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Hello all,

I have decided to post the campaign journal of our merry band of heroes for which I am the GM. Since we do not get to play that often I use a Wiki to keep all records and the journal for my players so that important events are not forgotten between sessions.

A little background information: since I love the Ravenloft setting, I decided to place Ustalav and Carrion Crown there. I heavily modified the whole setting, trimming it down, cutting most of the redundant or downright silly domains, advancing the technological and social cultural level in parts of the Core to a steampunk'ed Victorian Age.

I started with four players:

Catalin Nueva, a Tiefling Inquisitor of the Raven Queen (think Pharasma) and huntress of demons.

Elias von Kronemann, a Human Alchemist from Lamordia. Cold and calculating, he considers most people to be intellectual inferior to him and treats them accordingly.

Konstantin, called Kostja, a Caliban Fighter. Warped by fell magics before his birth, Kostja hides his deformity with complex disguises.

Lucretia Vantrova, an Aasimar Oracle of Life, diplomatic, sincere and sensible.

Later on, four more players joined the campaign:

Anna-Katerina, a Shifter Ranger with the blood of werecreatures in her veins.

Federico Cristadero, a Human Clockworker (think Summoner with Constructs) who is a genius when it comes to mechanism and clockwork.

Gisela, a Human Rogue, who is related to Professor Lorrimor.

Lazar, a Human Cavalier, cousin to Gisela and a veteran of several battles.

Unknown to them, each carries upon them a relic of old, an item of spiritual significance that was used in the ceaseless struggles against the Whispering Tyrant. These relics bind the heroes to events long past and to those yet to come.

Since we never play at full strength, the large group poses less of a problem than I feared. Most of the players do not care for rules that much, and I reduced the dungeon feel of HoH for that reason, focussing more on the investigation parts. I introduced links to the Whispering Way and even collaborators in Ravengro to get the players invested in the overall story-arc as soon as possible.

The journal is written for my players so some parts might be might be a little difficult to understand. A final warning: English is not my first language, so I apologize for any grievous errors on my part in advance.

Without further ado, the exploits of our heroes: