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Full Name

Brother Shartol


Human (mutt)

AC14 T14 F13 CMD17 | F+2 R+3 W+5 | Init+1 | Per+7 | 30'


Monk (Maneuver Master) 1







Lawful Neutral




Falcon's Hollow


Common (Taldane), Celestial



Strength 16
Dexterity 13
Constitution 11
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 16
Charisma 8

About Brother Shartol

"Brother Shartol? There is no easy way to say this, but, there was an accident. A wagon wheel broke, and the load fell onto Grotian, crushing him." The senior monk continued talking, but Shartol wasn't really listening anymore.
Grotian had traveled to the monastery to visit with his son, and to remember Farria, Shartol's mother and his wife, on the 5th anniversary of her death.

As he had been for the past few days, Shartol found himself remembering details of his past. The normal things, like getting in trouble and being disciplined by his parents or arguing with them because they wouldn't let him do what he wanted, or time spent playing together, singing together, holding each other, and simply celebrating being. Shartol also remembered, again, the fight he had with Grotian which ended with him leaving Falcon's Hollow behind, going to seek out his own future, his own path. Every boy thinks he knows everything by 13, and Shartol had been no exception.

The Monks of the Extended Hand monastery had found him, starving and weak from exposure, near the roadway. They brought the young teenager in and started healing him, and started teaching him as a way to heal more than just his body. Shartol had been actively studying at the monastery for 3 years before he finally wrote his parents and let them know that he was alive and doing well. The eventual return post informed him of Farria's death two years earlier.

This visit had been the first reunion of father and son since the boy ran away from home. The timing and justification for the reunion kept things subdued, but the two spent time together, some of which was crying in each other's arms.

There were traces of tears in Shartol's eyes, and his voice cracked. "He should be cremated, so that I can carry him home and bury him with my mother. I'll have to get help finding her grave from someone there." As he made that realization, the young man lost the fight, and the tears began streaming down his face.

Two weeks later, he was in Falcon's Hollow, standing over his parents' shared grave, Wondering what Irori could possibly have in mind for him next.

Init +1
BAB+0 Melee+3 Ranged+1 CMB+3 (or 4 for Flurried Maneuvers)
Unarmed +3 for 1d6+3 @ x2
Kama +3 for 1d6+3 @ x2
Sling +1 for 1d4+3 @ x2

+2 CMB to Trips using Kama (provoke)
+2 CMB/CMD on Dirty Tricks
Can Perform Standard Action Maneuvers as an attack action during Flurry of Maneuvers
Flurry of Maneuvers attacks: +2 Flurried Maneuver and either +3 attack or +1 attack speed maneuver {Disarm, Sunder, or Trip}
Fleet Charge (Ex): As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to move up to your speed. At any point during this movement, you can make a single melee or ranged attack at your highest attack bonus, adding your tier to the attack roll. This is in addition to any other attacks you make this round. Damage from this attack bypasses all damage reduction.

2 AOOs per Round

AC14 T14 F13 CMD 17

-1 Attack/CMB for a round to gain +1 Dodge to AC
Sudden Block (Su): As an immediate action, you can expend one use of mythic power to hinder a melee attack made against you or an adjacent ally. Add your tier to your AC or the ally's AC against this attack. The creature making the attack must make two attack rolls and take the lower result. Once the attack is resolved, you or your ally (your choice) can make one melee attack against the creature. The damage from this attack bypasses all damage reduction.

HP 14 (+1 Favored Class +5 Mythic)

Dies at -23.

Fort +2
Ref +3 (+1 Dex)
Will +5 (+3 Wis)

+2 vs emotion spells & effects
Immune to inhaled Poisons or spell effects that require breathing.

No need to eat, drink or breathe.

Mythic Power: 5 uses per day

Surge: +1d6

Lawful Neutral

4+1 Int+1 Skilled
Total Name Attribute+Ranks+Class+Other
+7 Acrobatics +3+1+3
+1 Appraise +1+0+0
-1 Bluff -1+0+0
+7 Climb +3+1+3
+1 Craft +1+0+0
-1 Diplomacy -1+0+0
-1 Disguise -1+0+0
+1 Escape Artist +1
+1 Fly +1+0+0
+3 Heal +3+0+0
-1 Intimidate -1
+5 Knowledge (Religion) +1+1+3
+7 Perception +3+1+3
-1 Perform -1+0+0
+1 Ride +1+0+0
+7 Sense Motive +3+1+3
+1 Stealth +1+0+0
+3 Survival +3+0+0
+7 Swim +3+1+3

Feats & Traits:
Combat Expertise (Human)
Combat Reflexes (Level 1)
Improved Dirty Trick (Maneuver Master 1)
Dual Path (Mythic 1)

Grief-Filled (Social) +2 vs emotion spells & effects
Wisdom in the Flesh (Irori) Acrobatics is a Wisdom-based class skill

Kama (x2) 4# 1d6/x2/S/monk, trip
Sling -# 1d4/x2/50'/B
Bullets (20) 10#
Monk's Outfit 2# (sandals, loose breeches, loose shirt, bound together with sashes)
Monk's Kit 26# (backpack, belt pouch, blanket, rope, soap, torches (10), trail rations (9 days), waterskin)

12.2 GP spent, 117.8 change.
42# carried. 50# light, 100# medium, 150# heavy

Human (Mutt):
+2 Wisdom
Normal Speed
Bonus Feat
Languages: Common, Celestial

Monk (Maneuver Master):
Flurry of Maneuvers
Armor Bonus
Unarmed Strike
Bonus Feat
Stunning Fist
Proficient with club, crossbow (heavy or light), dagger, handaxe, javelin, kama, nunchaku, quarterstaff, sai, shortsepar, short sword, shurikan, siangham, sling, spear

Mythic 1:
Bonus HP: 5
Hard to Kill
Mythic Power: 5
Surge: 1d6
Champion's Strike: Fleet Charge
Guardian's Call: Sudden Block
Path Ability: Mythic Sustenance
Mythic Feat: Dual Path (Champion)

10 S 16 16 +3
3 D 13 13 +1
1 C 11 11 +0
3 I 13 13 +1
5 W 14 16 +3
-2 H 8 8 -1