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Is there one? Can Paizo make one. Would be a great way to bring gamers together. Puh-lease Paizo!!

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Want to play online in your own created worlds or maybe remake Golarion yourself? Please check out this kickstarter for Dungeonforge. It's pretty much an updated version of Neverwinter Nights with all the tools to create and run your own servers and persistent worlds.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1004444231/dungeonforge-be-the-ultimat e-dungeon-master

Please help spread the word about this kickstarter. I just recently found out about it and they need all the help they can get. Even if the KS does not fund they still plan on releasing the game. Give what you can and please tell others who loved Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2 about the game.


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Brad McQuaid, original creator of Everquest, has a new MMO in development. A number of developers and artists from previous games such as EQ and Vanguard have joined him to work on a new MMO that is targeted for those wanting a more classic gaming style.

The game is in development stage with a target date of 2017. The team is gauging interest and asking fans of Everquest and older MMO's to help contribute to the games development. You can find the Kickstarter here:


They are issuing new updates and previews a few times a week. Also, tier's have been tweaked and new tiers have been added to attract players. The devs are also communicating quite a bit with everyone on the kickstarter forum as well as on Twitter with their account @pantheonRoTF

You can also join numerous hopeful fans over at a fan site called Project Pantheon http://pjpantheon.com/

Current classes confirmed for the game are: Cleric and Death Knight (name is placeholder) New classes will be announced once or twice a week. Also starting January 21st we will get Races being announced.

I invite you all to check out the kickstarter, check out the twitter account and join us over at Project Pantheon's website/forum. You can also ask questions here and I will do my best to answer them or point you in the right direction to those that can.




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Any chance, James Jacobs, that we will see either in the AP or a companion book a way to become a technomancer? (Either via archtype or something else?) Really like the idea of a wizard or comparitible class being able to do more than just make clockworks & few steampunkish type items.

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New version of Everquest is going to be coming out next year. Some very cool ideas they are implementing into the new game like destructible terrain and buildings. It will be set in an alternate universe so the lore will be totally different from past games. Also, one thing worth noting is a different version called Everquest Landmark will be coming out later THIS year which will allow players to build (like Minecraft) houses, gear, and a lot more which can be ported over to the real game when it is released.


We have any previous EQ players here on the forums? I played EQ1 for over 5 yrs and played a bit of EQ2. Went on from there to many different MMO's.

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So, who has read the book already? What did you think of it? I really enjoyed a majority of the book. Never really liked the character of Dahlia. If you have certain points you would like to talk about, but it could be a spoiler please cover it up so we can click on it. The ending of the book had me thinking that it was fitting, but also that there were hints of major things coming and that more would be told down the line.

Just curious to hear folks thoughts.

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The whole kit and kaboodle. Not just the books, campaign setting, and art. Everything. I am trying to track down who owns the intellectual property. Thanks!

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I just moved out to Central Cali from IL and left my old gaming group behind. I live in Cambria. Looking for some Cali players who are nearby. I am something of a novice with D&D and Pathfinder. I have played for awhile, but still don't understand all the rules. I love to RP, though! If your looking for another player please msg me.

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New steampunk webseries.


First episode is now out! Watch Riese fight the evil Sect.

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From the makers of the original Diablo and Diablo 2 comes a new Action RPG called Torchlight. The original Blizzard North guys have made a great new game! It is everything you loved about Diablo, but updated for 2009! The best part about the game besides gameplay itself? It's only 20 bucks!


You can also download demos of the game on Steam, WildTangent, and Perfectworld.com. You get 2 hrs to demo the game. You can also buy the game from those sites, but I encourage you all to buy directly from Runic Games so they get 100% of the profits!

This game is single player only for now. In the next 18-24 months they are going to add an MMO aspect to the game as well. If anyone is familar with Mythos then you will understand how they plan on doing it.

So, check it out! It's probably the best indie game that has come out in years!

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The Guild's new music video is now out on Xbox Live, Itunes, and YouTube! You can see the video on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urNyg1ftMIU

Please, if you have twitter or other social networking sites...post a link to the video. Rate it and favorite it on Youtube! Season 3 starts August 25th!

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Ok, I guess this is the right place. I am almost 39 yrs old (in Oct) and I have liked D&D all my life, but for one reason or another could not play it. Now, I am playing D&D and took my first shot at Dming this past sunday. This a reposting from my blog to just show you my thoughts on the session. I will post more responses to future sessions here. Any constructive critisism, concerns, or ideas are more than welcome here. I am new to Dm'ing and want to learn to be the best I can be.

