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Greetings! I'm DM Dax Thura (just Dax Thura to my friends) and I've started running Starfinder Society Scenarios over on the Myth-Weavers boards. I'll be starting 1-04 Cries from the Drift on Monday 3/25 and I'm inviting you to come over and play.

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Has anyone made a list of the story arcs that exist within the Starfinder Society scenarios? For instance, I know that these all have to do with the Scoured Stars Incident.
1-05 The First Mandate
1-11 In Pursuit of the Scoured Past
1-13 On the Trail of History
1-17 Reclaiming the Time-Lost Tear
1-29 Honorbound Emissaries
1-99 The Scoured Stars Invasion

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In my game after Duravoor was killed, the pcs were invited to a dinner with the Starrunners, Duravoor's Starfinder team and another group young Starfinders that Duravoor sponsored. Eventually, talk turned to memories of the dwarf.

The pcs and other team of young Starfinders make it to the Horizon Walker, the Starrunner's ship
Everyone can feel the small bump as the shuttle docks with the Horizon Walker and the hiss as they equalize pressure. The two groups go through the airlock into the larger ship's cargo bay. They are greeted by the sight of six tough looking folk; an elf wearing leather and sporting an impressive mohawk, a heavily armored shirren with a bfg, a well dressed nuar with some impressive jewelry, a human woman in too small shirt and cut off jeans and a long coat etched with arcane symbols, a brethadan, and young Duravoor Kreel sporting a sniper rifle.

They are greeted by one of the Starrunners
Kham: "He did (die). " says a voice. "This is a holo we took a long time ago. " A nuar walks through the holo to stand in front of you. He looks to be the older version of the nuar (think medium sized minotaur) in the holo. "This is Dodger's idea of a 'Welcome'. " He looks back at the holo and lets out a heavy sigh. "Better days. " he says under his breath.

Kham: Smiles. "I'm Kham. Welcome aboard the Horizon Walker." He takes the time to shake each of your hands, saying each of your names as he does so. "Come. I'll take you meet the others." he takes one more look at the holo before shutting it off and leading you further into the ship.

Kham walks them through the ship
Kham: “Since there's so many of us, we'll take the cargo lifter to the third level then make our way to the large hall.” Kham explains. The Horizon Walker is built on as large a frame possible for its class and has three levels. The hallways on the third level have imbeded imaging projectors, so you're not walking down a starship corridor, but across a bridge over a massive chasm underneath a beautiful cloud filled sky. One thing is for sure, these guys have done well for themselves. You soon reach the large hall and its just that, a large hall. The walls and ceiling are transparent allowing full view of the sky, soft music is playing, robot servants are waiting to offer you drinks as soon as you enter. The room is pretty much at capacity with the large table in the middle of it and 15 persons (yourselves, the 4 other Starfinders, plus your hosts, the Star Runners) plus drones and robot servants, but it is luxurious.
There's a round of introductions and time for some conversation before the meal is to be served. You recognize the Star Runners as older versions of the people in the holo that you saw when you first came aboard the Horizon Walker. Kham makes introductions:
* The elf with the mohawk and wearing leathers is Artful Dodger or just Dodger for short. It was his idea to have the holo there to greet you.
* Ghost-Who-Walks-Inside is the armored shirren. He's traded his BFG for a more practical sidearm for this occasion
* Sally Tsung, the human woman is not as provocatively dressed as her youthful holo, but her clothes accentuate her still impressive figure and she still has that same trench coat.
* Tickicic is a barathu soon to grow out of its early phase.
* Then of course there's Kham the nuar diplomat.

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In the recruitment threads we often list the submissions and classify them as Arcane, Divine, Martial, and Skilled. I put together one of these lists and I found those four categories insufficient. The Bard, for instance could fit into either the Arcane or Skilled categories. Depending on archetype, they could also possibly fit into the Martial category.
That is why I decided to go include three other categories. I call them Hybrids; Arcane/Martial, Arcane/Skilled, and Divine/Hybrid. I thought about using Divine/Martial and Divine/Skilled, but the divine classes already tend to be martially inclined.
Here's how I see the classes at level 1 being categorized without consideration for archetype or build.

Arcane Sorcerer, Wizard, Witch, Arcanist
Arcane/Martial Magus, Summoner, Bloodrager
Arcane/Skilled Bard, Alchemist, Skald
Divine Cleric, Druid, Oracle, Shaman
Divine/Hybrid Inquisitor, Hunter, Warpriest
Martial Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, Gunslinger, Cavalier, Brawler, Swashbuckler
Skilled Rogue, Investigator
Martial/Skilled Monk, Ranger, Slayer

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Title pretty much says it all. Can we get an App for that?

