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This idea's been rattling around in my head for a while, so I thought I'd jot it down and post it up here to see what people thought.

The Fighter [Unchained]

There has been some buzz on the forums recently (although it's a very old discussion) about martials, nice things, etc. I'm not super-interested in having that discussion here, but this isn't all about that. This was about one of my main problems with the fighter compared to some of his friends, like the Barbarian, Slayer, and the Ranger:

He's just kind of boring. Class features and skills seem quite sparse on the poor guy, and with how feats work, they often seem insufficient to fill the gap, leaving a character that's mostly just static bonuses without much prospect of having something that really stands out in the crowd of badasses with swords at higher levels.

This isn't an attempt to bring balance to the game or reflect a broader paradigm shift for nonmagical characters. I'm just trying to make a fighter with a little more...pizzaz, if you will. Feats McHitting Things is still there if you spam the Additional Training Fighter Talent, but with a little more skill, Bravery reworked into a class feature that comes up more often and gives some out-of-combat options, and so on.

Ultimately, the goal isn't an unstoppable warrior, but I thought that this fighter takes some of the "build your own warrior" concepts the original was based on and expands it a little. Do you think of your fighter as an ordinary guy who just trains really hard? This fighter can be built for that. A tough but dashing leader of men? He can be built for that, too. A rough-edged scoundrel that sharpens his sword with his wits? He's in there. Badass juggernaut that can crash through a dungeon or plow through an unfriendly spell? This guy's no barbarian, but he's got some tricks of his own, particularly if you like combat maneuvers or build for anti-magic tactics. I tried to strike a balance between the fighter being nonmagical and this being a high-fantasy game he's supposed to keep up in.

Certain considerations should probably be taken into account: I designed this class with the thinking that it is not allowed to take existing fighter archetypes, and there would be no Extra Fighter Talent feat; unlike the Barbarian, who can trade feats for more abilities, the Unchained Fighter can instead trade abilities for more feats.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Any talents I worded or priced poorly?