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Full Name

Bertrand Auton


Clan Malkavian


Blood Pool 12/15




Embraced 1192

About Bertrand Auton

Childe of Pascal Hulette
Embraced 1192 AD
8th Generation

Clan Malkavian

Nature: Melancholic (Libellus Sanguinis 4)
Demeanor: Jester

Derangement: Aspergers Syndrome (Mild high functioning autism. Problems with social interaction have restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests and activities. Common issues include lack of eye contact, facial expressions and social gestures, poor peer relationships, lack of spontaneous sharing with others, lack of social and emotional give and take, preoccupation with certain interests and subjects, inflexible routines or rituals and repetitive movements).
Derangement Compulsion (Flaw – See below)

[I picked Aspergers and Compulsion as they are low grade on the scale of Derangements. I do not want to play a complete lunatic Malkavian].

Physical - Tertiary
Strength 1
Dexterity 4
Stamina 1

Social – Secondary
Charisma 1
Manipulation 5
Appearance 2

Mental – Primary
Perception 5
Intelligence 2
Wits 3

Talents – Primary
Alertness 2
Babel 2 (Malkavian Language & Scrawl - Libellus Sanguinis 4)
Empathy 3
Intimidation 3
Subterfuge 3

Skills – Tertiary
Etiquette 2
Performance 3

Knowledges – Secondary
Law 2 (Kindred Law)
Linguistics 2 (French – English - Latin)
Occult 2
Politics 3

Conscience 5
Self-Control 1
Courage 4

Road of Humanity 6
Willpower 4

Resources 2
Retainer 3 (A 1 point and 2 point Retainer).
Status 1 (Supported by Alexander of Paris)

Auspex 0
Dementation 5
Obfuscate 0
Dominate 1

Merits & Flaws
Glossolalia (3 Point Flaw speak in tongues when stressed - Libellus Sanguinis 4)
Beast in the Mirror (1 Point Flaw see own Beast in reflective surfaces – Players Guide to Low Clans)
Deranged (2 Point Flaw - Second Derangement Compulsion – In social situation will often talk through puppets if he becomes the center of attention – Dark Ages Main Book)
Lazy (1 Point Flaw – Player’s Guide to the Sabbat, Do not like to do anything that requires effort. Let others do all the hard work).
Enemy 2 (A separate enemy each at 1 point – Kindred forced out of Alexander’s Court by my mockery).
Prey Exclusion (1 Point Flaw - Bertrand refuses to feed on performers or artists of any sort as they remind him of himself and the horrible fate which befell him at the hands of his sire - Dark Ages book).

Eidetic Memory (2 Point Merit – Remember everything I hear and see – Dark Ages book)
Charmed Existence (5 Point Merit – Ignore single 1 on all die rolls – Dark Ages book)
Lucky (3 Point Merit – ReRoll up to 3 failed rolls per story. Dark Ages book)

XP = 4 (Through 2/27/2014)

Freebies – 15
14 - 5th dot of Dementation.
1st dot of Dominate.
Retainer 1


Bertrand is well he is ordinary. He is 5'8" tall and weighs between 160 and 170 pounds. His hair is a faded brown and his skin is rather pale in complexion. The only thing that really stands out about him are his eyes. They are a blue green hazel mix though not a striking shade of any of the colors.

He is dressed in clothing that clearly is too finely crafted to be left in his care as it is it unkempt and a bit smelly. His hair is generally matted unless his retainers clean him up and brush him as he cannot be bothered with his appearance.

The puppets Benny and Jeny are kept well groomed. Not a thing is wrong with their hair or garments, they look perfect and are kept very clean.


My father was a Court Jester of Prince Phillip the II, the first Court Jester of the King in fact. Before him, there were no fools who entertained Kings. Only no one remembers, I mean who remembers a fool once he has left the floor of the Court? I don’t even remember his name anymore, which is a shame….

Sorry, I lost my train of thought, its cause you’re staring at me. I know I am talking to you but you’re making me feel nervous. I’ll come back when you stop staring….

Are you still there? OK, I am back, you are staring again, wait what? Oh you’re just my reflection? Still, you are making me nervous, I can’t talk when people are just staring at me. OK hold on. (Slips a puppet over his right and left hand).

Ah, that is better. This is Beny and Jenny, they can talk to you and tell you my story, assuming you are still listening. I do want to entertain you, usually I am fine one on one, really I am but that face staring at me, with the fangs and the glowing eyes, sorry you just… OK I will let Beny and Jenny talk.

So my father was a fool. And not just at Court he was a fool in his personal life too. My mother left him and my sister left him as soon as he could. He blamed me cause I was so difficult but I think its cause mama left so early.

