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Full Name

Daniel Solomon


Human Investigator 6 | HP: 51/51 | AC: 19, T: 13, FF: 15 | Fort: +5, Ref: +8, Will: +10 {+1/+2/+7} |


Melee: +4, Ranged: +6 | CMB: +4, CMD: 17 | Init: +2, Perception: +12 <trap spotter> | Insp 9/9 | SP 12/12 | Speed: 30ft



Special Abilities

Potential Energy 2/2




English, Arabic, French, Latin, Spanish, Abyssal, Aklo, Sylvan, Undercommon

Strength 10
Dexterity 15
Constitution 14
Intelligence 22
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Doctor Solomon

Daniel Solomon, PhD
Male human Investigator (empiricist, psyforensic)
LN medium humanoid (human) Psychic (telepath)
Init +2; Senses Perception +12 <trap spotter>

AC 19, touch 13, flatfooted 15 (+2 Dex, +3+1 armor, +1 deflection, +2 shield)
HP 51 (6d8 + 6x2 con +6 FC)
Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +10 {+1/+2/+7} [2 class, 2 Con; 5 class, 2 Dex; 5 class, 1 Wis, +2 feat, +1 trait {+1 trait vs charm/fear, +2 class vs illusion, +8 resistance vs mind-affecting}; +1 resistance]
mind blank


Speed 30 ft.
Melee [+1/+1 attunement, +3/+3 studied combat]
- [dice=+1 Sword Cane]1d20+4+1[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d6+1[/dice]
- [dice=+1 Sword Cane + Studied Combat]1d20+4+3+1[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d6+3+1[/dice]
- [dice=+1 Flaming Rapier]1d20+4+1[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d6+1+1d6[/dice]
- [dice=+1 Flaming Rapier + Studied Combat]1d20+4+3+1[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d6+3+1+1d6[/dice]
- [dice=Psychic Dagger]1d20+10+1[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d4+1+6[/dice] [25ft]
- [dice=Psychic Dagger + Studied Combat]1d20+10+1+3[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d4+1+6+3[/dice] [25ft]
- [dice=MW Light Pistol]1d20+6+1[/dice], [dice=Damage]2d4[/dice] 30ft
- [dice=MW Light Pistol + Studied Combat]1d20+6+1[/dice], [dice=Damage]2d4+3[/dice] [30ft]

Str 10, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 22, Wis 12, Cha 8
Base Attack +4; CMB +4; CMD 17
Feats Iron Will, Extra Magic Talent; Force Shield, Enhancing Telekinesis, Sphere Focus (Mind)
Traits Old Family, Potential Energy, Conscious Cultist
Drawbacks Condescending
Skills Acrobatics +10 (5), Appraise +10 (1), Bluff +10 (3), Climb +5 (2), Diplomacy +5/10/17 (3), Disable Device +14/16 (5), Disguise +3 (1), Drive +8 (3), Escape Artist +8 (3), Heal +8/10 (4), Intimidate -2/+3 (1), Knowledge:arcana +12 (3), Knowledge:computers +10 (1), Knowledge:dungeoneering +12 (3), Knowledge:engineering +10 (1), Knowledge:geography +12 (3), Knowledge:history +12 (3), Knowledge:local +12 (3), Knowledge:nature +12 (3), Knowledge:nobility +10 (1), Knowledge:planes +12 (3), Knowledge:religion +12 (3), Linguistics +11 (2), Perception +12 (3), Profession:biologist +10 (6), Sense Motive +20 (6), Sleight of Hand +8 (3), Spellcraft +8 (3), Stealth +8 (3), Use Magic Device +15 (6)
Languages English, Arabic, French, Latin, Spanish, Abyssal, Aklo, Sylvan, Undercommon
Gear +1 Flaming Rapier, Masterwork Hidden Vest, Daggers x4, Wooden Stake x4, Masterwork Sword Cane, Masterwork Light Pistol, Suppressor, 60 rounds, Gas Mask, Penlight, Battery Flood, Masterwork Lockpicks, First Aid Kit, Endless Bandolier, Hip Holster, Concealed Holster, Small Quick-Release Hand Case, Holy Water x2
Money $596

