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HP 39/43, AC 18*, Fort+5, Ref +3*, Will +2*, Perception +8


Rage 7/11, Pepperbox 6/6

Strength 20
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Draegar Ironhide

Crossblooded Human Male
Savage Technologist Hurler Barbarian 4


Draegar never knew his family. He was a battlefeild orphan picked up in a sweep and shuttled off to one of the many orphanages throughout Thane. He would have lived and died in a factory if he hadn't been smart enough to stand out during one of the annual tests the Thanite government puts all wards of the state through. Things changed after that. He was sent to a boarding school and educated. Half his time was spent in books, the other half in a research and development lab where dozens of other children were pitted against each other in competitions designed to test and hone creativity and inventive thinking.

All he learned of his own people were the passages of books in predatory school which talked about the border skirmishes and savagery. He was different. Skive engineering students in Thanite engineering schools were rare. He was bullied mercilessly by the older children right up until he reached adolescence and was suddenly head and shoulders taller than most of them. He got in a lot of fights after that. Payback long overdue.

By then he was among the top students in the school so most of the fights were ignored or dismissed. He's not entirely sure how the accident happened, but he still suspects it was sabotage.

Draegar was working on using Ettunium as a form of self-contained ballistic propulsion, rather than as a catalytic propellant. He had hopes of making a projectile fire further under it's own sustained power, but it wasn't working. The reaction burned out too quickly. So, he'd been experimenting with ways to stabilize or slow the reaction. He developed a solution that would neutralize the majority of an Ettunium reaction. It was working too well. It was all or nothing, and he needed a middle ground. In order to gain a reaction of large enough size to get a good measurement of he had to use a lot of Ettunium. Somehow what should have been an unimpressive dud of an experiment instead went spectacularly wrong. The large Ettunium sample he was working with backfired out of the chamber he'd built.

The blast nearly killed him. He was riddled with Ettunium shards and splattered with his neutralizing agent.

He woke up weeks later in a hospital, overhearing a research scientist speaking with a doctor. They did not realize he was awake. The scientist was asking how long until he would be well enough to question. Then they took a large sample of his blood and discussed how he was a scientific and medical marvel. No one had ever survived the kind of Ettunium exposure that he had.

They wanted to figure out how and why. Draegar decided he'd had enough.

He continued to feign unconsciousness for days, testing his body when there was no one else in the room. He was covered in bandages and strapped to a bed. Moving hurt. When he slipped up and moved he feigned incoherence, moaning and pretending like he couldn't understand them. Be began reacting with feigned agony to things that didn't hurt, just to cause arguments between the scientists and doctors. Slowly he recovered.

Escape was almost embarrassingly easy. He was on the ground floor of an unguarded medical compound. He simply stole a labcoat left on the wall of his room and broke the window.

After that it was a series of thefts for food, clothing, and even a horse. Getting to the border was easy. Actually leaving Thane was harder.

He did what no sane person would do. He headed towards the sounds of the explosions.

The Thanites hired Skive mercenaries to fight other Skive clans all the time. He managed to find a battle and wait. He snuck in under cover of night, clothed and armed himself off of a dead man, and slipped into mercenary camp on the Thanite side.

Then he waited for another fight and surrendered to the Skives. Eventually he was able to tell his story to an actual Clan leader, who had him prove himself by fixing a room full of broken Thanite weapons. Most of them were just jammed or out of specific kinds of ammunition. Draegar made sure they were very well armed.

Over the next few years he rose to become something of a local celebrity. A specialist who would sign on with the highest paying mercenary company and be their master armorer. Skive technologists were rare, so he was mostly able to set his own course and prices. The current halt of the Thanite expansion into Skive territory was in no small part because of Draegar arming the Skive forces with as many Thanite weapons as they could capture.

Still, he has never found a place he felt like he belonged. The feeling of being lost and without a place int he world nags at him, as does the experiments he was never able to finish. Skive territory does not have the necessary infrastructure to do the work he dreams of. So now he's decided to build the tools and facilities he needs himself. First, he's going to need a great deal of money. Luckily for him, his services are very profitable.