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I am constantly annoyed at how basic customer service is dying in america. It is on its last, gasping breaths. You go to a store and the sales staff don't help you, at the checkout counter the cashier doesn't make eye contact and practically throws your change (or credit card) back at you. There's no hello, thank you, or come again. I hate when I get an automated system that says,"in order to serve you better". If they really wanted to serve me better, I would be talking to a person not chosing selection #5.
But Paizo is different. They think of me. I don't mean they think like a gamer (which they do), I don't mean they produce great product (which they do), and I don't mean that they make sure the afformentioned product is affordable (which they do). I mean they think of ME. Dax Thura. They seek my input on product they create based off my suggestions. Sure they have some great ideas on their own, but even in those they ask what I think.
I don't know if its true, but they make me feel like I matter. That is a great philosophy. I wonder if it is their mission statement. In any case, I am loving it. I am loving them.

PS. Do they ever sleep? I've seen posts from them at all hours of the day and night all over these boards.

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I'm enjoying how the APs have connections between them. Shalelu for instance and the Vancaskerkin clan. I also noted that some of the treasure in Rise of the Runelords foreshadows some of the locations, events, and villains in Kingmaker. Any one seen any that I've missed? Extra points for anyone who can connect any of the APs connect to Kevin Bacon?

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I've been looking over the handbooks by Treantmonk, Rouge Eidolon, and others and have come to really enjoy the build archetypes. So I ask the boards to show me your builds.
I don't mean stats, though its ok if you want to include them, nor do I mean a level by level account, though, again, that would be ok too. I'm asking for good advice on how to put together old standby builds and fun new builds. Even wacky builds are welcome.

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I've gotten an itch to play in the World's Largest Dungeon and I hope to find a DM with a mental condition that allows them to run it PbP.

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Finally the right place for this. I don't know how, or more likely lack the authority to, move a post to this forum so I'll reiterate my post.

- Can't change into a monstrous humanoid. Perhaps an Alter Self II (large humanoid, small and medium monstrous humanoid) and Alter Self III (large monstrous humanoid).

- Can't change into an aberration.

- Can't change into a dragon type that is not metallic or chromatic (ie dragon turtle, faerie dragon). Perhaps a lesser form of Form of Dragon.

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Again, I don't think that this is the 'right' place for this, but I can't find a better location, so here goes.

I've recently started a game where we're all high level wizards and as I've looked over the chapter on spells I've noticed a couple of things.

- I can't find the write up for the spell Acid Splash. It's on the spell lists, but not in the spell descriptions. I've looked in both the Beta and Web Enhancement. I assume that this is a simple omission because it really didn't change from 3.5, but it just seemed odd when all of the other cantrips are there, including Ray of Frost.

- In the Beast Shape spells there is no provision if the form you take has a faster speed on land than you do. For example, a wolf, which is a medium animal, has a speed on land of 50', but a dwarf caster changed into one, can only move 20'. I assume that your speed is equal to whatever form you take.

- Under the current rules there's no way to change into a monstrous humanoid. I'm looking into an Alter Self II spell that basically combines Enlarge Person and Alter Self into a 3rd or maybe 4th level spell. I think this will go along with the general theme.

- Also no way to change into an aberration, though I think that this might be intentional. Though I still like the idea of changing into a rust monster to fight that iron golem.

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I can't find what it takes to get a new arcane bond item. Can someone point it out to me?

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stupid double post

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I can't seem to find the chart for creating magic items. Specifically staffs and items that have more than one ability. Would someone please point me in the right direction.

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Does anyone have a copy of Lariss V's journal out of Dragon 351? I ask because I have a player who can't see very well and I'd like for him to have a copy of her journal. My current plan is to type it out, but I am a lazy so and so and was hoping not to have to finish typing it. My typing skills leave a lot to be desired. Thanks.

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Found it!

Guy Humual wrote:

Here are my notes from SWW. It might help you out a bit. There are only minor spoilers:

Sea Wyvern Passenger list

01 Tristan Lidu *: (PC) Captain and conjuror of the Sea Wyvern. She’s known to mutter to herself and occationally talk in strange tongues. Has a toad familiar that she often talks to.

02 Kale Silverthumb *: (PC) Captain at Arms. Kale seems to revere oriental philosophy, clothing, and swordsmanship . . . even though he doesn’t seem to fully understand them.

03 Kiki *: (PC) Quartermaster. Kiki is quick of mind and body. Unfortunately she doesn’t take the time to think most things through. She is quite rash.

04 Buffy *: (DM PC) Ship medic. Priestess of Pelor. Very agreeable. Always seems to agree with the majority.

05 James Kidd *: (PC) Officer and Pilot. Seems cursed with bad luck. Quite clumsy. Seems to be a natural leader. Extremely good liar.

