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I hate to do it, but saving up for a holiday at the moment and saving money where I can. If you can cancel my Adventure Path subscription I'd be much obliged.

Sad to stop my monthly shipment of Paizo goodness, but I'm sure I'll be back on board before too long anyway. :D

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It's Christmas, so in the spirit of the season time for another round of PDF giveaways. Haven't managed to actually read as many of these as I usually try to, but everything on the list is something that I think looks cool at least!

First in first served for each item on the list and limit of one choice per person. There's only one of each to give away, apart from the New Year's bonus round. I'll try to get everything out once everything from the list has been selected. Happy holidays everyone!

1) I've returned to GMing this year for the first time in years (well, started at the end of last year) and really been enjoying it. So hopefully somebody else will have as much fun running the Emerald Spire as I did!

2) They're not turtle doves, but two for the price of one with the selection getting a Black Knight and seasonal Gingerbread Kaiju from Rogue Genius Games!

3) Check into AA for the holidays with Advanced Androids and watch out for the Yuletide Beasts from Jon Brazer Enterprises.

4) Take an intrepid expedition into the Northwest to the Island of Life!

5) Not golden rings, but I've been hearing great things about Spheres of Power so hopefully this will be just as good.

6) Get introduced to the Legendary Planet with the Assimilation Strain.

7) I'm always a fan of Faerie Creatures and neat looking new publishers so hopefully you are too with this from the aptly named Menagerie Press.

8) From small to big check out the Kaiju Codex from Rite Publishing!

9) Visit Raging Swan's village of lizardfolk at Ossoko Draconsha and try to make your way through the Road of the Dead.

10) So many Amazing Races that I couldn't decide which to give away! Pick any 4 of these from Abandoned Arts.

11) Delve into the Akashic Mysteries with the Daevic!

12) Journey to the Western shores of Midgard and set out to make your fortune.

12a) Benefit from my inability to count to 12 and enter the Stoneheart Valley from Frog God Games!

New Year's Bonus: It isn't every day that you turn 100, so I'll finish up by giving out 2 copies of A Song of Silver, the 100th of these amazing adventure paths that introduced me to Paizo in the first place!

I noticed that there are some neat new options when gift giving (such as multiple recipients per product), but unfortunately I can't seem to make the gift giving work if gifting more than one item at once. I started out with 15 items in my cart and added each of the recipients, but all of the recipient information vanishes when I try to go to payment.

I mucked about a bit, but found I could only complete giving a gift if I had just one item in the cart. Anything else just removed all the gift recipient information that I had added. I'm using Google Chrome on the Mac, would be great to know if you have any suggestions!

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Time sure flies, but we're due for another 12 Days of Christmas PDF giveaway! The 12 days of Christmas items are each first come first served and limit one per person. Just post here if you want anything that hasn't been claimed yet and I'll get it out to you once everything is taken.

Since the 'Bonus Round' isn't available yet just post if you want it. Then when I send the other gifts out I'll randomly pick which two people get the pdfs. :)

1) It's not a partridge, but The Raven's Call from Kobold Press does contain a bird to kick us off at least!

2) What? Somebody stole the town Christmas tree? And all the presents? And there are size 1200 footprints all around? Bring me that Giant Hunter's Handbook and we'll sort things out!

3) You won't find a Christmas Tree, but how about researching the Beasts of the Boundless Blue?

4) And as long as we're anywhere near the water, brush up on your nautical warfare with Fire as She Bears!

5) You think the Drow stole our Christmas tree? Well, check out the Rise of the Drow Prologue if you really insist...

6) Sooooo... does the Player's Guide to the Crossroads say anything about which direction we go now?

7) Ooooookay... I really don't think taking the path marked Obsidian Apocalypse is helping here!

8) Though I suppose this Shadowy Keep on the Borderlands could be a hideout.

9) I hate to say I told you so, but we didn't find what we were looking for there at all! Good thing we found that friendly Company of Dragons who helped get us back on track.

10) Maybe this could be a psionic dragon? Check the Psionic Bestiary, maybe they'll be able to help us find the goodies!

11) You're saying that it's guarded by some kind of Mythic Monsters? But I at least get to pick which monster is the guard?

12) That was lucky that the guardians turned out to be good! Look at the Bundles of Goodies we have here. Pick one of the bundles for yourself!

Bonus Round) We never did find out who took our tree and presents in the first place though... It'll take a while to get all the paperwork in order, but I want to send two of you into Belkzen to see what is going on!

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A couple of years ago I was the lucky recipient of Mikaze's first (I think?) run of Christmas generosity on these boards. It really made my day during a tough period that year so I paid back the favour when I could and then followed in Mikaze's coattails again last year.

