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Full Name



Per-Day Abilities:
Guiding Star 1/1 | 1st level spells 0/7 | 2nd level spells 2/4 | Mythic Power 4/5


Current Effects:
Endure Elements


Male Catfolk Oracle 4 | HP 42/42 | AC:17 T:13 Fl:14 | CMB: +4 CMD: 17 | F +2 R +4 W +2 | Init -1 | Perc: +7






Chaotic Good


Desna, the stars


Common, Catfolk, Sylvan, Elven, Osirian, Lip Reading, Sign Language

Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 6
Charisma 17

About Cithembi

Chaotic Good Humanoid (Catfolk) Male Oracle 4

Reflex 4 = 1 base + 3 Dex
Fortitude 2 = 1 base + 1 Con
Will 2 = 4 base - 2 Wis (+2 vs. Fear)

Claws: +6 to-hit | 1d4 +1 damage
Light Crossbow: +6 to-hit | 1d8 damage 19-20/x2 Crit (range 80')
Shortspear: +7 to-hit | 1d6 +1 damage (range 20')
Javelin: +6 to-hit (ranged) | 1d6 +1 damage (range 30')

CMB 4 = 3 BAB + 1 Str
Initiative -1 = 3 Dex - 4 for being deaf

AC: 17 = 10 + 3 Dex + 3 armor + 1 Shield
HP: 42/42 (FCB in HP)
CMD: 17 = 10 + 3 Dex + 1 Str + 3 BAB

Acrobatics 7 = 4 ranks + 3 Dex
Climb 9 = 1 Str + 8 for having a climb speed
Diplomacy 10 = 4 ranks + 3 Cha + 3 class skill
Perception 7 = 4 ranks - 2 Wis + 2 racial + 3 class skill
Stealth 9 = 4 ranks + 3 Dex + 2 racial
Survival 7 = 4 ranks - 2 Wis + 2 racial + 3 class skill

Background Skills:
Knowledge (Geography) 9 = 4 ranks + 1 Int + 1 trait + 3 class skill
Linguistics 5 = 4 ranks + 1 Int

-4 to opposed Perception checks, and incapable of making Perception checks based on hearing.

Feats and Traits
Light & Medium Armor Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Shield Proficiency
Catfolk Exemplar (claws)
Extra Revelation (Lure of the Heavens)
Weapon Finesse

Restless Wayfarer
Courageous (More like he doesn't realize he should be afraid)

Racial Traits:
Low-light Vision
Cat's Luck: Once per day, can choose to roll twice on a Reflex save.
Natural Hunter: +2 Perception, Stealth, & Survival
Climber: 20' climb speed
30' move speed, 20' climb speed

1st-tier Hierophant
Hard to Kill
Mythic Power 5/5
Mythic Surge 1d6
Inspired Spell
Faith's Reach

0th level(5): Light, Spark, Create Water, Purify Food & Drink, Mending, Stabalize
1st level(7/day): Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, Sun Metal, Color Spray, Endure Elements
2nd level(4/day): Cure Moderate Wounds, Hypnotic Pattern, Silence
(Note: Spells always silent)

Combat Gear
Light Crossbow
10 bolts
Masterwork Shortspear
Masterwork Studded Leather Armor
Masterwork Buckler
Belt Pouch
Holy Symbol of Desna
Cold-Weather Outfit
2 Alchemist's Fire

Backpack Contents
10x Candle
10x Chalk
2x Ink
3x Journals (2 already filled with notes)
Mess Kit
50' Rope
5 Days Trail Rations
2 flasks Alchemist's Fire
2 Javelins
48 bolts
Scroll of Magic Weapon
Scroll of Cure Moderate
Scroll of Delay Poison
Scroll of Remove Disease
2 Scrolls of Remove Sickness

660 gp 9 sp

Weight Carried: 43 w/o pack, 78 with backpack
Light Load: 43 Medium: 86 Heavy: 130

Class Features:
Heavens Mystery
Deafness Oracle's Curse
Guiding Star
Lure of the Heavens
Moonlight Bridge

Stat explanation:
Str 12 = 12 base
Dex 16 = 14 base + 2 racial
Con 12 = 12 base
Int 13 = 13 base
Wis 6 = 8 base - 2 racial
Cha 16 = 14 base + 2 racial
Point Buy Total: 2 + 5 + 2 + 3 - 2 + 5 = 15

Cithembi is a lean, agile catfolk, about 5' 5" tall, with fur that resembles that of a leopard. His eyes are green, and the tip of his left ear is missing. He generally dresses in loose-fitting clothes that breathe well, save for his armor. In these cold places, however, he wears warm, heavy clothing over his normal outfit. His clothing and armor are well-worn, patched, and travel-stained.

