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Full Name

Derryn Markov




Expert Lvl2








Chaotic neutral






Elven, Common, Sylven, Orcish, Dwarven,



Strength 13
Dexterity 15
Constitution 13
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 16
Charisma 13

About Derryn



Derryn is tall, taller than most men, with a solid but wiry build. The most notable thing about him however isn't his size, it is the wariness of his surroundings. His gaze never seems to stay locked to any one point for any length of time but is always judging his surroundings. His face remains mostly hidden by the shadows of the dark green cloak he wears to cover himself. In the rare times he is caught without the cloak, it becomes obvious his features are the mixed lineage of Elves and Humans. His black hair is cut short but left thick near the top to cover his pointed ears, his skin is that of a healthy tan, his hazel colored eyes however stand out most of all. His posture is one of readiness and he is not easily dismissed figure once he has chosen to reveal himself.

He usually wears sturdy leather breeches, a good belt with a dagger and short sword attatched, dark shirt, well worn but well maintained boots and leather armor all of which has been stained to darken the color and not catch light. Covering him is his cloak and he also carries a pack filled with other supplies.



Life was never easy for Derryn growing up. He was raised among mostly Humans and was different than most children his age. Despite his mother being Human, he had the rare features of someone with Elven blood and this fact left him the center of an overwhelming amount of attention from his peers. He was often held to higher standards than the others, expected to perform greater tasks that when he succeeded it was simply how it was supposed to be. When he failed however, he was often scolded and ridiculed for being a failure to live up to the prowess of Elves. When he asked his mother about his heritage all he would get was a sad smile and a promise that he would learn of it one day. As time passed and it quickly became clear to Derryn that his peers were beginning to mature faster than he was. He began to recieve more fond attention from the girls due to his exotic looks, which turned into jealous attention from various boys around town. Before too long he had decided the best way to avoid getting ambushed too often was to hide his features and himself when he could, and though he would usually lose he would rarely back down from a fight when it came to blows.

About the time he was 14 his mother was overcome by a disease deadly and swift enough that not even the ministrations of Priestess Anna could do anything more than ease her passing. In her final moments of lucidity, Derryn's mother was only able to tell him his fathers house name which he had never heard before, Markov.

He spent many months mourning his mothers passing. Eventually, with no directions and nothing but a name, there was little he could do but wait in hopes of hearing rumors of his fathers house name again. Of course it would likely be far away land. In order to travel, first he would need to earn gold for traveling funds. So he went to Thogar Orkavich at the Sleeping Mule and offered to keep an extra set of eyes, ears and hands open. Initially unimpressed, Thogar practically threw Derryn out of his establishment. However Derryn refused to be dissuaded, after all if he could not overcome Thogars ministrations how could he hope to travel to the wider world beyond. He disguised himself, by putting a cloak to cover his features, hunching over to adjust his height, covering himself in dirt to darken his arms and face and deepening his voice. He spent the next several nights returning to the tavern hoping to prevent any trouble, after about a week of this his patience paid off and he managed to catch a pair of Gnomes in the act of working together to cheat at a card game, before exposing them. Perhaps the Haf-Orc just needed someone to fill in, maybe he was tired of telling the Derryn no, or maybe it just better looking for his business to publicly hire someone who could ensure his patrons their coin was safe. Either way, it helped persuade him and soon Derryn was keeping his keen eyes out for anyone looking to make trouble, cheating at a game, or robbing the patrons.

During the coming years he learned many things from all sorts of travelers passing through. Rumors about the town, its history, tips and tricks of traveling through all types of terrain, how to read the land, how to tell honest people from liars both good and bad, and he also picked up several languages along the way.

His talents eventually got him the notice of guard captain Piotr Simoneit and he was asked to join the watch. He agreed and was soon assigned as a long range scout to watch for potential enemy movements and give advance warning to the city watch. Due to his often long assignments out in the wilderness, he developed a knack for working with animals and even learned how to mildly communicate with them. Despite his mildly standoffish nature he has been well received by the majority of the watch. Over the years he has honed his skills while learning to use all types of terrain to his advantage.

Recently however Derryn's thoughts have been turning to the father he knows nothing about. He is considering packing up and leaving his hometown soon to expand his search and travel the world in search of his fathers house name and the answers he seeks.



===== Defense =====
AC= 14 (10 base, +2 armor, +2 dex,)
CMD= 14(10 base, BaB +1, Str +1, Dex +2)

HP 15/15
Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +6,



Spd 30 ft.
Initiative: +4 Total =2Dex +2Trait
Melee: +2=(1Bab+1str)
Ranged: +3=(1Bab+2Dex)
Dagger: 1d4+1, +2, 19/20x2

Dagger: 1d4+1, 10ft, +3, 19/20x2

Light Crossbow: 1d8, 80ft, +3, 19/20x2
x20 Crossbow bolts



Str 13, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 13,
Base Atk +1; CMB +2.

Advantage Traits


- Suspicious- +1 bonus to Sense Motive; Sense Motive is always a class skill.
- Reactionary- +2 bonus to Initiative checks.



Simple weapons proficiency-(Expert)
Light Armor Proficiency-(Expert)
Skill Focus- Perception-(Racial)
Heroes Fortune-(Campaign)
Blood of Heroes-(Campaign)
Alertness-(1st Level)



Skill points: Class+Int
Ranks+Ability Mod+Class+Feat(s)+racial+Trait
Acrobatics:2(R)+2(A)+3(C)= +7
Climb: 1(R)+1(A)+2(C)= +4
Disguise: 1(R)+1(A)+3(C)= +5
Handle Animal: 1(R)+1(A)= +2
K. Geography: 1(R)+2(A)+3(C)= +6
K. Nature:1(R)+2(A)+3(C)= +7
K. Local(Korostin): 1(R)+2(A)+3(C)= +6
Linguistics:2(R)+2(A)+3(C)= +7
Perception:2(R)+3(A)+3(C)+2(Alertness)+3(Sk.Focus)+2(r)= +15
Ride:1(R)+2(A)= +3
Stealth:1(R)+2(A)+3(C)= +6
Sense Motive:2(R)+3(A)+3(C)+2(Alertness)+1(t)= +11
Survival:2(R)+3(A)+3(C)= +8
Swim:1(R)+1(A)+3(C)= +5

Racial Abilities


* +2 to one ability score of your choice
* Adaptability: Half-Elves gain Skill Focus as a bonus feat.
* Low light vision: Half-Elves can see twice as far as Humans can in conditions of dim light.
*Elven Immunities: +2 racial bonus on saving throws against Enchantment effects and immunity to magic sleep effects.
*Keen Senses: +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.
*Multitalented: Half-Elves choose 2 favored classes at first level.

Class Abilities





Back pack, 2 lbs
Bedroll, 5 lbs
Daggerx2, 2 lbs
Light Crossbow, 4 lbs
Crossbow bolts x20, 2 lbs
Leather Armor, 15 lbs
Flint&Steel, -
Rations x3, 3 lbs
Lantern, common, 1 lb
Oil Flask x6, 6 lbs
50 ft. Hemp rope, 10 lbs
Climbers Kit, 5 lbs
Water-skin, 4 lbs
Dwarven Revolver,
Bullets x6
Total: 52 Lbs.