06 Orlani *: (NPC cohort) leading seaman and boatswain. James’ girlfriend and right hand. Seems far more competent then her boyfriend.

07 Fredrick Norrington *: (PC) Ship navigator and diplomat. Somewhat quite and reserved, only really comes alive during battles and difficult negotiations.

08 Churtle *: (NPC) ship cook. Churtle was rescued from the lotus dragons by the PCs and has agreed to stay on as their cook for the long journey. Churtle is also an expert poison maker. She almost never confuses her two professions.

09 Amella Venkalie *: (NPC) First Mate. Perhaps the most knowledgeable sailor aboard the Sea Wyvern. She is quick to voice her opinion and doesn’t shy away from a fight. She has a quick temper.

10 Father Feres (AKA Conrad Horst)*: (NPC) former priest, now lowly deckhand. Conrad is a con man who pretended to be a priest to escape justice. Claims to be a changed man after a near death experience . . . time will tell if this is true or if it’s another elaborate ruse.

11 Avner Meravanchi: (NPC) Passenger. Avner’s father is funding part of this expedition, claims that he’s sending Avner along to oversee his investment, in actuality he may have funded the expedition as a reason to get rid of Avner for a while. Avner is a clueless, spoiled, liar, and cheat. Is practically expected to throw a tantrum if he doesn’t get his own way.

12 Banaby Chisk: (NPC) Passenger. One of Avner’s valets. Quite, doesn’t socialize.

13 Quenge Asper: (NPC) Passenger. One of Avner’s valets. Quite, doesn’t socialize.

14 Lirith Veldirose *: (NPC) leading seaman. A flamboyant tomboy that loves to be the center of attention (good or bad).

15 Tavey Nesk *: (NPC) cabin boy. Eager to please and a hard worker. Has taken a shine to Kale for some reason.

16 Skald *: (NPC) leading seaman. Quite and mysterious. Skald acts like someone guilty of something. Actually on the run from dangerious individuals in Styes.

17 Urol Forol *: (NPC) ship’s science officer, secondary navigator, and expedition guide at Farshore. Urol loves bugs and nature. He also loves ancient ruins and danger. Quite possibly insane. Always cheerful.

18 Dorent Migter*: (NPC) Artillerist. Dwarven engineer. Clams to be the older brother.

19 Morlond Migter*: (NPC) Artillerist. Dwarven engineer. Clams to be the taller brother.

20 Davey Jones *: (NPC) ordinary seaman and deckhand. Davey can’t swim despite being at sea most of his life. Wants to marry an Olman girl and settle down somewhere.

21 John silver *: (NPC) ordinary seaman and deckhand. Always looking to drink and gamble. Perhaps the most superstitious member of the crew.

22 Rodger Jolly *: (NPC) ordinary seaman and deckhand. Despite his last name Rodger is almost always in a bad mood about something. Often can be found gambling with John.

23 Anne Bonney *: (NPC) ordinary seaman and deckhand. Big and quite, easily as strong as most men aboard ship, is best friends with Mary.

24 Mary Read *: (NPC) ordinary seaman and deckhand. Mary is loud and obnoxious. As bad as anyone for starting fights. She is often the one to throw the first punch.

25 Mitch Tailor: (NPC) passenger. Farmer and father. Enjoys smoking a pipe but can’t bellow deck. Often can be found topside at night smoking.

26 Wynona Tailor: (NPC) passenger. Mother and wife. Actual head of the Tailor family, Mitch quietly looks to his wife before making any decisions. Was a seamstress and weaver before marrying Mitch.

27 Will Tailor: (NPC) passenger. Middle son of the Tailor family. The eldest daughter and youngest son remained behind in Sasserine. Will is hoping to find a wife and help his father build a new farm at Farshore.

28 Mike Carpenter: (NPC) passenger. Mike is actually a carpenter by trade (like his last name suggests) but he’s also good at a large verity of odds and ends including smithy, masonry, and fishing. He hopes that he’ll be able to practice his wide verity of skills in Farshore away from the controlling influence of the trade guilds.

29 Lane Carpenter: (NPC) passenger. Like her husband Lane is also a master of many trades, including weaving, sewing, apothecary, and midwifery. She’d prefer to practice the latter two skills at Farshore so she’ll have something to pass down to her daughter.

30 Merriam Carpenter: (NPC) passenger. Only child of Mike and Lane. Merriam is almost sixteen and not happy about having to leave friends and family to journey to Farshore. Recently she has taken a liking to Will Tailor.

(* indicates a crew member)

9 throught 17 are the named NPCs from the SWW.

