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So, in an attempt to keep this short: I created a half-elf warpriest of sarenrae, so he could start with longswords at trained (elven weapon training) and thought he would improve as he levelled up, but it seems a warpriest only becomes expert in their deity’s favoured weapon, and nothing else.

While I do like the role play side of playing a worshipper of sarenrae, being stuck at trained forever seems like a major hindrance to a warpriest.

Are there any ways in society to retrain religion after level 1, as it seems roleplaying it out isn’t possible. Iomedae seems like a perfect choice, as my character is basically a pseudo-paladin.

Hello. I've had a quick search through the boards and SRD, but have yet to find something.

Is there any way to speed up the use of extracts for an alchemist? I've been thinking of making a Grenadier Alchemist who fights with a sword on the front lines, steps back to pop an extract now and then before getting back into the fray. Not optimal, I know, but that's not the point here

Also, does using an extract provoke? I would assume it does, but it doesn't say so anywhere in the extract section

Hello. I hope this is the correct section for this.
I have two questions, and I thought I'd save time by putting them in one place
1. When creating magic ammunition, would it be too powerful to remove the "+1 enhancement before special abilities can be applied" rule and replace it with "usable with magical weapons only"? I personally see little problem in it. By the time you are buying/crafting magic ammo, the character will almost always have a magic weapon to fire them from, which doesn't stack anyway.

2. Balanced weapons. I want to add a weapon enhancement for a game. +1 bonus, melee or ranged. Whenever using two weapon fighting or any attack that uses both weapons and the twf penalties (fighter's double strike for example) the weapon gets +2 to hit and damage. Alternately, it increases the enhancement bonus by 2. Any thoughts?

*edit* edit, added the "usable by magic weapons only" as I realised it could be abused, giving 800 villagers a single arrow of dragonbane each for example

Hi, first time poster, though I've lurked and searched for answers to queries I've had a few times here. If I was to take the ricochet ability of the ricochet hammer and turn it into a feat, how do you think it should work? I'm just thinking of a starknife wielder using it to effectively cleave attack with ranged weapons. Obviously limit it to thrown weapon that would feasibly ricochet? If such a feat existed, what do you think the requirements should be? the ricochet ability on the hammer costs about an extra 12,000 gold, so I'd assume lvl 5-8 before it was obtainable, maybe with some heavy specialization into throwing/ranged attacks. Any recommendations?

alternately, as a static +2 ability?