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I currently own the Rise of the Runelords campaign as well as the first module of the Carrion Crown AP in fantasy grounds. I must say that games like Pathfinder, with the rules complexity and modifier goostorm that accompany them are in desperate need of a good platform to help us poor simple-minded DMs with all the logistics and book keeping (that is if you really want to play the game and not an approximation of it). Not to mention that the platform is an excellent presentation tool. Move through the official dungeons with fog of war over the areas not yet visited, tokens for all monsters and NPC, artwork and links to all the rules and special abilities, initiative tracker... Pathfinder + Fantasy Grounds are a much made in heaven. Not to mention the zero prepping time!

So to answer your question, what has happened IS a big deal and you should buy the FG modules. You get the PDFs for free anyway if you buy the FG plug ins (and vice versa).