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Full Name



Human-ish (raised Drow)


Swashbuclker - 1







Special Abilities

Derring-do +4 / Dodging Panace +2 / Perry and Riptos / Pancce 4 / Slashing Grace / Swashbucklers Finesse






Common / Undercommon

Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 13
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 15

About Dakatak

A pale drow like woman leaps from the shadows, flips in the air Hold nave, unhand that *insert victim here* or the sword with which I slew my father, and slew my mother.. and slew the.…. ahh f&@@ it. and stabs the attacker though the face.


A glance at Ry’ean, above all else, is confusing. At first she appears a short stocky Drow but after a second look you are less sure. She has the eyes, skin and hair of a Drow but nothing else. Her ears are human as is her build.

The second thing you notice is a longsword and that she carries herself in a way that tells you the sword has seen blood. A lot of blood.

Finally, when she speaks, you find yourself listening. Not conventionally attractive or charismatic there is an oddness that draws you on. She varies between inspirational and insane in the most pleasant manner.

My first memory? I put on a ring and the truth was revealed. “Mom died first, then “dad” and then everything between me and the surface. I got a little bloody, oh well, at least I was me for the first time in memory."

History (false):

Translated Undercommon I don’t know why me ears are ugly or I am so stocky. My mother told me she drank an illusion while pregnant with me which makes sense. The other Drow didn’t make too much fun of me as long as I did as I was told and studied hard. Ry’ean sighs Of course the lack of magic in my blood hasn’t helped either.

Born to merchants in Zirnakaynin Ry’ean had never seen the sun and was hindered by her weak eyes until her parents found her a pair of lenses that allowed here to function fully in the underground cities dim lights. She remembers little until that point of her life other then she had always been there and respected her parents for their strict upbringing.

Ry’ean found herself in trouble often for not quite fitting in. While the other children took to their lessons with a cruel abandon she often found that, having more compassion, she became the butt of taunts and pranks. Mostly harmless, mostly. To combat this Ry’ean began to put herself in more and more dangerous situations, always being the first to take a dare or venture into an unknown tunnel.

Many lessons did not take with Ry’ean, she was useless with magic and even more useless with heavy weapons but she excelled with a foil or rapier. Daring in training she would not back down from larger opponents with axes, clubs or armor. She began special training, normally reserved for aristocrats in fencing and body control after quickly dispatching three larger opponents in training. Still her quirky, compared to other Drow, nature did not earn her many friends so she worked even harder to be flashy win people over with daring deeds.

After a training session one day Ry’ean found one of her mothers old rings had gotten mixed in with her clothing. Planning to return the trinket she slid it onto her finger and was hit with a flood of knowledge shower her life had all been a lie.

They tortured my birth mother in the worst way. She bore six children while in captivity, being forced to breed with other captives in an attempt to cultivate traits desired by the Drow. Clearly agitated It was rape for both parties! Firthy Drow bastard. If I see them they die.


Ry’ean’s mother had been captured and used for breeding experiments for the rest of her life. She never learned the identity of her mothers captors but did learn it was an attempt to create sleep agents in human society.

Judged to not have the mental acuity for espionage other experiments were performed on Ry’ean making the child appear to be a Drow for the rest of her life. No cure or reversal has been found for this mix of magic and science but that she has come to terms with.

What she cannot accept is the cruelty of the drow. Her appearance is only part of the evil, her mind was controlled and memories altered for over a decade until she found a ring that shielded her.

With her memories restored Ry’ean thought only of getting to the surface. Stealing her trainers sword and armor she killed every Drow she could on her quick ascension to the light of day.

Forever changed Ry’ean must always be on guard against the memories that feel real that would lead her down a darker path.

Traveling alone for some time now she heads to Trunau in an effort to join the society that she has never been part of. She clings to the light, and her sanity, with all her mental strength choosing to become a hero to her natural people.

I have read of Trunau, the Drow scorn the human settlement so it seems a good place to start.

Point by Point:

1. Ry’ean was raised by Drow that had killed her family
2. Enchanted to think she was Drow
3. Her skin and hair was magically, permanently, bleached
4. Put on a ring her father had hidden and mental enhancements dropped
5. Stole high quality gear
6. Killed everyone between the Underdark and the light of day
7. Cleaned off the blood and started a new life as a flashing sword for justice
8. Had read of Trunau and is heading there to start a new life.

Character Sheet:

Ry’ean De’Turro
Swashbuckler lvl 1
CG / 18 / 5’4” / 130 lbs
Str 12 +1
Dex 18 +4 (racial bonus)
Con 13 +1
Int 13 +2
Wis 10
Cha 15 +2
Combat Stats
AC 18 Touch 14 Flat 14
HP 12
Fort +1 Ref +4 Will +0
CMB +2 CMD 16

Longsword +5 1d8+4 19-20/x2
Dagger +5 1d4+1 19-20/x2

Buckler +1
Studded Leather +3

Travelers Cloths
Flint and Steel
Mess Kit
Trail Rations x5
571 GP

Acrobatiscs +6
Bluff +6
Craft - Leather +5
Diplomacy +6
Intimidate +6
Know - Local + 5

Travelers Cloths

Feats / Traits / Abilities
Slashing Grace – Longsword

Big Game Hunter

Charmed Life +4 (3/day)
Deed: Derring-Do +4
Deed: Parry Riptose
Panache (4/day)
Swashbucklers Finness

Light Armor
Martial Weapons
Simple Weapons