Skilled: +1 skill rank/level
Informed Predictions (Su): vs creature subject to Read Mind within past 24 hours, +2 dodge to AC & +2 insight to saves vs that creature
SLAs (Sp): Read Mind for -1 SP cost; 1/day dream, mind blank, phantasmal killer, telepathic bond
Bonus Feat: Iron Will
Racial Skill Bonuses: +5 to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive
Languages (Su): telepathy 100ft

Inspiration (Ex): 9/day [1/2lvl+Int mod] add 1d6 to result of roll before determining success/failure; costs 0 points for Knowledge, Linguistics, & Spellcraft checks; costs 2 points for attack rolls or saving throws.
Ceaseless Observation (Ex): use Int mod for Disable Device, Perception, Sense Motive, & Use Magic Device; use Int mod for Diplomacy to gather information.
Keen Recollection: can make any knowledge check untrained.
Consult the Spirits (Sp): 2/day [1/day/3lvls] spend hour meditating for benefits of autopsy ritual.
Talent: Rogue Talent: Trap Spotter (Ex): immediate Perception check when within 10ft of a trap.
Talent: Disciplined Mind: may use Studied Combat/Strike with Telekinetic weapons.
Studied Combat (Ex): move action, study single enemy in sight; +1/2 lvl insight to attack rolls, 1/2 lvl precision damage on attacks vs that enemy; lasts Int mod rounds; costs 1 inspiration point each time after first on same creature within 24 hours.
Studied Strike (Ex): 2d6 upon hit, can end studied combat early to deal 2d6 precision damage; otherwise functions like sneak attack.
Unfailing Logic (Ex): +2 to Will vs illusions; spend 1 inspiration point as immediate action to use Int mod instead of Wis mod for Will saves vs illusions for 1 round.


Drawbacks Rigorous Concentration, Somatic Casting (1)
Boons Easy Focus
SP 12 (CL 4th; Concentration +12; DC 18)
Divination [CL 5] Hidden Magic
..divine (10 minutes or 1 SP & 1 action, concentration)
....divine enhancement (detect temporary bonuses & determine nature of source)
....divine charm (detect presence of charm/compulsion/possession/mind sphere effects; no check req'd to identify school/sphere)
....divine density (detect density/weight of nearby creatures & objects)
....divine force (detect incorporeal-subtype creatures & invisible force constructs; does not reveal direction or location; does reveal aura strength {HD and time since passed})
..sense (1 SP & 1 hour/CL)
....blindfolded oracle (blindsense 30ft while eyes closed; can open/close eyes 1/round as free action; +1 SP for blindsight)

Enhancement [CL 4] Consciousness Linked
(concentration or 1 SP & 1 min/CL)
..enhance equipment (+1 enhancement bonus to weapon, armor, or shield; +1/5 CL)
..lighten (reduce [medium] objects to 1/2 weight, 1 smaller to weightless, or 2 smaller levitate up/down 20ft/round)

Mind [CL 5, DC 19]
..charm (Close range, 3 tiers: 0 SP lesser, 1 SP greater, 2 SP powerful; lesser, 1/target/day; can only target humanoids) mind [template] (lesser: detect emotional state, Will negates, no daily limit; greater: read surface thoughts, concentration, Will negates)
....suggestion (lesser: plant suggestion in target's mind, Will negates; very Simple requests only, limited to 1-2 sentences; perform until complete or for 1 hr/CL; greater: same as lesser, but up to Basic request, or Simple with +2 DC)
..subtlety (after target saves vs charm, must pass 2nd save to know it was targeted with a charm)

Telekinesis [CL 5]
..telekinesis (lift object up to Medium size; move up to 20ft + 5ft/CL)
..sustained force (1 SP to maintain lift; can give simple orders; can change orders with move action)
..hostile lift (1 SP to lift unwilling creature; Will negates; new Will save each round)
..bludgeon (use remaining movement to strike creature within lifted object/creature's square; attack with BAB + Int mod)
..catch (readied action to stop ranged attack from object within lift size limit; attacker Will negates)
..dancing weapon (lifted objects count as melee weapons I control; Add Int mod to bludgeon damage) bludgeon (can continue to move bludgeon after attack or stop to full-attack)
..kinetic field (1 SP; create adjacent plane of energy that stops projectiles up to one step smaller than lift size; attacker Will negates; 20ft + 5ft/5 CL)
..powerful telekinesis (increase maximum lift size by 1 step, included)