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Ten-Minute Background
-Step 1: 1) Cithembi takes a catfolk's native curiosity to an extreme, always wanting to investigate any new thing he encounters.
2) The four things he loves most are stargazing, reading about new places, meeting new people, and going to new places.
3) He lost his hearing and gained his Oracle powers a few years ago during an accident while exploring some old ruins
4) Cithembi is outgoing, friendly, and trusting to a fault
5) He's a very catlike catfolk in appearance, resembling a jaguar or leopard most.
-Step 2: Cithembi's number one goal is to always be going someplace he's never been before. He wants to be constantly on the move, and is never content staying somewhere once he feels like he's explored it.

I'd like to have a lot of opportunities to interact with the NPC's and cultures of this AP. The time I played it before I felt like the massive differences in culture with each module were downplayed far too much. I'd also like to play around more with the mysterious nature of Oracles--they're not just a different kind of cleric, they're chosen by strange powers for unclear purposes. And they can ramble about the stars leading them around and maybe actually be telling the truth. :D
-Step 3: Cithembi didn't quite get the concept of personal property at first when he left his clan. They'd always shared with each other pretty freely, so he thought it was the same everywhere. This resulted in him leaving Osirion with some guards hot on his tail. He's rather embarrassed about the whole thing (and hence doesn't want to admit to it), and he (mostly) understands that you ask before borrowing things now, but he still doesn't quite get the fact that he could be thrown in jail or worse for what he's done.

For the secret he doesn't know, his Oracular powers did not originally come from Desna, but rather from the dark powers dwelling between stars. Desna was able to wrest control away from them even before he awakened fully, but the connection still remains, and who knows what these dark beings intend?
-Step 4: I'm skipping this since it's optional. I'll just comment that, while he's open and friendly, Cithembi tends to move around too much to form many lasting attachments with anyone more sedentary than he.
-Step 5: 1) Cithembi calls everyone 'friend' unless they're actively trying to kill him.
2) He makes catlike noises at times when humans would say "Umm..."
3) He often uses metaphors based on living and hunting in the jungle
4) Because he's deaf, Cithembi has a tendency to talk louder than needed without knowing it. If this is brought to his attention, he overcompensates and whispers nearly inaudibly.

Prose Background
If catfolk have nine lives, Cithembi used half of them just surviving to adulthood. Born with a curiosity unique even amongst his kind for its insatiable nature, the young catfolk was constantly getting himself into trouble simply because he wanted to find out what was beyond the swiftly-flowing river, or in the dangerous deep jungle, or to investigate some old ruins. Even in the safest of places such endless inquisitiveness would have been a handful, and in the home territory of his clan in the Mwangi Expanse it was downright dangerous.

Somehow, through the constant vigilance of his clan and more luck than any catfolk had any right to expect, he managed to escape mostly unscathed from his various misadventures. But that changed not long after his twelfth birthday, when he decided he wanted to go watch the stars from the top of some ruins a little ways from where his clan was camped.

Hands used to climbing trees made their way easily up rough stone, but Cithembi soon found that the ruins were far from stable. Just as he was getting in position for some star-gazing, the roof collapsed underneath him, sending him tumbling to the ground in the midst of a hail of rubble. He struck his head along the way, and lost consciousness before he even reached the ground.

The first thing he saw when he awoke were the stars. Unusually for the Mwangi Expanse, it was a clear night, and he could see the sky filled with stars above him. He gasped in wonder, feeling an odd yearning in his heart to just... float up among the stars... Then he gasped with pain as the rest of his senses returned.

Miraculously, he'd managed to live through the ordeal with nothing more than a bump on his head and a cut that sliced off the top of his left ear. Or so he thought, for as he slowly made his way out of the rubble and back towards his clan, Cithembi came to realize that he could hear... nothing. He had gone deaf.

In the days that followed, he found that was not the only change, for he discovered he had strange powers that he could call upon to heal others or fortify himself. The more he discovered, the more convinced he became that the Desna, who his clan called the Star-Lady, had blessed him.

Over the next years he learned to use his new powers and to cope with his new deafness. But his curiosity could not be sated, and soon enough he left his clan to travel the wide world, trusting in Desna's care to guide his paws.

If he had used many of his nine lives to survive childhood, he must have used all but the last to survive his wanderings. Eventually his meandering path brought him to Osirion, where, after an... educational brush with the authorities, he purchased passage to Avistan. He did not know, as he began to wander the roads of Taldor, that his journeying would soon bring him to the small town of Heldren, where his fate would be forever changed...

Cithembi is irrepressibly optimistic and insatiably curious. He loves meeting new people and talking with them about their cultures and lives, as well as traveling and stargazing. He never stays in one place for long, however, always anxious to get back on the road and see somewhere new.

He's very friendly, though the combination of his deafness and his poor attention span means he sometimes has trouble watching people's lips well enough to read them. Cithembi is also very impulsive, which often gets him into trouble.