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Ok so the party are in the Sphinx, they have drifted to the right so have met the Bodaks, Zombie Lord and Vrocks etc. They have not rested so are mostly out of spells, but have enough to keep going (apart from the Mage who is moaning like a b@*#*) , and have just arrived at the wall of electricity.

They convinced the monk to 'run through and have a quick look' as he is best equipped to avoid any damage, which he did quite easily.
Upon entering he examined and tried to remember the layout of the room, and then noticed the Marid lying down on the far side of the room. she said hello in a weak voice and being a goodly and inquisitive monk instead of heading back he stayed and said hello back.

A few rounds of conversation later the monk agrees to help the captive Marid escape the cultists of Areshkagal and in return she grants him a wish. He wished the party had all their spells back.
The Marid changes form and shows her(his) true self and replies 'Granted' with a large grin.
The monk turns around and dives back through the electricity to the party, exclaiming 'Oh oh'.

Session finished, so I have until next week to sufficiently and amusingly pervert his wish. Any suggestions ?

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FLite wrote:

I built Chisisek's tomb in Sketchup, so I could figure out the dimenisons and have a visual reference. I had to do some adapting, since the bridges as described go from 20 feet to 40 feet, then jump up to a 100 foot platform, then go from 120 feet to 160 feet, then jump up again to a platform "nearly 200 feet high"

Picture with the part of the canyon wall behind the crawl cut away.

This was my setup for the Tomb, I had the heights of the paths drawn on although you cant see it.

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LittleMissNaga wrote:

PCs found the sphinx a full level too early after a beeline towards it.

Currently they're back in Wati after the wizard died and needed to be raised. Any thoughts on stalling them a bit? I'd prefer for them to gain another level before going inside there (particularly because the wizard is nearly finished with her lichification, and it'll be awkward if she levels up and gets a template halfway theough the dungeon).

If they have already found it and had to travel back to Wati (Why not Ipeq, its nearer?), they just throw more encounters at them, more assassins trying to kill them, more cultists attacking them, and if the encountered the Girtablilus at the Sphinx then the FP could send them after them as well. Either in Wati or whilst they are travelling back to the Sphinx.