From my blog:

My first crack at DM'ing D&D

I’ve always wanted to DM a game of D&D. For the longest time I’ve never had anyone around who wanted to play. I was always interested in the game, but growing up in the household I grew up in I just never could. My parents thought anything to do with fantasy and D&D in general was satanic. I can remember back when I was a kid I bought D&D pick your own adventure books and my mom found out what they were and she stole all of them and threw them away. I also remember buying the red box AD&D box years ago only to have my mom throw it away. So, growing up I was never allowed to have anything like it in my house.

I had a few tastes of playing D&D and Heroes system games here and there. Mostly when I was in my 20’s. It seems wierd that I would finally get to start playing and finally get to DM a game of D&D in my 30’s. Seems like I wasted so many years that I could have been enjoying myself and gaining knowledge and fun.

So, this past Sunday was my first crack at Dm’ing. I had tossed the idea around a few times to my group and everyone said it would be cool and to just give it a whirl. After moving over to Salem I had the time to actually sit down and prepare for a game. I always loved the forgotten realms and decided I would make that my setting for this game. We are playing in the Western Heartlands and starting in Baldur’s Gate. I knew this area from my days at playing the Neverwinter Nights PC game. Was involved in an online project called A Land Far Away which made up different servers that were different parts of Faerun. I had DM’d a few of those servers, but the Western Heartlands was always the one I had wanted to Dm at. I was on a server team for this area, but constant bickering between team members pretty much shot the server idea to hell. So, I had all the research I had done, but nowhere to use it.

My group loves the Pathfinder rules. We had a copy of the beta and used it to play many a campaign the past year. We decided to use it for my campaign until the official release comes out. We would then go back and tweak anything that needed it. So, I began reading, researching, and coming up with a plan. I had become semi comfortable with the rules ( I still need help understanding somethings) and knew enough to get things going. Came up with a storyline and then looked over a list of low level creatures I could throw in from time to time.

Sunday started off with me being a bit nervous. I had my roommate Mike and Kevin there to help me with any rules I had issues or questions about. Had a basic idea of how to start things off and just hoped I could please my group. A number of folks in my gaming group are kids and some of them are kind of difficult at times. So, was hoping to hook them in early.

Started off basically getting them together. It felt kind of cheesy the way I did it, but it worked and folks got their first adventure to go rescue/find this caravan with goods leaving Baldur’s gate on their way to the tent city just outside of Boarasky Bridge. The caravan had a driver and his son and one important passenger, a priest of Lathander. A few of my players had various reasons given to them to find the priest. Most were just interested in the reward of finding the caravan. After a night in Baldur’s Gate they took off the following morning for parts unknown.

The group decided that they didn’t think the caravan was on the Trade Way route up to the Boarasky Bridge. They wanted to take the route that went past the Fields of the Dead. Mostly just a dirt road that traveled alongside the area of one of the greatest battles years ago in the Heartlands. The group would travel so far before it became dark and they decided to make camp. Once camp was set I made one of them roll to see if any random encounters occurred. He rolled in the high 90’s. Here was my chance to give the group some combat for his failed roll. I had a group of five players. The one player was off by himself when he triggered the combat. I didn’t want the fight to be too powerful for the pc’s so I sent a like 4 1/3 level skeletons and one skeleton wolf after them. They didn’t have any issue dispatching them. Seemed folks were into the combat especially our resident barbarian who’s character is quite min-maxed. Normally, I don’t think I would allow my players to have a 20 strength, but let him this time. Wanted to see how challenging it would be for me as well as the group.

Well, the group travelled some more until once again it became late and it was time to make a camp. Once again the group did so and then I had our barb roll again for a random encounter since he always seems to want to go alone to find food or get firewood. I figure if your going to take off by yourself then your dumb enough to run into something mean. Once again he did not disappoint. Rolled a high 90 again and this time I made it harder for the group. I put some undead ghouls and a ghast after him. He led it back to the party and once again they did a pretty good job of taking them out. Again, the barbarian with his strength did some killing blows. It was going to be difficult for me to gauge what would be overpowering to the group with my newbie skills.

