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llaletin wrote:
Being truthful, I got Delila the Mouse.

I got Hypatia the Lynx...not bad I guess could have had worse but like Haun I would have preferred a Bear,lol

PC Name: Jo
Class: Rogue
Race: Human
Level: 4th

While skulking around the Maze within the Goblin Kings Domain Jo failed to spot the nearby trap and triggered it. Standing in front of her was a image of her greatest fears, unfortunately her mind was not able to handle such immense fear which caused her heart to give way as she fell to the floor. The party looking on not seeing the cause just Jo dying make a hasty retreat out of the maze never to return.

Setting: Generic 3.5 DnD Worlds Largest Dungeon

Varn wrote:
Glad to hear that I'm not the only person who hasn't received thier copy of issue 148 yet.

Well my copy of 148 turned up this morning :D though its typical seeing that I went and brought a copy from my local gaming shop yesterday as I didn't think it would ever appear...oh well!

Glad to hear that I'm not the only person who hasn't received thier copy of issue 148 yet.

PC Name: Brogan
Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Level: 3

Setting: 3.5 Worlds Largest Dungeon

Circumstance: The party entered a room filled with bubbles floating all over the place, as soon as they entered all the bubbles began to swirl and slowly move to the center of the room to eventually combine and become a portal.

Out from this portal stepped forward 2 owlbears which were more trouble then orignally thought (party of 6 and all were rolling really really bad that night) eventually only one was left, half the party was badly injured the other fighter on single figure hitpoints. Brogan stood himself between the owlbear and the party to give them a chance to escape. A very noble act which sadly was his last as one hug later from the owl bear meant Brogan layed on the floor chest opened like a can of tuna.

The rest of the party later returned to close the portal and dispose of the foul beast and then dragged thier fallen hero off to the ice cold room where he was to be stored ready for meat loaf tuesdays :)

I let my players decide on two options for thier hit points,

1. Roll the dice and take what ever result turns up except 1's warrant a reroll.

2. They can have max HP at every level but choosing so means the creatures also get max HP(Its only fair to the creautures!)

99% of the time they go for option 2 as it makes the adventures really interesting.