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I'm really digging the Simar Communion concept (the clone-sister community orbiting Absalom Station), but was wondering how such a community's structure would look like?

Especially their leadership - do they have one? Is it based on seniority, merit, is it a council?

How do you run a community that's basically the same person, just at different stages in their lives?

Hope you guys can help.

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I ordered 'Pathfinder - Spiral of Bones #1' (together with a comics subscription) on March 21st, and there were some issues with payment that should be in order now.

However, now I've received 'Pathfinder - Spiral of Bones #2', and my first order (Order 4774529) is still pending.
I've already written an email a little while ago, but I've heard nothing.

Am I to make another order, or is the pending still "on"?

Hope you can help.