During downtime in the encampments I tried my best to get the players to roleplay amongst themselves. A few players seem always keen on doing so. One is an avid gamer of over 20 yrs and another is a new gamer, but loves to really get into his characters. The new player was trying something different for him so he was kind of hesitant to really roleplay as he wasn’t sure how to get into his half-drow. The others in the group basically treat the game like a video game. They don’t really enjoy roleplaying. It is more of a combat-fest to them and that is what seems to get them going. I encouraged them to roleplay amongst themselves, but any attempts by me just seemed to get ignored. Not sure if I would have to nudge them more in future attempts or It is always going to be this way.

Finally, the group got to a spot where I was comfortable to take them off road. They managed to get to this spot and did perception checks to see that the caravan wagon had been dragged off the road into the tall grass and farther into a field that came upon the Trollclaws. All of us were hungry and at this point we decided to take a food break. So, they sat up camp and we all went out for food.

After we were done with dinner we got back into the game. The group was near the edge of the Trollbark and sat up camp since it was so late they weren’t going to attempt a run to find the caravan. They proceeded to do things in camp till it was time to goto bed. The players made watches and during one of their watches my npcs (bandits) made their way to the camp. I decided to mix it up a bit and put a little bit harder npc group together this time. Seemed combat still seemed a bit easy for the group. I really don’t remember the players having too hard a time with it. One thing that happened at the end was our player bard ended up charming one of the bandits and found out about the encampment up ahead and that the caravan was there and that the members of the caravan were all dead except the priest of Lathander.

The attack on the group by my bandits happened late in the night by the time the dust settled the group had to try and nix any foray to the camp till the following night. The player priest had exhausted all his spells healing the barbarian and others in the group and he could only get his spells back at dawn. So, he was screwed for the upcoming night. During the day they decided to take watch and let members of their group rest to gain spells back and any hit points. Had them roll for random encounters and nothing happened. They spent the rest of the day preparing for the night ahead.

They actually should have waited another day before attacking the bandit camp. Then, the priest would have had all his spells back, but they were considering that the bandits might move the goods since some of their group had not come back/were slaughtered by the players. They took a chance and decided to head to the bandit camp that night to rescue the priest and get the goods back. I was going to make this battle a challenge for them.

After scouting the camp they decided it best to make a diversion at the front of the camp to draw the attention of the bandits to that side of the encampment. Two of the players would then sneak down the back of a huge enbankment and try and get the priest out of his cell. A decent idea. It wasn’t going to be a cakewalk, though. I wanted to make sure of that.

I had mostly level 1 guards at the front gates. Like 2 of them. Around the caravan I placed one level 2 guard and rest were level 1 guards (3). Near a tent in the back of the bandit camp I placed 2 level 3 officers. Figured this would make things tough for them if they got to the back of the camp. The players made a diversion and started to fight the level 1 guards. The bard proceeded to lower down and sneak to the front of the cage to let the priest out. He was not seen by my level 3 officers who were very close by. Everything was going pretty good. The front line was having no real issue with the front guards. Our priest was up on a ledge able to shoot his bow at guards, but his roles were poor and he kept missing. Then, the barbarian decided he wasn’t going to stick to the players plan anymore and rushed forward not holding the front line. This is when all hell started to break loose..

The guards around the caravan moved up to help the level 1 guards in the front. This meant the one level 2 guard moved up. Without the barbarian there to help deal with it the group at the front started to get hit. I was rolling rather decent and the players started to roll bad. Just bad luck I guess. They were starting to see the battle turn against them.

The group in the back had gotten the priest out, but the priest made enough noise to wake the dead so that alerted the level 3 officers. The halfling was in trouble and after some combat the bard was lucky enough to sleep some of the npcs coming after them. The halfling finally made it up the rope and to the top and the bard managed to get the npc priest to a horse and told him to ride to their camp closer to the road. All the time this was going on the players in the front and the barbarian were losing their fights. The Barb got hit really hard and got hurt quite a bit. The priest had made his way down into the bandit camp and got close enough to the group and the barb to burst heal a few times. It still didn’t help much. I was rolling 20’s and crit’d a few of the players. Some of the npcs moved up to flank the priest. At one point I had our priest, barb, and monk down. I could have wiped them out if I had let the bandit npcs finish them off. Instead of tried subdual damage to just knock them out and would tie them up. Well, the sorcerer and the bard came to the rescue of the front group. The bard managed to sleep one of the level 3 officers who had joined in the front battle. He then succeeded a bluff roll and convienced the bandit npcs he was a wizard and would let loose a huge fireball killing them if they didn’t allow him to take his friends and leave this place. I thought for sure this would be a nice out for the group so I was relieved to see the party would survive. Then, the barbarian did something stupid…

