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Full Name

Corbin Shu-Hartomes Quickfeathers




Unchained Rogue




You sayin' I'm fat or somethin?!


Moved outta da nest

Special Abilities



Chaotic Neutral


Whichever ones are the most convenient at the time a god/goddess needs to be invoked! Caw!


You lookin' for me or somethin?


What the flock?!


Who wants to know!?

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That's it! *draws blades*

Strength 7
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 12

About Corbin Quickfeathers

Scarab Sages faction

Corbin Quickfeathers was born as Corbin Shu-Hartomes by his parents, Ancient Osiriani for "He who on swift wings brings down the fight upon evil," in the hopes that their son would raise himself up out of the slums of Sothis where he was born and raised, and become a champion against things that were wrong in the world.

The ship sailed on that hope pretty quickly, and he doesn't use that name except when he's *really* serious about something - serious enough to put his own version of an Ancient-Osiriani-style curse on someone.

Even though he tried to support his family, and his native Osirion, he always tended to stray on the darker-gray side of the law as a youth living in the slums, but found himself a fair hand at "plying the trades", until a chance encounter led him to seek out the life of a Pathfinder, lying about his age in order to start training to be an agent.

Corbin stands 4'6 and lithe of frame, average for a Tengu. His eyes are an odd shade of dark blue that matches the blue highlights of his dark plumage at the tips near his head. Only 18 years old, he's still quite cocky, but not headstrong enough to do something *too* stupid...he hopes, at least. He's currently trying to shake some of his behavioral tells that Master of Swords Marcus Farabellus identified during his training, such as cocking his heads when in deep thought, a slightly arrogant-yet-sleazy tone of "voice", and a general proclivity for spending time in the shade rather than in the light whenever possible.

Due to the downtrodden nature of his youth at the hands (and feet) of the rulers of Sothis and Osirion, he's not too fond of humans, but he puts up with them when he has to, plying his trade as a Pathfinder, and as a practitioner of the ways of enlightened entrepreneurship.

What are those ways, you ask? That'll cost you 2 gold pieces.

Trap spotter checklist:
● The square(s) immediately adjacent to a door.
● The door itself.
● The square(s) on the immediate other side of a door.
● Rugs in dungeons, especially when they’re decorated with symbols.
● Treasure chests and squares immediately surrounding treasure chests.
● Desk drawers, cupboards, and similar such containers.
● Sarcophagi and other containers associated with the dead.
● Statues.
● Choke points.
● Any time something valuable is prominently displayed.