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Full Name



Human (Azalanti) Hp: 96/110, AC: 30


Bard 8/Fighter 4










Cayden Caelian


Taldane, Elven, Abyssal, Draconic, Orc, Infernal, Shoanti, Azalanti, Dwarven

Strength 18
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 17

About Derek Keegan

INITIATIVE: +3 (+3 Dex)

MOVE: 30'

HIT POINTS: 96/110 (8d8 Bard, 4d10 Fighter, +24 Con)

AC: 31 (+12 Celestial plate, +5 Buckler, +3 Dex, +1 Dodge)
Flat-footed: 23
Touch: 14

Fort: +11
Ref: +14
Will: +10

Melee Attack: +14/+9
Ranged Attack: +13/+8


"Dawnhunter" +1 Shocking Burst Evil Outsider Bane Anatheum Falcata
To hit: +16/+11, Crit: 19-20(x3 +2d10 Electricity), Damage: 1d8 + 7 +1d6 Electricity

"Duskhunter" +1 Viscious Furious Evil Outsider Bane Anatheum Falcata
To hit: +16/+11, Crit: 19-20(x3), Damage: 1d8 + 7 +2d6/1d6 to self

"Punchline" +1 Silver Rapier (Meele)
To Hit: +15/+10, Crit: 18-20(x2), Damage: 1d6+3

Mwk Light Silver Mace (Melee)
To hit: +15/+10, Crit: 20(x2), Damage: 1d6 + 3

Mwk Silver Dagger (Melee)
To Hit: +15/+10, Crit: 19-20(x2), Damage: 1d4 + 3

Mwk Silver Dagger (Range)
To Hit: +14/+9, Crit: 19-20(x2), Damage: 1d4 + 3

Darkwood Composite Shortbow (Range)
To Hit: +14/+9, Crit: 20(x3), Damage: 1d6 + 4, Range: 70


Combat Expertise
Eldrich Heritage: Shoanti (Orc)
Improve Eldrich Heritage: Shoanti (+2 Str)
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Falcata
Skill Focus: Knowledge (The Planes)
Skill Focus: Survival
Spring Attack
Weapon Focus: Falcata
Weapon Specialization: Falcata
Bonus Training: Duelist



+2 Racial bonus to Cha
Skilled You recieve +1 skill rank per lvl.
Focused mind Replaces adaptility and grants one skill focus bonus feat at lv1,8 and 16.
Threatening Defender Reduce penalty for using Combat Expertise by 1
Child of infamy +1 Trait Bonus on Perform: Act, it is always considered a class skill + 300 gp in Starting wealth.
+1 Reflex save due to reading a book.



Armor Training
Bardic Knowledge
Bardic Performance 21 Rounds/Day
Bravery +1
Counter Song
Dirge of Doom
Fascinate DC: 14
Inspire competence +3
Inspire Courage +2
Loremaster 1/Day
Touch of Rage 6/Day
Versatile Performance: Act, Oratory



(48 Bard, 8 Fighter +28 Int, +12 Human, +8 Favored, = 95 ranks)

Acrobatics +18 (9 Ranks, +3 Dex, +3 Trained, +2 Feat, 0 Armor)
Bluff +8 (2 Ranks, +3 Cha, +3 Trained)
Climb +6 (2 Rank, +1 Str, +3 Trained, 0 Armor)
Diplomacy +10 (4 Ranks, +3 Cha, +3 Trained)
Knowledge: Arcana +10 (1 Rank, +2 Int, +3 Trained, +4 Class)
Knowledge: Local +10 (1 Rank, +2 Int, +3 Trained, +4 Class)
Knowledge: Nobility & Royalty +11 (2 Rank, +2 int, +3 trained, +4 class)
Knowledge: The Planes +17 (5 Rank, +2 int, +3 trained, +3 class, +4 Skill Focus)
Knowledge: All others +6 (+2 int, +4 Class)
Linguistic: +11 (6 Ranks, +2 Int, +3 Trained)
Perception: +12 (10 Ranks, 0 Wis, +3 Trained)
Perform: Act +19 (12 Ranks, +3 Cha, +3 Trained, +1 Trait)
Perform: Oratory +17 (11 Rank, +3 Cha, +3 Trained)
Perform: Sing +10 (2 Rank, +3 Cha, +3 Trained)
Perform: Stringed +8 (2 Rank, +3 Cha, +3 Trained)
Profession: Brewer +10 (7 Rank, 0 Wis, +3 Trained)
Sense Motive +10 (7 Ranks, 0 Wis, +3 Trained)
Spellcraft +8 (3 Ranks, +2 Int, +3 Trained)
Stealth +14 (10 Rank, +3 Dex, +3 Trained, 0 Armor)
Survival +7 (1 Rank, 0 Wis, +3 Trained, +3 Skill Focus)



