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Full Name

BARNEY LIPSCOMB, Age 32, Bounty Hunter


Human (Scottish American)


Bounty Hunter








English, German


Bounty hunter

Strength 65
Dexterity 65
Constitution 75
Intelligence 70
Wisdom 45
Charisma 50

About Barney Lipscomb

BARNEY LIPSCOMB, Age 32, Bounty Hunter


BARNEY LIPSCOMB, Age 32, Bounty Hunter
STR 65 CON 75 SIZ 80 DEX 65 APP 50
INT 70 POW 45 EDU 65 SAN 44(45) HP 15
Damage Bonus: +1D4
Build: 1
Move: 7
Firearms (Colt .45 Automatic M1911) 58% (27/11), damage 1D10+2
Fighting (Knife, Large) 35% (17/7), damage 1D8+1D4
Fighting (Brawl) 38% (17/7), damage 1D3+1D4
Dodge 55% (27/11)
Armor: 1-point heavy leather jacket
Skills: Climb 35%, Credit Rating 20%, Drive Auto 35%, Electrical Repair 15%, Fast Talk 65%, Intimidate 25%, Language: German 12%, Law 30%, Listen 34%, Persuade 17%, Psychoanalysis 5%, Psychology 25%, Ride 20%, Spot Hidden 45%, Stealth 61%, Swim 30%, Track 64%



Ideology/ Beliefs: Member of a Secret Society (The Patriotic Order Sons of America)
Significant People: TBD (By GM) Wronged them in the past and seek reconciliation
Meaningful Location: The bluffs above the old family ranch in Montana. Local Indian tribes considered it holy ground, and Barney feels a spiritual connection there unlike anywhere else.
Treasured Collection: Indian Artifacts. Barney always had a fascination with ancient artifacts and has quite a good collection of American Indian artifacts, along with a few others. It’s kept for safekeeping at his mother’s townhouse in Boston. He doesn’t know much about them, just likes the look and feel of them.
Traits: Ambition. Barney has a secret wish to be remembered for something. Maybe that’s what drives him to take chances. If he wrote a book about his exploits, they would seem bigger than life.

Ever since he was a teenager Barney turned heads when he entered a room. It's not that he was handsome... he was average, maybe a bit above with sun highlighted dark brown hair, and light grey eyes, set off by his tanned complexion. He turned heads due to his height. at 6'6" he towered above almost everyone. By the time you added his ten gallon hat, and cowboy boots, he made quite the impression.

He grew up in Montana, a still wild and uncivilized land. His father bought a homestead there, and they raised longhorn cattle. It was a lot of work, and though he wanted to join the war over in Europe, he was needed on the farm, and his fathers illness made things even worse.

When not laboring on the farm he volunteered for the local sheriff, and found out he was pretty good at finding and apprehending fugitives. When his father passed away three years ago, Barney, never a fan of ranching anyway, did as his mother and sister requested, and sold the ranch, moving them back to Boston.

Barney was looking for something to do that took advantage of his skills when a group called, The Patriotic Order Sons of America Took him under their wing. He became the "Go To" when someone or something needed to be found.

Just recently he had tracked a group to South America, who had plans to steal several important American Icons. He had thwarted their plans, and taken the leader into custody. The last he saw him he was loaded onto a ship, headed to places unknown. He had nothing pressing to attend to, so decided to spend some time in South America, as he'd never been before. A headline in a newspaper caught his attention, about an expedition in Peru that he found interest in. Reaching out to some members of his order resulted in the telegram he had just received directing him to go to this bar in Peru. And today is the day.







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