It's becoming very unoriginal now, but doing the same again this year. There's one pdf of each of my 12-ish Days of Christmas gifts up for grabs. First in first served! Everything on the list is either something I got this year and think is great, or something I plan on getting shortly and think looks great. :)

1) The Dragons Demand from Paizo.
2) The Sinking Season One
3) Up to $4 of selections from Super/Rogue Genius games.
4) Hero Kids Fantasy Roleplaying game
5) Indigo Ice from Cerulean Seas
6) In the Company of Fey
7) Advanced Races - Kobolds
8) Path of War - Ongoing
9) The Azure Abyss from Cerulean Seas
10) Towns of the Inner Sea
11) Up to $4 of anything from Raging Swan
12) The Kobold Guide to Game Design
12a) Any one product from Christina Stiles Presents

Super secret last thing - 13th Age Core Rulebook. (okay, secret might be pushing it since I said what it was in the same sentence...)

But anyway, one of each available. Limit of one per person. Merry Christmas!

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Hi all, since City of Heroes shut down last year there have been a number of fan-based projects working towards making a successor to the game. One of them City of Titans has made a Kickstarter project. As an old fan of City of Heroes it looks like a lot of fun to me so I'm hoping that it does well. But even beyond my interest in the game I like that the fans of CoH are making such progress towards getting back a game.

Check it out if you were a fan or just like superheroes!

I just wanted to draw the attention of anyone interested to the Legends: Fantasy Violin Kickstarter. I don't have any affiliation to the project beyond being a backer but I saw the project creator post on the Reaper forums and my uneducated ear really liked the sample music she had there.

I've been getting into mini painting quite a bit lately and think this will go down a treat for playing as I paint or as background music on game night.

Dang... Lisa has a lot to answer for after her blog introduced me to Kickstarter. I've already pledged for Reaper Bones and Low Life which have already completed.

I'm also backing Bombshell Babes (join in everyone, lots more cool minis to unlock still!) and Dreadball (a great looking miniatures game). I've spent a large chunk of my entertainment budget for the next few months, but really looking forward to all of these things.

It's a bit intimidating though. I'm far from being a prolific painter and that's going to be something like 400 miniatures all up. Given that I've painted a total of 12 miniatures over the last few years this could take a while... But I have gifts sorted for my gamer friends for ages and it's a fun kind of problem to have!

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I've mentioned a few times that I don't much like the idea of non-consensual PvP. But at the same time the proposed design of the game makes it seem like a server without PvP would make a number of the game elements very tough to deal with. I don't know how workable this will be, but wanted to pass on my own idea for mitigating my concerns and see what others think about it. Sorry if all the tags bother you, but it looked like a bit of a wall of text without them!

The general idea:

I'd like to see a non-PvP faction in the game, which could be the Pathfinder Society themselves. Much like in the organised play members of the Society can have ties to another faction, but their loyalty above all is to the Society itself. Due to their unique position all factions have cordial (at least on the surface) relations with the Society and very strict rules forbidding them from taking action against a Society representative.

In game terms this would mean that Society members could not be targeted for PvP. The flavour description can be left to someone more talented than myself, but the general idea would be that the divine powers themselves have decreed that the Society need to be allowed to go about their business. With the divine patrons of each faction having their own reasons for that decree of course...


The advantage for a member of the Society would be that they can't be engaged in non-consensual PvP (either altogether or only under very specific and clear circumstances). They also would be free to deal with and trade with any other factions in the game, able to sell any secrets or treasure they discover to the highest bidder.


On the other side the Society wouldn't be able to have access to the 'inner sanctum' of any of the other factions. While they can deal with them all they don't have the full benefits of being in any of them either. The same decrees that prevent the Pathfinder Society from becoming part of the factional warfare in the River Kingdoms also enforce them into a position of neutrality. Individual members can favour other factions through their trading and try to help that way, but they can't get involved in the wars directly.

What is this trying to achieve?:

The general idea here is that a member of the Pathfinder Society is free to explore the world without fear of non consensual PvP and can take part in at least the vast majority of any 'theme park' content within the game through missions and quests and the like. This should make it an attractive position for a casual player who wants to have some involvement but doesn't want to get involved in the PvP side of things. But it also locks off a lot of the more interesting content in terms of claiming a piece of the land for your own faction, so more serious players are unlikely to remain in the Society.

For balance (and RP!) reasons there would need to be some kind of restriction on how often you could move in and out of the faction. And anybody with a bounty on their head probably shouldn't be able to join until that has been settled one way or the other.

I haven't developed the thought much yet, but as someone who isn't interested in non-consensual PvP I think this would give me a route into trying the game and exploring the world. And in having that opportunity it may be that the game seems so compelling and I can't help but take a side eventually and move out of the Pathfinder Society and into another faction.

