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As far as I can tell Kinetic Healing isn't a blast effect, so you can't use gather power or any other mechanic to avoid burn besides giving it to your patient. Is that correct?

CVN-65, the 8th vessel in the U.S. Navy to bear that name, and the U.S. first nuclear-powered Aircraft carrier was decomissioned today after 55 years of service.

Next in line for the ship is to have it's nuclear reactors defueled and the process of it's dismantling to begin.

The next Enterprise will be the CVN-80, currently in the final stages of construction.

Gene Cernan was taken from us today at the age of 82.

One of many sources for this.

I really want this year over with.

Bad news is all here.

Support for existing watches to be eliminated, and unfulfilled Kickstarter benefits to be refunded.

Fitbit will maintain some services, but the functionality of existing devices may well decrease.

The NYC gaming community suffered a double blow this week with the loss of two of it's own one to a complication of illnesses, and another to cancer.

James was the keel of that group of whacky players known as the Wrecking Crew who practically embodied the spirit of "Yes.. Fireball Me Now!" and Dan put in years of service to hundreds of Pathfinder gamers in the region.

You both will be missed.

This is obviously a Traveler remembrance thread.... :) The Traveller setting takes place in roughly the 53rd century. No one truly remembers who Elvis was save that he lived long ago on Terra. But he is one of the most revered figures in Humaniti space.

Watch the firewaorks..simultaneous cast from all three campuses. here

From Time Magazine's description of D+D in today's induction of the game "that gave rise to World of Warcraft" into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

The charisma score is usable to decide such things as whether a witch capturing a player will turn him into a swine or keep him enchanted as a lover.”

So check your favorite character's charisma score and tell us all..

Swine or Lover?

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Because there are few things more beautiful than the toeclips of a brawny woman

Or other things you should know before you hold together your car with duct tape.

Comedy Central has confirmed that the Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore will air it's last episode this Thursday.

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Blizzard have rushed out a patch for the Warcraft movie which will address some of the outstanding launch issues facing the big-screen adaptation. Here’s a full breakdown of what to expect:



The cooldown on Gul’dan’s ability to open dark portals has been rebalanced to 180 seconds. This should extend the length of the prologue considerably.
An error in the opening titles incorrectly refers to ‘Azeroth’ as ‘Middle Earth’ in several places. This has now been corrected.
27 minutes of footage showing the orcs and the humans doing nothing but harvesting wood and mining gold has been removed.

Chapter One

The resource count for orc grunts has been increased, reducing the amount available this early in the movie.
Conversely, the human early game has been rebalanced to allow for more units on the field at this time and to combat grunt spam. We’ll be keeping an eye on this during future viewings.
Placeholder dialogue in which the orc leader Durotan repeatedly refers to his wife and child as “my emotional motivation” has been removed.
Due to a legal request from New Line Cinema, the scene where the wizard Medivh repeatedly pokes Lothar until he shouts “A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day,” has been deleted.
Another 14 minutes of harvesting wood and mining gold has also been removed from this chapter of the movie.

Chapter Two

Garona’s character model has been overhauled to fix the issue where her tusks repeatedly clip through and fall out of her mouth.
A scene where King Wrynn outlines his defensive strategy to the war council as “turtling for first 15, then archer spam w/cleric & knight wall. glhf” has been removed.
Seventeen minutes of chapter two which were unwatchable due to gold sellers talking loudly in the theatre have been cleaned up. Please use the report function if you find these players in your theatre.
After sending her infant son Thrall to safety, Durotan’s wife Draka no longer turns to the camera and winks, saying “Good luck, son. Good luck in Heroes of the Storm, where champions from all worlds gather to fight for glory and honour, free to play on”

Chapter Three

A scene where Chris Metzen shows up dressed as “the mysterious assassin, Shadowblade” and single-handedly kills 397 enemies in a lengthy action sequence has been removed, as has the scene immediately following it where the main characters gush about the mysterious assassin Shadowblade and his mysterious past (which nobody knows).
Doorways in the city of Stormwind have been widened to prevent clipping issues with shoulder pad size.
Network code has been re-written so that King Llane’s unfortunate disconnect just before his charge at the orc encampment should not occur again.
Warchief Blackhand no longer gasps “gg… wp….” with his dying breath.

Additional polish.