Friends and Enemies:

The Doctor: He speaks slowly and intentionally, with long pauses as if each syllable is carefully considered before leaving his mouth. When he is busy working or otherwise in his own head, he has a tendency to sing softly with a low baritone voice. Draegar doesn't know his name, and never got a good look at him, but he'll never forget that voice as long as he lives.

Ezekiel Rowley: The Doctor's Bloodhound. A few years older than Draegar, and a merciless bully. Raised in privilege, convinced of his own entitlement and supremacy. Openly, proudly bigoted against anyone with Skive blood. That prejudice led to more than one beating endured by young Draegar. By the time they were teenagers, Draegar finally fought back and nearly beat Ezekiel to death. The punishment for standing up for himself was months of extra work and isolation by the headmaster. The open aggression from Ezekiel and his cronies stopped after that, but more subtle undermining and abuse continued. It may have been Ezekiel who sabotaged Draegar's experiment and caused the explosion which nearly killed him. After Draegar "died" Ezekiel went on to have a successful career as a military officer on the Skive front, until he lost an arm and retired his commission. Next he joined the Capital Police and became a respected Investigator. That was where the Doctor tracked him down and recruited him. Now Ezekiel has a mission, a new mechanical arm and the packing of a powerful and influential member of the Thanite Technocracy.

Ardrek: Chief of the Steel Marauders. Ardrek leads a Skive mercenary company who have become known for their expertise in fighting the Formless. Much of their success comes from Draegar repairing recovered Thanite weapons and training them to use them. They operate primarily out of the area around Alo Caelora since it's the easiest skive settlement to get to the Berivian Isles from. Ardrek likes Draegar quite a bit, but he's smart enough to know that naming a Thane-raised outsider to any sort of prominence would be bad for his company's cohesion. So for now, Draegar is treated as an independent contractor, or a camp merchant who works along side the company but isn't actually part of it. There's some mutual hope from Ardrek and Draegar that the rest of the Steel Marauders will come to respect Draegar enough to easily accept him into their ranks.

Description and Personality:

Draegar looks like an uneducated brute, but is deceptively smart. He slips back and forth between intense seriousness and easy joviality without much warning. At his core he's a scientist, but wrapped around that is body of a warrior and the soul of a cutthroat businessman.

He stands more than a head taller than most men and is extremely muscular. He has no body hair of any kind thanks to the accident. Instead, he has scars, which rather than being white, are a deep angry red. In the dark they glow faintly from within, pulsing with a crimson light where the dozens of shrapnel shards of Ettunium are still lodged in his body.

He wears armor of his own construction, a lightweight brigantine of leather and reinforcing plates. Small weapons of all kinds are holstered about his body. In his grip is a single-edged blade so big that along the spine are hollowed out areas wrapped in leather that act as additional handles. Something like a straight-bladed bat'leth


HP: 43 (12, +21, +4 con, +6 con)

17 AC (+5 Attuned MW Chain Shirt (+1), +2 dex)
... +1 buckler
...+2 while Raging
...+1 vs traps

14 Flat Footed (+4 MW chain)
...+2 shield

12 Touch (+2 dex)
...+2 while Raging

21 CMD (10, +4 bab, +5 str, +2 dex)
...+4 while Raging

+6 Fort (+4 barbarian, +1 con, +1 resistance)

+4 Ref (+1 barbarian, +2 dex, +1 resistance)
...+2 while raging
...+1 vs Traps

+3 Will (+1 barbarian, +1 wis, +1 resistance)
...+2 while raging


Init +2
...+2 while raging

Movement 40

BaB +4
CMB +9 (+4 bab, +5 str)
...+2 while raging

-2 attack / +4 or +6 to damage (power attack)

+10 Attuned (+1) Masterwork Large Bastard Sword, 2d8+6, 19-20/x2 crit, effortless lace
...+2 attack and damage when raging
...+1 damage on first hit (whetstone)

