB +2; CMD 13
Feats , Agile Maneuvers, Brew Potion, Improvisational Healer, Treat Injury
Traits devoted healer, precise treatment
Skills Craft (alchemy) +8 (+9 to create alchemical items), Craft (medicine) +8, Diplomacy +2, Heal +11 (+12 circumstance to treat wounds or deadly wounds), Knowledge (arcana) +8, Knowledge (nature) +8, Perception +4, Spellcraft +8, Stealth +2, Survival +4, Use Magic Device +5
Languages Common, Varisian
SQ alchemy (alchemy crafting +1), finesse weapon attack attribute, mutagen (+4/-2, +2 natural armor, 10 minutes), rules changes
Combat Gear healer's kit; Other Gear studded leather, wand of misery, alchemy crafting kit[APG], backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, ink, inkpen, mess kit[UE], pot, soap, surgeon's tools[UE], waterskin, 12 gp, 6 sp
Special Abilities
Agile Maneuvers Use DEX instead of STR for CMB
Casting An essentialist may combine spheres and talents to create magical effects. An essentialist is considered a Mid-Caster, and uses Intelligence as his casting ability modifier. (Note: All casters gain 2 bonus talents and may select a casting tradition the first time they gain the casting class feature.)
When using Craft (alchemy) to create an alchemical item, an essentialist gains a competence bonus equal to his class level on the Craft (alchemy) check. In addition, an essentialist can use Craft (alchemy) to identify potions as if using the divine ability of the Divination sphere. He must hold the potion for 1 round to make such a check.
Elements of Life At 1st level, the essentialist gains the Life sphere, as well as the Medicinal drawback and the Water of Life talent. They do not gain the drawback if they possess the Life sphere already. If they possess the Water of Life talent as well, they may choose a bonus talent from the Life sphere instead. When the essentialist uses a Life sphere ability with the Water of Life talent, he may use his class level as his caster level. This stacks with other caster level sources normally.
Essences (5/day) When the essentialist imbues a consumable using his Water of Life talent, he may further imbue it with a powerful magic that brings out the inner power of those who consume it. Imbuing essence is a free action, but it can only be imbued into a consumable that has had a Life sphere ability placed into it by the essentialist. He may do this a number of times per day equal to his class level + his casting ability modifier. When the consumable is consumed, the imbiber receives the effects of both the Life sphere ability and the essence.
The imbiber of an essence experiences a brief sense of euphoria as it takes effect. The essence acts to magnify the life force of the imbiber; whatever strengths they have are enhanced. The imbiber receives a +2 alchemical bonus to their highest ability score (they may choose if they have multiple scores tied for highest). This bonus increases by +1 for every 4 class levels the essentialist has, up to a maximum of +7 at 20th level.
The effects of the essence last for 1 minute per class level of the essentialist. Each also provides sufficient nutrition to sustain a person for 1 day. If the character has any ability that gives them extra bombs, it gives them extra essences instead.
Mutated Essence Once per day, the essentialist may produce an essence that is mutated. It takes 1 hour to prepare a mutated essence, and once made, it remains potent until the essentialist regains their essences. A mutated essence counts towards the essentialist’s daily limit on the number of essences they can create.
A mutated essence can only be used by the essentialist that created it. Anyone else who drinks a mutated essence must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 the essentialist’s level + his casting ability modifier) or become nauseated for 1 hour. They receive no benefit from the essence.
When an essentialist imbibes the mutated essence on himself, he may choose which attribute is increased, and the bonus is increased by +2. He may still only gain an attribute bonus from only one essence at a time; taking another essence disables the mutated essence. In addition, while under the effects of the mutated essence, he gains a +2 natural armor bonus. The essentialist does not suffer any attribute penalties for taking his mutated essence.
Improvisational Healer Treat without using healer kit charges (+2 if use charge). Can use heal ranks as CL for certain potions.
Treat Injury Whenever you treat deadly wounds, you may spend a spell point to remove any one condition (not including ability damage, ability drain, death, or energy drain) from the creature treated, even if it is a condition you can not normally restore.

Life Sphere:
Your Life sphere abilities cannot be used directly on a creature. Instead, you have the ability to imbue a liquid with your Life sphere abilities. You must select the Water of Life talent with the bonus talent granted by this drawback, and you can only use your Life sphere abilities to imbue fluids, and not directly on creatures. You cannot gain the Ranged Healing talent. You can not take this drawback if you have the Glorious or Sympathetic drawback.

