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Full Name

Brother Darin Sicklegrin


Human (Chelaxian)


Mesmerist 6




6' 2"



Special Abilities

Hypnotic Stare, Painful Stare, Connsumate Liar, Mesmerist Tricks 6/day (Delay Misery, False Flanker, Mesmeric Mirror, Vanish Arrow), Towering Ego, Bold Stare (Disorientation), Touch Treatment (Moderate, 6/day), Manifold Tricks (2), Mental Potency




Creus, the Shattered Smile






Demagogue, evangelist

Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 8
Charisma 16

About Brother Darin Sicklegrin

Init +2, Perception +8
Favored Class Bonus: +6 HP
AC 21, touch 15, flat-footed 19 (+6 Armor, +2 Dex, +2 Deflection, +1 Dodge)
HP 57/57 (6d8+24)
Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +8
Speed: 30 ft
Melee: Mwk Sickle +8 (1d6+3)
Ranged: Mwk Hand Crossbow +7 (1d4 19-20)
Spells (CL 6th, Concentration +11 (+15 casting defensively)
2nd (4/day)- Alter Self, Blur, Daze Monster (DC 15), Invisibility
1st (5/day)- Charm Person (DC 14), Color Spray (DC 14), Grease (DC 14), Sleep (DC 14)
0 (at will)- Daze (DC 13), Detect Magic, Lullaby (DC 13), Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
BAB +4, CMB +7, CMD 19
Feats: Armor Proficiency (Medium), Combat Casting, Dodge, Power Attack, Toughness
Skills: Bluff +15, Diplomacy +12, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Knowledge (Religion) +9, Perception +8, Spellcraft +9, Stealth +15, UMD +12
Gear: Masterwork Sickle, Hand Crossbow, 20 bolts, 20 Cold Iron bolts, Mithral Breastplate, Spell Component Pouch, Ring of Protection +2, Cloak of Elvenkind, Universal Solvent, Elixir of Tumbling, Elixir of Vision, 18 GP
Traits: Disdainful Defender, Focused Mind

Darin is a tall, lanky man of Chelish descent with black, unruly hair, dark eyes and a constant, massive grin that looks at least a little painful. He always wears colorful, almost gaudy clothes of red and purple that blur the line between traveler's cloak and entertainer's garb. Although quite handsome, his unsettling smile sometimes drives people away from him.

Darin is a self-proclaimed freedom fighter from Cheliax who belongs to an obscure cult that worships a god of freedom, instincts, and travelers. At least, that's what Darin says; in reality, no one has ever heard of his organization, and his god, the so-called "Shattered Smile" Creus, is quite possibly a fabrication of his own mind.
An odd man, Darin claims to hail from a minor noble family from an unnamed city in northern Cheliax. According to him, when he was 8 he met an old man in an alley, who whispered the word of the Shattered Smile into his ear, then vanished. Upon returning home, he had a dream of a horribly thin man in tattered robes smiling at him, who told him exactly how to find the lair of the cult, then threatened him to never speak of it to anyone in his family. According to Darin, he fled his home in the night, and was indoctrinated into the cult within hours.
There is some precedent to this story, as several noble children had been reported missing in the time period and general area that this tale takes place in; however, there is no record of the "Brothers of the Shattered Smile" ever existing, and the description of Darin's alleged origin story doesn't correspond to any specific city. But, whether or not the Shattered Smile's cult exists, Darin is a devout believer in his "god", and seeks to spread the word of his faith to any who would listen, as well as any who would rather not.