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During my group’s last rotation, I started STAP. TINH did not come off as dramatic as I’d hoped, but the group did develop a strong dislike for Vanthus, so all was not lost. This time I’m better prepared. BTW we are playing in Eberron.

Basil – Elan Psion/Ardent
Twiggy – Human Druid with Baby Wolf Companion
Erin – Human Factotum
Colostomy – Human Fighter
Sliver – Warforged Warlock/Wizard

The group, calling themselves The Forsaken, is asked to attend a ball in their honor after their defeat of the Lotus Dragons. While there, they get to hobnob with the rich and powerful of Sassarine (read generally ignored and viewed as a quaint sideshow). Several members of that august group offered membership to various members of the group:
· Worrin Lidu asked all of them membership in the Dawn Council
· Anteki Alresian offered Basil a position within Riedra (sub for Scarlet Brotherhood).
· Zasker offers membership into Zelkarune’s Horns to Colos.
· High Warden Lux Seoni suggests that Sliver offer himself for review by the Witch Warden guild leaders. She tells Erin that if she ever gets serious about the art to come as well.
Heldrath Kellani introduces herself as the mother of the woman they murdered. Lavinia introduces them to Avner Meravanchi and Woodson Bloodwhite, who are potential investers in an upcoming project of her’s. Towards the end of the night, Basil was being led off for a rendevous by Liamae, whom he had befriended, when he noticed another Liamae across the room. Basil did not get to act, however, because Colos called him over due to a failed attempt to poison Colos. He accused Heldrath and struck her when she denied any knowledge of the wrong doing. Due to his newfound celebrity and the Kellani fall from grace, Colos was escorted to his residence and kept under guard to ‘sleep it off’ rather than a more serious punishment.

The next day, The Forsaken went off to Kraken’s Cove to capture Vanthus and put an end to his schemes. They noted a strangeness to the forest and a rising plume of smoke just before a group of disfigured, mutated monkeys attacked them. The monkeys were quickly dispatched, though Colos was struck with an infectious bite before it was over. They make it to the cove and bear witness to the damage wroght by Vanthus’ plans. They enter the cave complex to find him and are attacked by mutated pirates. The Forsaken fight their way through the caves, though they consider withdrawing after encountering Ripclaw, to find a swordswoman fending off more of the mutated pirates. After defeating the pirates, the introductions are made and the swordswoman, Capt. Javell, tells the group that she sent her first mate off to kill Vanthus and his entire family. She then makes her escape. When we left off, the group was heading back to Sassarine in the Sea Wyvern, two of their members infected with a strange disease.


Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man needs to believe in the most. That people are basically good; that honor, courage, and virtue mean everything; that power and money, money and power mean nothing; that good always triumphs over evil; and I want you to remember this, that love... true love never dies. You remember that, boy. You remember that. Doesn't matter if it's true or not. You see, a man should believe in those things, because those are the things worth believing in. - Hub, Second Hand Lions

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First I want to apologize if this isn't the place for this question/request or if it is considered in poor manners.

I'm currently in one group's rotation to run STAP and now I'm looking to do the same in a different group that I'm in. The thing is, the second group has mostly rookie players that seem to really enjoy the White Wolf system. I'd rather just run it using 3.5, but I'm considering attempting to convert it to Exalted (and I admit to being intrigued by the idea). They've never played, but it's a rules set they're more familiar with and I've never run it, but I am rather familiar with the rules.

I think it would be pretty simple up to the Farshore incident. After that, though, I don't know.

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The Pathfinder Player's Guide gives information on how the races and classes in the PHB fit into Varisia/Golorian. What I want to know is how do the 'core' classes from the 'Complete' series fit? I am specifically interested in the Warlock (my personal favorite) and Favored Soul.

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... but what's your opinion of Pathfinder so far? I've skimmed the boards some and it seems that most like it, but I wanted to know what other's really think. You know, the good, the bad, the munchkin. I am considering a subscription because I enjoyed reading the Adventure Paths (I'm running STAP now) and have high hopes for Pathfinder, but I can't afford to throw my money away on a sub-par product (see the last days of 2nd Edition for example). Let me know what you think.

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I first learned of the adventure paths when I bought an edition of Dungeon for an Eberron adventure. I immediatly started to gather the rest of the Savage Tide magazines. Then, in my excitement, I began to prepare to GM the STAP. The problem is that I didn't prepare enough.

I arrived at the game and told them that we would switch games. After the minimum required amount of hassle from the others, they began to make characters. We've played three sessions so far, taking out the Lotus Dragons, and are now switching to a different campaign for a while before getting back to the STAP. The problem is that my games has moved rather slowly so far. I desperatly desire for the game to get better and plan on doing more preparation. I welcome any advice.

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Does Penkus return to help take out Vanthus?