Samwise Didier’s listing in the credits as “$$$_Da badass m0th4f@#!4_$$$” has been adjusted and now correctly reflects his actual title. Blizzard apologises for allowing Didier to write his own credit listing.

From the Record:

Adam Driver is a driver. Named Paterson. In Paterson. Got that? Cannes Film Festival is getting it. "Paterson," described as a "wry comedy" from director Jim Jarmusch ("Down by Law," "Dead Man") will be arriving at the famed French film festival on May 16, with more pomp and circumstance than when the director arrived in the City of Paterson.

Most of you may know him by another name... Kylo Rem. lashy-debut-at-cannes-1.1570473

Full details here.

Details are all here.

Document consists of the usual lame excuse of not being able to code effectively for the Mac platform despite the fact that Blizzard has been managing simultaneous releases for over 2 decades.

Best known to many as "Fish" from Barney Miller, Abe Vigoda passed away in his sleep on January 26th.

Living past many rumors of his death, Vigoda even survived the Firefox extension whose sole purpose was to report his life/death status.

From wikipedia:

In 1982 People magazine mistakenly referred to Vigoda as dead. At the time, Vigoda, age 60, was performing in a stage play in Calgary.[13] He took the mistake with good humor, posing for a photograph published in Variety in which he was sitting up in a coffin, holding the erroneous issue of People. Jeff Jarvis, a People employee at the time, said that the magazine's editors were known for "messing up" stories, and one of them repeatedly inserted the phrase "the late" in reference to Vigoda, even after a researcher correctly removed it.[14] The edited (erroneous) version was what went to print.[14]

The same mistake was made in 1987 when a reporter for television station WWOR, Channel 9 in Secaucus, New Jersey, mistakenly referred to him as "the late Abe Vigoda".[15] She realized and corrected her mistake the next day.[15]

Vigoda had been the subject of many running gags pertaining to the mistaken reports of his death. In 1997, Vigoda appeared in the film Good Burger as the character Otis, a restaurant's French fry man. Several jokes were made about his advanced age, including his character Otis saying "I should've died years ago." That same year he was shopping at Bloomingdale's in Manhattan when the salesman remarked, "You look like Abe Vigoda. But you can't be Abe Vigoda because he's dead."[16] A Late Night with David Letterman skit showed Letterman trying to summon Vigoda's ghost, but Vigoda walked in and declared, "I'm not dead yet, you pinhead!"[citation needed] At a New York Friars Club roast of Rob Reiner which Vigoda attended, comedian Billy Crystal wise-cracked, "I have nothing to say about Abe. I was always taught to speak well of the dead."[1]

In May 2001, a website was mounted with only one purpose: to report whether Vigoda was dead or alive.[17][18][19] In 2005, a "tongue-in-cheek" Firefox extension was released with the sole purpose of telling the browser user Vigoda's status.[15][20]

Continuing with the gag, Vigoda appeared frequently to make fun of his status on the television show Late Night with Conan O'Brien, including a guest appearance on the show's final episode. At the 1998 New York Friars Club roast of Drew Carey, with Vigoda in the audience, comedian Jeff Ross joked, "my one regret is that Abe Vigoda isn't alive to see this". He followed that with "Drew, you go to Vegas; what's the over–under on Abe Vigoda?"[21] On January 23, 2009, Vigoda appeared live on The Today Show. He said he was doing well, joked about previous reports of his death and announced he had just completed a voice-over for an H&R Block commercial to air during the Super Bowl.[citation needed]

Vigoda and Betty White, both 88 years old at the time, appeared in "Game", a Snickers commercial that debuted during Super Bowl XLIV on February 7, 2010. The plot made fun of the advanced age of the actors. The Super Bowl Ad Meter poll respondents rated the ad the highest of any shown during the game.[22]

Longtime radio and podcast host Don Geronimo frequently called Vigoda on-air whenever a big name celebrity died, which Vigoda took with obliging good humor. On the day following Vigoda's death, Geronimo dedicated his daily subscription podcast to the memory of his friend and played many sound board/phone clips of their conversations over the years.[citation needed]

Vigoda died on January 26, 2016 in his sleep at his daughter's home in Woodland Park, New Jersey.[6][23] He is survived by his daughter, three grandchildren and a great-grandson, who are all still among the living.[16]

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Explaining Cthulu to Grandma

An amusing short story for almost all ages. Read it and feel free to donate to the author if you like.