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Full Name

Declan "DeeCo" Coffey




Technomancer 3 | SP: 15/15 • HP: 17/17 • RP: 3/3 | AC: 13e / 14k | F+1 R+3 W+3 | Ini+2 | Perc: +0(Darkvision)





Strength 10
Dexterity 15
Constitution 11
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 10
Charisma 12

About Declan

(voiced by Bex Taylor-Klaus)

Declan DeeCo Coffey:

Small Ysoki Female
Rebel(Outlaw) (+1 Dex)
Junk Technomancer

SP: 15
HP: 17
BAB: +2(+0/+4)
F/R/W: +1/+3/+3

Stats: 10,15,11,15,10,12

Theme: Rebel(Outlaw)
Race: Ysoki
Special: Cheek Pouches, Darkvision, Moxie, Scrounger
Junk Technomancy, Magic Hack:Gremlin Companion("Bzzt!")

Spells/Day: -/4
Spells Known: 6/4
- 0th: Holographic Interface, Fabricate Scrap, Misfire, Omnitool, Mending, Wardrobe Change
- 1st: Junk Armor, Junk Sword, Junk Shards, Patch Tech, Disguise Self, Life Bubble

Feats: (Creature Companion Adept), Scurry, Hide Sabotage

Acrobatics +3 (2+1+0)
Computers +8 (2+3+3)
Engineering +10 (2+2+3+3)
Mysticism +7 (0+3+3+1)
Physical Science +5 (2+2+3)
Sleight of Hand +8 (2+2+3+1)
Stealth +6 (2+2+0+2)
Survival +4 (0+2+0+2)
• Life Science, Piloting, Profession •

Technopathy Node
Skipshot Pistol, Tactical

Invigorating Fusion
Commlink, personal
T2 Computer, (Miniaturization, Firewall, Fake Shell)
Consumer Backpack
(2) Clothing, Travel

Proficiencies: Light armor, basic melee weapons, small arms

Declan "DeeCo" Coffey was a resident of Okuru City. A part of the "CrashCorps" (the name given, not chosen), they were a bunch of saboteurs that inadvertently gained a name for themselves when their payback against the regime that was trying to keep itself in power through violence. It entirely was their fault that a couple backup buildings lost power— it was not their fault that those buildings were storing something important that no one knew about.

She would argue that it is a fine line between a "prank" and "sabotage".

So just like that, they have a name, they have a presence, and they suddenly have influence. Notoriety is not a good thing when you're just pushing back against those that are pushing you down, and a couple of bounties later, Spatz, Graff, Tilde, and Goomer are gone to ground... Or they might just be gone. She hasn't really stopped to think about that.

So now she's ducking the heat, on a ship of misfits... Funny how that goes, but no point in the truth if you don't live it loud and in your face!