Detect Magic

Lv 1: 5/5
Charm Person
Cure Light Wounds
Feather Step
Remove Fear
Saving Finale

Lv 2: 5/5
Cure Moderate Wounds
Gallant Inspiration
Versatile Weapon

Lv 3: 2/3
Cure Serious wounds
Dispel Magic



Mwk Silver Light Mace
Mithril Breastplate
+3 Buckler
Celestial plate
3 Mwk Silver Dagger
Darkwood Composite Shortbow
60 Mwk Silver arrows
Efficient quiver
Belt of giant strenght +4
Headband of inspired wisdom +2
Mwk Lute
Entertainers outfit
Red Stole with Golden mug Symbol
Metal Tankard
4 days of rations
2 Bottle of fine wine
1 Bottle of Braheg
1 Bottle of Oldlaw Whiskey
Silver Holy Symbol of Cayden Caelian
Signet Ring
2 Cure light wounds potions
2 Cure moderate wounds potions
1 Wine of cure serious wounds
Oil of keen edge
Origami scroll of sending
Origami scroll of tounges
Wand of Cure serious wounds Cl5, 14 Charges
"The Keegan's choice" brewery (5000 gp)
Cloak of Resist +3
70712 gp


Being born into the Keegan family is a mixed blessing, on one hand you have a family name with a large number of minor celebrities to throw around, on the other hand you also have the distinct “pleasure” of being born into a family which is said to have “enough black sheep to fill a field”.

Dereks grandfather was the famous thespian Olek Keegan, a man who for some time made the Westcrown theaters buzz after his latest performance, his son on the other hand was a lush, a leech and a ne’er do well.

Somewhere along the line, this wastrel managed to father a son before running off with the then co-star of his father’s latest play, thus causing a scandal that reflected badly on the family since the understudy was not very talented and the play was a financial fiasco. Luckily Olek’s skill on the scene was enough to spare the Keegan’s from the most outrageous accusations, never the less his carrier was now over.

Fortunately, his grandson, the young Derek seemed to have inherited the talent for acting, and by training him in the thespian arts Olek hoped to once more restore his family to some semblance of fame. What was more unfortunate was that Derek had also inherited his unnamed father’s lover for strong drink.

Had not fate intervened it is likely Dereks star would have risen fast and probably have burned itself out, but after a particularly successful performance of the play “Sir Lawrence and the goat” he and a cadre of hangers on went to celebrate. As luck would have it, one of the taverns they stumbled into was one of the chapel-taverns of Cayden Cailean, and even in his inebriated state, Derek saw the light.
Since that day, Derek has been part of the clergy, one of the rare Bards who have taken the wow and acts as a priest of the faith. Still guided with a certain flair for the theatrics, a love of beautiful women and a strong sense of independence he is now prepared to fight the good fight in the name of Cayden Cailean AND gather some fame, fun and profits along the way.


Derek Keegan is clearly a man who takes a certain pride in his looks, his shoulder lenght black hair is always pulled back in a tight pony tail, and his mustache and goate' is neatly trimmed while the rest of his face is clean shaved.
Hinting at a strong Azalanti heritage his eyes are lightly purple and often described as his most striking features.

His sense of dress seem to fall into the traditional Swarshbuckling tradition, with a wide brimmed hat (worn at a rakish angle), complete with a large feather, a red leather vest over a silk doublet and dark pants tucked into high leather boots. The thing that stands out the most is the red stole he proudly wears around his neck.