The bandit npcs told the players to get their wounded and leave. The bandit npcs were fearful of the bard, but wouldn’t give up their loot in the caravan. They lost the priest, but still had something of his (they thought). They were going to be content with licking their wounds. The bandits told the players to not take anything. Just gather their friends and leave. Well, the barb didn’t seem to care what they thought. He was going to take his javalins. No matter the fact that his friends were all very hurt. No matter the fact that javalins are easy to replace.

Imagine your watching Tombstone and they are having the old fight near the back end of the town. The one cowboy just came up from the barrel all wet from dousing his head. His friends are all standing there by him. Everyone starts to reach for their guns, but Wyatt tells them they don’t want any trouble. Just want to take Ike and leave. The whole time you see all the pans at the faces of the individuals on both sides. Doc Holiday is standing there and looks at one of the cowboys. He then winks at one of the cowboys enraging him until it sets him off to start the gun battle. Well, that is kinda what happened here..

The player group was getting their wounded and leaving. All except the Barbarian. He was arguing with me (the DM) that he wanted to pick up his javalins and leave and he would do it this or that round before this or that happened. I told him that if he picked up his weapons that the bandits would see it as a sign he was going to attack them. He kept on arguing with me and I tried to make it clear that it would be a bad idea. Finally, Kevin (the bard) said just let things fall where they may. So, I said alright. If you want to pick up your weapons go ahead and see what happens. He did so and that set off the remaining bandits after him and the group. My first bandit failed his attack roll on the barbarian. He got lucky, because the bandit would have trounced him. The player bard then got lucky and was able to sleep the remaining two bandits. The group would be able to safetly gather the caravan and their wounded and get the hell out of Dodge before the bandits woke up. *Whew*

The session ended with the group getting back to their camp and reuniting with the priest they had saved. They tended to their wounded and that is how we left it. They still have to make their way to Boarasky bridge the next session. I am just glad the pc’s stayed alive to see a next session. It is amazing to me how one player can totally hose it for others, but if that is what he thinks his pc would do then I guess you just have to roll with it. He will either learn or he will die or his group will die as well.

All in all I had a great first time Dm’ing. I learned a lol about combat and also learned about loot. I went with some standard drops off mobs from the Monster manual and DMG and the players kinda made a nice haul. I don’t think I will be so generous the next game. I know some of my players would like some magic weapons to drop, but I don’t see that happening for at least another level. I am actually hesitant to even do that till they are higher. I will tailor the magic drops to something that my players could use or that the party will need. Other than the magic I know I will need to sprinkle in some healing potions to the group to help out the priest who is overtaxed healing.

Good first game and I was very proud of the way it went. It got a bit hairy there, but it all worked out in the end! Now, I am going to work on my next gaming session which we will play in two weeks. Thanks for reading!

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I am once again hosting a Yahoo fantasy football league for the upcoming NFL season. If your interested and you will stay playing the entire year go sign up here:


password is : superbowl.

This is a Live Draft. You must be present to draft unless you have the computer pick for you. You just stand to get screwed on your picks this way. We will host the Live Draft July 25th at 4pm cst.

I want to get this out of the way before training camps start. So, please join me in another year of fantasy football! I have ran a league for about 4 or so years now and it's always been a lot of fun. If you have any questions feel free to msg me.

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Anyone reading both titles lately? Geoff Johns is cranking it up a notch! Really good stories in both titles and this year's Blackest Night crossover is going to be huge! So many good characters recently introduced like Agent Orange and the Blue lanterns. I highly recommend people check it out. It's on my must buy list every week along with Johns now doing Flash:Rebirth.

So, who's reading the titles and what do you think?

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Would love the folks at Pazio to make a twitter account for the company. I get the email, but would love to be able to hear things on a daily basis from someone from Paizo. (be it updates, asking fans questions, talking about roleplaying, etc)

Twitter is a great way to market the company. It has grown leaps in bounds since this service has gone live. A lot of companies of all sizes use it to promote. I hope maybe someone at Paizo will consider my idea. It's good for PR and good for your customers.


Darin Smith