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Dread Knight wrote:
Congratulations! That human you raised still turned out evil and stabbed the baker! Now you have an evil human and a dead baker because you couldn't steel yourself and put the creature to death.

Apples and oranges. Humans have no set alignment but Orcs clearly have a natural evil alignment, chaotic evil to be precise, with very few examples anywhere showing exceptions. THIS is what most Orcs do. Notice the Orc having any concern for the Human child in the mother's arms? I didn't notice any.

Of course, if you think the history of almost-exclusively evil Orcs is something that is contrived by those posting here, then please buy Orcs of Golarion and give it a read. I'm sure it will prove quite the read! Read the history of Orcs in particular. It is no mere myth that Orcs are naturally and culturally evil, for it is present in the spreadbook on their kind.

The crux of the entire situation rests on 'are Orcs naturally evil, and thus, enemies to be exterminated?', and my answer is 'yes, they are'. As I said, looking at Orc society and history in Orcs of Golarion, I have not found a single reference of 'good Orcs', nor any references to them. As a matter of fact, due to their innate traits, they are 'not recommended as player characters'.

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You youngsters nowadays...

Back in MY day, we raided Orc orphanages for XP and loot! It's a well-known scientific fact that Orc babies grow gold coins on the lining of their stomach.

Back in MY day, folks didn't care about alignment, because we just used the sacks of gold found in baby Orcs to buy out Atonement spells from the kindly priests of Correlan Lorethian, who were more than happy to furnish them to us for a minimal fee of 1 CP per!

Back in MY day, we used baby Goblins as fashion accessories and, occasionally, extra protection strapped on front of a tower shield. Sure, it was only 1d4 temporary HP, but it was worth it!

All these new-fangled 'morals' and 'alignments' getting in the way of the honest Murderhobo trade! This generation will be the death of adventuring, I tell you!

*In all seriousness though, IS there a right or wrong answer? I don't believe so, because each person on this thread has a different version of what alignment is, how much mercy is required to be good, what acts are completely evil, and what differentiates one born evil race from another born evil race. Given that nearly every text contradicts another text and those texts are contradicted by a developer and a developer is contradicted by later published books, then how can people claim to know what is the real answer? Personal opinion or morality? Those only have value to the individual person. While I am not a fan of subjective morality, due to it's major downsides, there are no true answers to be found, so let's all leave it at that. Otherwise it is just another form of rules-lawyering, which is something that is one of the most undesirable things that result from RPGs.*