Doctor of Biology Daniel Solomon was born to an established family in eastern Massachusetts. He never attended traditional school, instead being privately tutored by the late Mr Alexander Kline. Kline was an old family friend and had lived at the Solomon estate for a generation. He'd accompanied Daniel's father, Isaac, on the expeditions of his youth, venturing to the furthest reaches of the uncivilized world to uncover mysteries, adventures, and at times, treasure. Isaac multiplied his family's financial legacy through the acquisition of these treasures as well as publishing a number of original works, both non-fiction and fiction, about his travels.

However, as both Mr Kline and Mrs Solomon knew, the supposedly fictitious works were in actuality scientific journals cataloging the mystical and magical world just beyond the sight of civilized society. It was for this reason, surely, that Mr and Mrs Solomon vanished in the 80s, leaving Mr Kline to raise Daniel on the now very empty Solomon estate. During this time, Mr Kline secretly explained the world of magic to Daniel and revealed that his father's bedtime stories had been far more than fanciful old tales.

By age 16 Mr Kline began taking Daniel on trips abroad, retracing many of his father's journeys as detailed in his books. Together they encountered witches, fey, ancient curses, and modern monsters. Daniel became obsessed with the dissection and study of the supernatural, and by 20 he was accepted into a master's program for biology in recognition of his unusual talent. He still traveled often, leaving the now-aging Mr Kline to manage the estate back home in Massachusetts.

During his travels, Daniel came to encounter a young thrill-seeker by the name of Elise. They crossed paths a dozen times, coincidentally at first, and invariably ended up talking and drinking the night away. Against Daniel's typical detached manner, he felt free to be open and engage with Elise. They were an intermittent affair, passionately connected for brief moments in their busy lifestyles. An unexpected pregnancy sparked talks of settling down together, but the child was lost at birth. Daniel never spoke to Elise again after that, instead retreating to the safety of his career and the unsolvable riddles of magic. Although he barely met her, Daniel never quite got over the loss of his daughter. To this day he keeps a charm with her name etched on the underside: Kathrine.

It was only 3 years ago that Mr Kline passed away. He was old; he departed peacefully in his sleep. Before passing, he entrusted his granddaughter Lindsey to Daniel as her godfather. Lindsey, now 8, lives at the Solomon estate under the care of the housekeeper. Daniel visits her often, but his career in Salem, Oregon keeps him as busy as do his continuing travels. He'd never say as much, but he loves Lindsey like the daughter he almost had.

Now, at 43, Daniel Solomon, known publicly as Doctor Solomon, has begun chronicling his own adventures; half to continue his father's legacy, and half to learn the truth of his parents' disappearance. In the back of his mind, he muses about the day when he might confront the forces behind the event. But he's more prepared than was his father; instead of just studying the supernatural, he has cultivated it in the powers of his own mind.


Doctor Solomon exhibits a clinical detachment to the majority of life. He manages all of his emotions by suppressing them with pragmatism and careful analysis. He identifies his self-worth with his mental acuity, and as such loves to dispense information, hates to be contradicted, and often becomes depressive when he doesn't have the right answer. But usually this simply manifests in being particularly sharp-tongued and disinterested.

In the past, Solomon has shown some humanity in his relationship with Elise. But he put away those memories long ago, and hasn't been interested in such trivialities since. In the present he's known to be especially tender and caring towards his goddaughter Lindsey, but this is by far the exception. He doesn't have much patience for the problems of others unless it's something he can directly solve; the majority of his passion is focused on teaching and learning.


Doctor Solomon is something approaching tall, with a lean build and a narrow face. He keeps his hair short and generally dresses well, though he usually eschews a coat when he can. He wears bifocals as a matter of course, though his sight is not entirely impaired without them. He doesn't much care for hats except when travelling to less civilized places than Massachusetts and Oregon. When on an adventure, he can be found wearing thick leather boots and a conspicuous holster in any regions that allow it. He can often be seen with his journal, either reviewing old entries or making new ones.