Hi all,

I just placed Order # 1603019, which was for the pdf of Ultimate Magic and also for Polyhedron #147. After placing the order it told me that the order was rejected since it looks like I forgot to direct it to use my newer credit card. However when I went back to the order page to change the payment method to my other credit card I found that Polyhedron had disappeared off the order.

When I went back to check the product page however it indicated that Polyhedron #147 was already in my sidecart. I then checked my email and did indeed have a confirmation email along with an option to download Ultimate Magic. So I just wanted to confirm that things did go through correctly after all.

Cheers for the help,

I'm somebody who buys books much more for 'fluff' than for crunch. In most systems I find that the core rulebooks provide me with everything that I need to run a game and I don't have a lot of appetite for new rules. So while I do buy the occasional rule expansion (I thought the APG was very good for instance and Skills and Powers from the 2E days is one of my favourite books) my collection is dominated by more flavour focused books. Whoever is GM in my group usually uses their own game world, but I simply find setting books and to some extent adventures a lot of fun to read.

As such my 3.5 collection has a lot of setting books (a bunch of stuff from the Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, etc), but not much in the way of new rulebooks (such as the various complete books, epic rules, psionics, etc). My Pathfinder collection is following a similar trend and though I had to drop the subscription recently the campaign setting is my favourite line.

Belatedly getting to the point there really isn't much that has come out for 4E that has interested me. I like the game system and enjoy playing it pretty much the same as Pathfinder/3.5, but my 4E 'library' is very bare compared to those other systems. They've moved to a new model for supporting the various campaign settings where there isn't a great deal about the world as far as I can tell after the initial release. I can see some sense in this approach I suppose, but it just doesn't give me a lot to buy.

I'm just curious as to whether anybody else feels this way?

Or whether there is more flavour focused 4E content around elsewhere that I've missed?

So far I have the Forgotten Realms book, I'll be getting the Dark Sun book and am not very interested in Eberron. Beyond that there really haven't seemed to be very many of the books that I like to buy coming out.

Would you please cancel my Campaign Setting and Pathfinder RPG subscriptions? I hate to do it, but I've just gotten too far behind on my reading and can't see a way to catch up if I keep getting cool new things delivered!

I'll keep the Adventure Path subscription at this stage though.

There was a little discussion on this in the thread about AP's in general, but I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on what the best adventures within the AP's have been.

For various reasons I haven't been able to play any of the AP adventures yet, but the one I most want to play in (or probably run) is Children of the Void. It's true that Second Darkness as a whole can get a bit odd in the later stages, but this just reads as a wonderful rollercoaster ride. High adventure, mysterious alien invaders, visiting crime lords, Drow plots and even a good old fashioned damsel in distress to rescue. It all comes together into a rollicking good ride and leaves me wishing that more alien elements continued throughout the AP.

I may be a bit biased though, since Children of the Void was the first ever Paizo adventure I read. It really does manage to maintain a real sense of adventure though and keeps you wondering what you'll find around the next corner.

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I couldn't find a thread about individual adventures in the search but I could easily have missed it.

Hi all, I've recently moved to London from New Zealand on a working holiday so should be here for a couple of years. I'd quite like to get some gaming in while I'm here and it would be a good chance to meet some gamers from the other side of the world too.

I'd quite like to find a Pathfinder game if possible, but I also enjoy 3.5, 4th Edition and Savage Worlds so could be pretty flexible with systems. My preference is to be a player, but wouldn't mind being a GM if that worked out better.

I'm near Canary Wharf, but don't mind traveling a little depending on where other gamers are.

Get in touch if there are any games going!

Good Morning/Afternoon Customer Service folks!

I just received notice that the above order was due to be shipped in the next few days and wondered if it was too late to make some changes to the address. My subscriptions had been set to go to Chris Bennett, but I'd like it to be sent to Jonathan Moore instead if that's possible. The rest of the address is fine.

It's not a big deal if it's too late and I've changed the address so future subscriptions should go to the correct name, but if it's possible to change then that would be great.


Hi all, I received my copy of Council of Thieves part 5 today and unfortunately the pages were all stuck together in the top right corner. I managed to pry them all apart, but a lot of the pages are damaged and a couple ripped a little in the process.

The damage is reasonably light and I'm not very picky about this kind of thing, so I don't want a replacement or anything like that. I just thought I'd better let you know in case this had been a common problem at all.


Hi Paizo Customer Service boys and girls,

I sent an email about a shipping issue with this order a few weeks ago (around the time of your move) and was wondering if anyone had a chance to look at it at all. It's not a major issue, but I just wanted to see what the story was on the shipping charge. The full story is in the email, but basically just wanted to check everything had worked properly.