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Some news for the cover image?


In fact, I do not see anything until I've spent hours finding what I need, something that only took a few minutes before. It's boring, not efficient and crap, and before that it was fast, efficient and good.


Honestly I don't care of VC need to see or not (I play since beginning to Organize Play and I have already see many VC, VL, VA, not anymore involve in the campaign and past like shooting star). I just want to be able so see my own information on my own characters. It's incredible than a VC can see more on my Character than me, I want to be able to see and track easily all adventures one of my character have play or what I have GM and attribute on one character, and be able to see if nothing missing or wrong reported and actually the problem is there.

And as Ferious explain well the manner we use it, and we don't use Alias for that. Like I say never go on Forum page to look what character have played. And if you want follow new GPRD Rules (EU Privacy) you must also have approvment of your customer to share information with other person external to your company what is the case of VC, etc.. and a player can surely refuse that.


Like I say in another post, sorry don't see this one, before. It's seriously not an improvement, why all time something work well they going to remove it ? Paizo must think more as Customer/Dm/Player point of view and listen us. Particularly on this topic. Because actually your change is very painfull for us. And if i don't make mistake website is for users and customer, and I don't see the technical link with a Forum Software it's not the same scope. Honestly don't care of Forum improvement and link with database we need to see/have report with filter to find right information, and that must be efficient.


Hi All,

Seem we are not able to see all sessions reported (as DM & Player) on a character why ?

Is very usefull, I hope it's not "an improvment" of the Database because clearly is not, why all time something who work well you going to change it for something bad and more painfull for us.

Need to navigate now between all my report as Dm & Player (two different page) and try to find my session between my more than 40 Characters, its a nightmare.

You know in there are a IT job who is ergonomist, I think you realy need some advise from one of them for your website, since the new version design , it's more painfull for us to find what we need.

Sorry if I'm still upset, but near alltime we have an update who suppose to be improve the Paizo Website or Database for Paizo Organized Play is going be worst (I remember there are some years before, after database migration, the lose of near 20 Sessions ), the update of Website design one year before with lot of complain of my players who don't find what they need anymore on your website, and now this.

It's must be easy, usefull, and quick to find what we need :)