+9 Crowbar (heavy pick), 1d6+5, x4 crit
...+2 attack and damage when raging

+9 Sawback Shortsword, 1d6+5, 19-20/x2 crit (MW survival tool)
...+2 attack and damage when raging
...+1 damage on first hit (whetstone)

+9 Alchemical Dagger, 1d4+4, 19-20/x2 crit. piercing, +injected poison or other substance

+9 Tonfa-axes, 1d6+4, x3 crit, 20' range, Blocking

+9 Torchclub, 1d6+4, x2 crit, +fire

+7 Pillum, 1d8+5, 20/x2 crit, 30' range inc
...+2 attack and damage when raging

Pepperbox Revolver, 1d8, x4 crit, 20' range, 1-2 misfire.
...+2 attack when raging
...specialty bullets

Feats and Traits:

Arms Master: -2 nonproficiancy penalty instead of -4
Quick Learner: Reduce nonproficiancy penalty by 2 after 1st attack with a weapon.

Power Attack (feat tax bonus)
Deadly Aim (feat tax bonus)
Weapon Finesse (feat tax bonus)
Combat Expertise (feat tax bonus)

Extra Traits (human bonus)
Toughness (1st level)
Two-Weapon Fighting (archetype bonus)
Quick Draw (rage power)
Catch Off Guard (throw anything) (3rd)

Weapons: Simple, Martial, Firearms, no non-proficiancy penalty
Armor: Light, Shields

Theme: Technologist
Disposable Simulacrum: You gain a contraption. When deactivated it weighs 5 lbs. and can fit in a pouch or pocket, but as a standard action, you may activate the contraption and place it in an unoccupied adjacent space, at which point it becomes a Small creature. The contraption has the same AC and saves as you, hit points equal to one-quarter your total, and the construct subtype. It has a speed of 20 ft., but only moves if you direct it.
You can deactivate the contraption as a swift action. If reduced to 0 hit points, the contraption is automatically deactivated and you must spend an hour making repairs before you can activate it again.
Choose a single task that you can normally perform as a standard action, such attacking with a specific weapon, casting a specific spell, or directing a mount. As long as the contraption is within 30 ft., you can spend a standard action to have the contraption perform the chosen task. Spells cast through the contraption count towards your daily spell limit as though you cast the spell.
Since it is a simulacrum, the contraption does the task as if you were performing the action in its space. It uses your stats, and if making a weapon attack it even functions as if it had your weapon. At the GM’s discretion, it can also take closely related minor tasks, like reloading a ranged weapon, but otherwise the contraption can take no other actions on its own.
Special: You can acquire only one theme feat.


Class skills: Acrobatics (Dex), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (local) (Int), Perception (Wis), Sense Motive Wis), Perception (Wis), Ride (Dex), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str). Disable Device (dex) added by Interest ability.

Ranks: 4 barbarian, +1 human, +1 favored class, +2 int, +2 background*
Total 40

ACP**: -1

+8 Perception (4 rank, +1 wis, +3 class)

+10 Survival (4 rank, +1 wis, +3 class, +2 circumstance)

+8 Acrobatics** (4 rank, +2 dex, +3 class)

+12 Climb** (4 ranks, +5 str, +3 class)

+6 Stealth** (4 rank, +2 dex)

+11 Disable Device** (4 rank, +2 dex, +3 class, +2 circumstance)

+10 Craft: Firearms* (3 rank, +2 int, +3 class, +2 circumstance)

+11 Craft: Mechanical** (4 ranks, +2 int, +3 class, +2 circumstance)

+10 Craft: Alchemy* (3 ranks, +2 int, +3 class, +2 circumstance)

+8 Craft: Blacksmithing* (1 rank, +2 int, +3 class, +2 circumstance)

+6 Knowledge Engineering* (4 rank, +2 int)

+0 Diplomacy (1 ranks, -1 cha)
...+5 str vs tribal cultures
...+1/2 level for 2 rage rounds

Barbarian Abilities:

Rage: A savage technologist can enter rage as a barbarian, except she gains a morale bonus to Strength and Dexterity instead of Strength and Constitution, and she does not take a penalty to Armor Class. She retains the bonus on Will saving throws. When a barbarian ability would increase the savage technologist’s Strength while raging, it increases her Dexterity instead.