So when he had the chance father sold me to a friend of his who made dolls for the Court. I was good with my hands so he sold me to help make dolls. Whenever the children of privilege would come, I would entertain them with my puppetry. It is when I feel best, when I am entertaining.

So my new dad, who was not such a fool, decided to put me to work entertaining people with my puppets. For a while there I was famous even though no one knew who I was. I liked it that way. I was forgotten though, at least I think I was. By the time I was 20 I was asked to leave by my new father too. He finally got sick of me I guess. He did not even let me keep my puppets. I wandered the streets of the city he left me in, it was Paris.

I did the only think I knew how to do, I entertained people. I sang and made funny voices, I think people were amused because I faced away from them, cause like I said I don’t like people staring at me. Yeah I know I am telling story as Beny and Jenny but I refer to myself as I so you won’t get confused and think it’s their story ok?

So after a few years I met a new dad, He was Pascal, he liked my show and promised to give me puppets so I could have a new act, he gave me stuff to make Beny and Jennyl He wanted me to perform for a Prince, I told him my dad performed for a King and he said that was good cause what your family can do you should be able to do.

He gave me a place to live too! I needed practice though to perform for the King so for a couple of years I kept practicing on the street. Then one day Pascal told me I was ready. But I don’t know what he meant cause then he tore my throat out and bit his own wrist and forced me to drink his blood!

I know it was terrifying! I felt strange but I didn’t die. Pascal told me that he made it so I would not die. He said like Jesus I was born again. I think he was just making it up cause he wasn’t a priest. In fact it turns out my new daddy was a fool too.

He brought me to the Price to perform and the Prince thought I was great. He did not think Pascal was so great though, cause he took him away in chain. That Prince his name was Alexander. He said I could stay cause he thought I was so entertaining. I think he thought that cause he was a child, at least he looked like a kid, no more than 15 I think. He said I would replace Pascal as his fool, he told me not to make another one of me.

I agreed I wouldn’t. He was nice to me, called himself my Patron. I think that meant he fed me and housed me. His person, Seneschal I think, told me I was a Vampire! I know I was surprised too, I thought they were just stories like the stories I made up!

So Alexander liked especially when I made up stories about people he did not like that made fun of them and stuff. I thought it was mean but he was my Patron so I did it. Sometimes after my stories I would not see those people again, I think I made them feel bad cause they lost face or something like that. Sometimes those other Vampires would find me and threaten me and that scared me so much I would start to babble! Then they would start to babble! Afterwards it was said they were crazy, no wonder they were so mad and started to babble at me, and they said I was crazy!

I started paying more attention to other people and Vampires and stuff cause no one really paid attention when I was there and when I talked to them they would do weird stuff after so they stopped talking to me if they could help it. I started understanding people er… Vampires and how they interacted better when they did not talk to me, and my stories got even funnier!

Then one night though my Patron told me that I should visit his old friend across the sea. I don’t know why, he said he thought he would find me funny too. He also said that some people wanted to hurt me cause of my act and he could not expend the “political energy to protect a fool”. He sent me to someone named Mithras in London, as a gift. He let my handler Philippe come along with me to carry stuff and set up my little stage, I mean I am not gonna do it! He did tell me to watch out though as some of my enemies might follow me, I laughed, who would really want to hurt a puppet master?

Well I did that and this Mithras was not too amused! “I do not know what Alexander’s game is but I will not play it”. He did not even let me perform once! He sent me to where he said he sent all “madmen” to Seren of Gloucester, a member of my clan. He even said I could find another Kine to tag along to help me with my stuff. That is good cause I need people to travel with, I hear traveling is dangerous overland. i found a girl named Jenny to come along. Don't get jealous Jeny, it's ok, she likes you. What's that? I can't replace you with her.

I thought that was good anyway. Now someone like me could appreciate my talents. I arrived in Seren’s lands and presented myself like I was taught. She even let me perform the first night. But she said she had never seen anything worse!

I felt really sad and could not say anything back. I loafed around for a while cause I had nowhere to perform, ok sometimes I would set up in a small town and perform but the people did not know what to make of it so usually I got little response.

Soon enough though I saw what people meant when they said Malkavians were crazy. That Seren would spy on me! Sometimes she sent people, near her domain she would come herself. A lot of times I would ignore them but sometimes I would point at them and shout – hey just leave me alone! I guess I sounded crazy cause other people would say no one was there. When I shouted at them they would look pretty shocked, but I mean they are standing out in the middle of space not even hiding or anything, of course I saw them!

After some months of this I was sick of it so I decided to move on, to a new domain. Actually come to think of it, no one told me I read it on a wall somewhere so I went there…. York is the domain, the Vampire that is the Prince is a John. I like the name John, looking forward to meeting him, tonight…. Stop looking at me like that, it will go just fine!