Water of Life
You can imbue a fluid or small portion of food with your Life sphere abilities. This is performed in the same way as using the Life sphere ability, but targeting the consumable instead of a creature. The consumable must be in hand, and you may only imbue one consumable at a time, even if you can affect multiple creature with your Life sphere abilities (such as with Mass Healing). A consumable can only be imbued once with this ability.
The consumable remains potent until you rest and regain spell points, and possesses an aura as if it were the original target of the effect. Once imbued, the consumable may be given to another person, who may use it is if it were a potion.
Any potion (such as a healing potion) or alchemical agent can be used in place of a liquid. In this case, the imbiber receives the benefits of both the Life sphere ability and the substance imbibed.

Invigorate [Core]
As a standard action, you may invigorate a touched creature, granting them temporary hit points equal to your caster level (minimum: 1). Unlike normal temporary hit points, this ability can only be used on an injured target and cannot raise a target’s current hit points plus their temporary hit points to be higher than their total hit points. This benefit lasts for 1 hour. Temporary hit points, even from different sources, do not stack; only the highest bonus applies.

Cure [Core]
As a standard action, you may spend a spell point to touch a target and heal it an amount of damage equal to 1d8 + your caster level. This is a positive energy effect, and as such may be used to harm undead (Will half).

Restore [Core]
As a standard action, you may touch a target and spend a spell point to restore their physical and mental health.
This accomplishes all of the following:
Heals 1d4 points of ability damage to one ability score of your choice.
Removes the fatigued condition or lessens exhaustion to fatigued.
Removes the sickened condition or lessens nauseated to sickened.
Removes the shaken condition or lessens frightened to shaken, or panicked to frightened.
Removes the staggered condition.
Removes the dazzled condition.
Removes the battered condition. (When using Spheres of Might.)
If the condition targeted is part of an on-going effect, this suppresses the effect for a number of round equal to your caster level. This cannot be used to remove curses or instantaneous effects.

Adrenaline Surge
When you use a Life sphere talent or ability on an ally other than yourself, you may spend one spell point to also give them an adrenaline surge. The ally may do one of the following as an immediate action:
make an attack at their highest base attack bonus
move their speed, drawing attacks of opportunity normally
make an Escape Artist check with a bonus equal to your caster level
draw, pick up, or ready a weapon or shield
stand up from prone
You may use this ability to surge multiple allies (other than yourself) at a time when you perform a Life sphere ability that affects multiple allies by spending a second spell point. Surges are resolved in initiative order.

Resuscitate [Core]
Your cure and invigorate abilities function on creatures who have died within no more than 1 round. If the target’s new hit point total is at a negative amount greater than its Constitution score, then it comes back to life and stabilizes at its new hit point total. Otherwise the target remains dead. Creatures brought back to life in this manner gain a temporary negative level.


Few trades have undergone a more drastic change than the apothecaries. Once crackpots guessing at the proper amount of leeches to apply to drain the proper humors, times have changed. Medical practices have been revolutionized through the formation of the Apothecary’s Guild which centralized and refined medical practices. The iconic raven masks that have defined the trade for centuries have gone from symbols of plague and fear to the assurance that with their arrival, diseases would be cured and injuries would be healed.

It was into this period of learning and optimism that Dymitri was born. Both of his parents were apothecaries, and he grew up with the knowledge that he would follow in his parent’s footsteps. His childhood, though safe and well cared for, was constantly on the road, never stopping in one place for long enough to make friends or find somewhere he fit in.

When he turned eleven, he left his parent’s care and went to study at the Apothecary’s College under the rather indirect tutelage of Master Gerhardt, one of the main players in the formation of the Apothecary’s Guild. He took easily to his studies. His parents had taught him the rudiments of medicine, and it was something of an instinct to him. However, he still felt lonely. Despite the newfound consistency in his life, he couldn’t connect with his peers, couldn’t find any engagement with those around him.

Nonetheless, his talents were considerable in the medical arts, even drawing the eyes of Master Gerhardt himself, and the old apothecary decided to take Dymitri under his direct tutelage. It was in this time of direct instruction that Dymitri truly came into his own. Several years passed, and his skills came to rival those of many apothecaries even a decade older than him.
Several years passed before at the age of seventeen Master Gerhardt made a shocking discovery. Though his great medical talents were certainly partially attributed to his natural talent, but there was more to it. The Other. Though many apothecaries were thought to have mystical powers in the olden days, the amount of apothecaries who truly possessed magical abilities was vanishingly rare. And yet, Dymitri possessed them.

It was at the urging of Master Gerhardt that Dymitri was sent to a true academy to hone his skills. Though excited to learn more about this talent he possessed, he was far less ready to uproot himself once more. He had built a life at the Apothecary’s College. He had people he was close to, and a comforting routine. And yet, the Other called to him. It drew him to learn more, to find more of its secrets. He knew what he had to do.