This ability alters rage.

Hurlers are skilled at throwing objects in combat. Increase the range increment of any thrown weapon or object by 10 feet.

This ability replaces fast movement.

Sword and Gun (Ex) At 2nd level, when a raging savage technologist wields a one-handed firearm in one hand and a light or one-handed melee weapon in the other, she can make ranged attacks with the firearm without provoking attacks of opportunity. She also gains the benefits of the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, but only if all attacks are made with those weapons.
This ability replaces uncanny dodge.

Primal Magnetism (Ex)
At 3rd level, a savage technologist adds her Strength modifier on Diplomacy checks when interacting with tribal cultures. She can expend 2 rounds of rage (even if not raging) to add a bonus equal to 1/2 his barbarian level on a Diplomacy check.

Trap Sense (Ex) At 3rd level, a barbarian gains a +1 bonus on Reflex saves made to avoid traps and a +1 dodge bonus to armor class against attacks made by traps. These bonuses increase by +1 every three barbarian levels thereafter (6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 18th level). Trap sense bonuses gained from multiple classes stack.

Rage Powers:
Furious Draw (2nd)
Impelling Disarm (4th)


Starting stats: 17 (+2 racial, +1 4th level), 14, 14, 12, 12, 8

Favored Class: Barbarian
1) +1 skill point
2) +1 skill point
3) +1 skill point
4) +1 skill point

Interest: Disable Device (always class skill)


Spring Loaded Wrist Sheathes
Free action draw
1) Cure Moderate Potion
2) Cure Light Potion

Bandoleer 1
drawn as weapons
1) Tanglefoot Bag
2) Tanglefoot Bag
3) Tanglefoot Bag
4) Alchemist Fire
5) Alchemist Fire
6) Stun Vial

Bandoleer 2
Drawn as weapons
1) Tanglefoot Bag
2) Tanglefoot Bag
3) Tanglefoot Bag
4) Acid flask
5) Acid flask
6) Stun Vial

Drawn as move action

Standard Ammo x50
Silver Blanched Bullets x10
Iron blanched bullets x10
Ghost salt blanched bullets x10

Alchemist's Kindness x5
Sweet Air Vial x1

Drawn as full-round action
Torch x3
Random Alchmeical supplies, 100 GP


WBL 1:

Cash: 6k

Armor: MW Chain Shirt

In pouches/on belt:
MW Trapbreaking Tools
Skeleton Key
Traveler's Anytool (mechanical)

Masterwork Weaponrack Backpack
MW Techsmith tools
Bear Trap (2 gp),
hammock (1 sp),
pitons x3 (3 sp),
8 days rations (4 gp)

Draegar's Mech:

A rounded central body with four legs coming out of each hemisphere. Each leg has a teardrop shaped shield on the forelimb. The shield can expand for defense when needed, like a fan. It usually walks on 4 legs and uses the other four for manipulation tasks. Any leg can perform either function. It has no effective "right side up"

The main body is locked two ways. The first is the armor panel, which is locked on locked from inside using dead bolts slid into place with magnets. It is opened by dragging a magnet across the outside of the shell (like a puzzle box). Once that's done the panel will lift off with the magnet used to unlock it.

Next is the internal casing, which is a Superior lock (DC 40 disable device). The key is an amulet Draegar wears around his neck.

The mech can unlock itself with voice-recognized code words from Draegar. It can also defend itself against unauthorized access by trying to run away, or fighting back by clamping all it's legs around it into a shielded sphere. It can also use it's leg shields offensively, as the equivalent of a Bear Trap.



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