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Computers are not tied into skill checks in any way that I can find. That means when you are hacking, a hacking kit is all you need. Sounds great, right? Except for the fact that you need to physically be next to (and directly interfacing with) a computer to hack it...outside of the ability that a mechanic can get with their custom rig to wirelessly hack. And that sounds fine, in theory, I guess? The problem I have is that this gives no way for other hacking type classes to do the classic "I'll hack the security on-site, or from the van, or from home, etc." trope. Additionally, it strips gear entirely out of the equation, meaning that a hacker is defined exclusively by their skills, rather than by a combination of skills and gear. And I think I can make myself okay with that mentality. It is weird though that you need only use a hacking kit, and not another computer, when hacking into another system. But it means that players need to be aware that hacking (outside of the purview of the mechanic) is done entirely through daisy-chaining hacked systems together (to get access from outside a location), or entirely on-site using an existing system that you physically access. And all of this comes back to just using a hacking kit, a 20 credit piece of gear that will forever be as effective as your skills are. You need never spend credits on a computer at all, or work to upgrade it, which seems...odd.

Control and memory modules are a bit messy and confusing. Apparently, you buy memory modules...for a specific topic or range of topics only? It's not storage space, but some sort of onboard encyclopedia. And control modules need to be purchased for each specific piece of gear you want to connect to. So, if you're a tech type, and you want to hack an enemy system, you just need the hacking kit. But if you want to have a computer you can carry around, you'll need to buy at least a tier 1 computer, with 1 level of miniaturization and likely a Range II upgrade if you want any kind of distance (unless you want to find a table to set your computer on every time you want to use it), then buy a separate control module for your video camera, your detonator, your spy drone, your laser microphone, and your motion detector. That is five separate control modules, then another memory module as appropriate, I guess? But unless you are worried about someone hacking back into your computer, you'll never need to upgrade its tier, as that is the way a base DC is determined to hack a system.