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Full Name

Baradesh Ironheart


| HP 34/34 | AC 22, T 13, FF 20 | Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +5 | CMB +8, CMD 20 | Perc +7 | Init +2





Special Abilities

Good Aura, Detect Evil, Stonestrike


Lawful Good


Dwarven, Common

Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Baradesh Ironheart

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin 4
Lawful Good Medium Humanoid (Dwarf)
Initiative; +2 Perception +7

AC 22, touch 13 flat-footed 20
hp 34
Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +5
Resistance DR 2/ Adamantium

Speed 20 ft.
Melee +9 Masterwork Dwarven Longhammer (2d6+7 damage, x3 crit)
+7 Pushing Hammer (2d6+7 Damage, x3 Crit - Push Opponent ten feet)
+7 Power Attack (2d6+13, x3 Crit)
Ranged Chakram +6 (1d8+4 damage, 30ft)

Str 18 Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10 Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Atk +4; CMB +8; CMD 20
Feats 1st - Power Attack - Add additional damage at the cost of accuracy.
3rd - Pushing Assault - Instead of doing additional damage with Power Attack, force an enemy of a similar size back 5ft, or 10ft on a critical hit.
Traits Glory of Old - Add +1 to the Dwarf Hardy Trait.
Militant Merchant
Racial Traits
Craftsman - +2 to craft checks with meta and stone, replaces Greed.
Weapon Familiarity - All weapons with ‘Dwarf’ in the name are martial.
Darkvision -
Hardy - +2 on saves against poison spells and spell like abilities
Stability - +4 to CMD against bullrush and trip attempts.
Rock Stepper - Allows 5 foot step across broken ground, rubble and stairs without counting as difficult terrain. Replaces Stone Cunning.
Lasting Grudge - +1 to attack against anyone who has attacked them in the last 24 hours. Replaces Hatred and Defensive Training.
Skills Climb +8, Diplomacy +6, Perception +7, Sense Motive +5, Swim +8
Languages Dwarven, Common, Undercommon
Combat Gear Bonded Dwarf Longhammer, Bonded Fullplate
Other Gear Holy Symbol, Cold Weather Outfit x2, Traveller’s Outfit x 3, Backpack, Medium Tent, Soap, 100ft Hemp Rope
Money 1040
Special Abilities

Automatic Bonus Progression - A series of automatic improvement.
- Resistance +1 - Add +1 to all saves.
- Armour Attunement +1 - One suit of Masterwork Armor becomes +1.
- Weapon Attunement +1 - One Masterwork Weapon becomes +1.
Aura of Courage - A Paladin is Immune to Fear, and grats a +4 bonus to all allies within ten feet.
Aura of Good - A Paladin projects a powerful Aura of Good.
Defensive Stance - The Stonelord gains +4 to Strength and Constiution, +2 to AC and +2 to Will, but cannot move from the spot willingly. He is fatigued once this is done, and cannot be used at the same time as Rage. This replaces all Spellcasting.
[i]Detect Evil
- As a Standard Action a Paladin can sense a powerful enough aura of evil.
Earth Channel - A Stonelord can use two Lay On Hands to use Elemental Channel (Earth). This Replaces Channel Positive Energy.
Heartstone - A Stonelord gains +1 Natural Armour and DR/ - Adamantium equal to half his Stonelord level. The AC Bonus increases at level 6. This replaces Divine Grace.
Stoneblood - The Stonelord’s unique body means they have a 25% chance of ignoring a critical hit and precision damage. This Replaces Divine Health.
Stonestrike - Usable once per level, the Stonelord’s weapon counts as a magical adamantium weapon and adding +1 to hit and damage, increasing by +1 at level 5. Replaces Smite Evil.

Baradesh is a relatively typical Dwarf. Although relatively young his face is already lined from spending a surprising amount of time in the sun, his skin tanned darker than many of his species thanks to the same exposure to the elements. Oddly his skin has darkened to an almost grey colour in several places and his beard has begun to turn a deep iron grey, despite being young. Elders suggest that this is Baradesh’s unusual connection to the Stone coming through.
His heavy armour often covers the bulk of his body, and contains the holy symbols for the God Jaskor. The armour he currently wears is edged with heavy bronze, including a heavy bronze visor and a dark blue plume. One shoulder pad is larger and heavier, and contains Baradesh’s own heradly in bronze.
His long red hair and beard are kept immaculately clean and braided into clan braids to remind him of his lost family. His deep voice retains the accent of his people, and is deep thanks to his big, barrel chest, making it a powerful baitone. Oddly enough he smells like wet slate most of the time.

Stubborn as the stone his body is becoming, Baradesh is tenacious. His skills and powers form around the very concept of being stubborn, unwavering and fearless, and his fighting style reflects that. Not terribly fast, Baradesh also doesn’t tend to leap to conclusions or form opinions either. It takes a significant amount of evil to make a poor first impression.
Baradesh is relatively personable for a Dwarf, although his lack of understanding to both Dwarfs and non-Dwarfs means he often isn’t very good at it. He’s blunt demeanor can cause a certain level of abrasiveness but most people forgive him, eventually, thanks to a perpetually cheerful demeanor.

There wasn’t much special about Baradesh before he took up his calling. He was a little taller than most, and certainly broader than many with thick, heavy arms. The main difference between Baradesh and most was his exceptionally powerful faith and dedication to the Gods.

Perhaps it was no great shock, given his strength of both faith and body, that Baradesh eventually took religious vows, dedicating him to the God of Strength and Law Jaskor. He specialized in using the ancient Longhammer, learning to use the heavy weapon to bat around his foes and force them into a better position.

As Novice who had first taken his Orders Baradesh began to work as a Guard on Merchant runs, keeping vital resources flowing...and learning to keep an eye on things. He also learned to fight, to trust in his armour and weapons, to work in the
But it became obvious that Baradesh was not...normal. His skin hardened, beginning to turn darker and stronger. And instead of channeling the power of the Gods and Good itself into his stikes he focused the power of Stone itself, making his hammer stronger and more powerful instead.

Baradesh slowly began to change, becoming more and more like rock and earth than flesh and blood. As his powers and strength grew his body became more and more like living stones, with large portions of his flesh becoming cold and stonelike. This is,as one can imagine, not an especially comfortable thing. His body now in continuous pain, Baradesh endures because his powers help save lives.
As a result Baradesh began to adventure, looking for people to help.