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Full Name

Ben Walklate


Human (I think)


Nerd 12


Male (last time I checked)


Bigger than I'd like


Over 21

Special Abilities

British sarcasm


Lawful Good (if I'm in the right mood)


Debatable, but I think I might be.




English. A little bit of French.


More a preoccupation with roleplaying games

About Ben Walklate

I've been playing D&D in one incarnation or another since 1986 (or thereabouts, I was young and my memory isn't brilliant). I'm a bit of a rules nerd, and I love maths and science. I think paladins are cool, and I think that they really aren't that hard to enjoy from either side of the table.

In 2015 I was writing some rules for armies, and happened to mention it in a PM to Jason Nelson of Legendary Games, who asked me to send him what I had. So I did. There's a chance it might appear in print.

Then in early 2016 I realised that there was a gap in the kingdom rules, and there was a forum thread that was tangentially related to said gap, so I again PM'd Jason Nelson (since he'd popped into the thread), and he said "send me what you write, we'll look at publishing it". And then, 2 weeks before PaizoCon 2016, he said "what name did we decide on? I'll order some art", and I panicked and realised that I'd better get moving with writing more than the couple of pages I'd done by that point.

The course of writing didn't run smooth, but I finished it, and now it's published under the Legendary Games Ultimate Plug-ins line.

Ultimate Factions, Legendary Games