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187 posts. Alias of Eric Collins - France.


Init +0 | Perc +5 | SM +0 | EAC 10 | KAC 11 | vs. CM 19 | Move: 40 ft |


| F +3 | R +3 | W +0 | AbadarCorp Contractor


LN Male Human | Mechanic (Drone) lvl 2 | 12/12 SP | 7/16 HP | 3/5 RP |

About Delbert "Del" Yarnell

Welder battery used: 0/20
LOOT: Level 4 radio signal jammer
Semi-auto pistol
9 small arms rounds

LN Male Human level 2 Mechanic (Drone), Corporate Agent, follower of Abadar

10 Str ; 11 Dex ; 10 Con ; 18 Int ; 10 Wis ; 16 Cha

SP 12 ; HP 16 ; RP 5

BAB +1 ; Init' +0 ; 40 ft. move

+3 Fortitude ; +3 Reflex ; +0 Will

10 EAC ; 11 KAC

5+Int/level ; * = class skill
+0 Acrobatics (Dex)
+5 *Athletics (Str) 2 ranks +3 class skill +0 Str
+10 *Computers (Int) 2 ranks +3 class skill +4 Int +1 insight
+5 Culture (Int) 1 rank +4 Int [-5 DC recall knowledge re. corps & execs]
+11 *Diplomacy (Cha) 2 ranks +3 class skill + 3 Cha +3 insight
+10 *Engineering (Int) 2 ranks +3 class skill +4 Int +1 insight
+4 to arm or disarm traps
+9 *Medicine (Int) 2 ranks +3 class skill +4 Int
+5 *Perception (Wis) 2 ranks +3 class skill +0 Wis
+9 *Physical Science (Int) 2 ranks +3 class skill +4 Int
[dice=Physical Science]1d20+9[/dice]
+5 *Piloting (Dex) 1 rank +3 class skill +0 Dex
+15 *Profession, Contractor (Int) 2 ranks +3 class skill +4 Int +2 insight +4 kit
[-5 DC recall knowledge re. corps & execs]

Languages: Common ; Azlanti

Light armor ; Basic melee weapons ; Grenades ; Small arms ; Fleet ; Skill Focus Diplomacy

Custom Rig (Ex):
Custom rig installed a cybernetic augmentation in brain, combined with datajack.
Counts as appropriate tool or basic kit for all Computers or Engineering checks.
Is a Mk I comm unit.
Use to communicate over encrypted channel w. your drone to command its AI or directly control at a 2,500 feet range.

Cybernetic w. programmable data port allows access to computers & digital storage media.
Handheld computers can be inserted directly into port, larger systems are connected by adapter cable.
System connected directly to nervous system obviates need for interface to access data on a system.
Actually operating the system requires you to use the Computers skill as usual.
Some closed systems don’t allow data access or require you to do some rewiring to connect with a datajack (usually an Engineering check).

Overcharge (Ex)
Standard action to use custom rig to overcharge and attack with a ranged energy weapon, or a melee weapon with the powered special property, that you’re holding.
If you hit, you deal 1d6 additional damage of the same type the weapon normally deals.
This attack uses three times as many charges from the battery or power cell as normal and can’t be used if the weapon doesn’t have enough charges.
This trick has no effect on a weapon without a battery or power cell.
You can instead use this ability as a move action on a touched powered weapon that is unattended or attended by an ally to grant the same effect to that weapon’s next attack before the beginning of your next turn.

Contractor coveralls:
Stationwear, Flight Suit
EAC Bonus +0 ; KAC Bonus +1 ; Max. Dex Bonus +6
Armor Check Penalty — ; Speed Adjustment —
Upgrade Slots 0 ; Bulk L

Religious symbol of Abadar

Little more than a battery casing and an exposed plasma conduit.
Superheated or electromagnetically charged gas becomes ionized plasma, which is emitted in a controlled blast, maintained in a steady beam w. a powerful magnetic field
Ionized plasma deals both electricity and fire damage, tearing through organic flesh and metal alike.
Damage 1d4 E & f ; Critical —
Bulk L ; Special: powered (capacity 20; usage 1), professional (contractor)

Azlanti combat knife

Fire extinguisher (L)

Contractor tools (L)

Lighter & 10 x cigars (12 L)

4 x Restraints

Carrying 17 L =1 Bulk ; > 5 Bulk = Encumbered

Kind of an average height & build, Del is a hands on kind of a guy, often unshaved, with a cigar in his mouth.
He is however quite easy going and congenial.
Late 20's, he was born in the lower levels of Absalom Station, but avoided the gangs by starting work on the docks as a teen.
Moved up to become a welder, he became an AbadarCorp employee, and did in house training, and is now starting out as contractor.
A bachelor, he is up to traveling a lot, without many ties, aiming to climb corporate ladder.

1500 Cr.
625 Cr. Datajack
350 Cr. Laser Pistol
60 Cr. Standard Battery
95 Cr. Stationwear
300 Cr. Welder
20 Cr. Contractor Tools
15. Cr. Fire extinguisher
1 Cr. Lighter
12 Cr. Cigars
2 Cr. Religious Symbol
20 Cr. 4 x Restraints

Bot the Contractor:
[dice=Welder vs. EAC]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=E & f (no crit')]1d4[/dice]
[dice=Overcharged E & f (no crit')]1d4+1d6[/dice]
--full attack--
[dice=Welder vs. EAC #1]1d20+1-4[/dice]
[dice=Welder vs. EAC #2]1d20+1-4[/dice]