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Full Name



God of Wrath, Madness, and Fear




The Carnival, more specifically the Grand Tent

About Babaki


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Titles: Lord of Teeth, The Laughing Man, The Scraping in the Dark, The Shattered Smile, God of Clowns

Unholy Symbol: A crude, simplistic smiling face.

Sacred Animals: Monkey, Spider, Hyena

Philosophy: We are what we are. We are predators. We never stopped being predators, no matter what the people in charge say. We never stopped being prey, either. We are the fear of the dark, we are the voices in your head you tell yourself you can't hear. What we do is important; without the big smiles and the broken bones and the paintings done in blood, everyone would forget where we came from. And we can't have that now, can we? -found scrawled on the wall of a cellar, next to the mangled body of a dog.

Personality: Babaki appears to be a jovial and flighty god who seems happy to simply go with the flow; however, this charade doesn't hold up to any kind of scrutiny whatsoever. Babaki represents the Id, the darkest part of the psyche that yearns for violence and instant gratification. Truly, Babaki is a violent and unpredictable god, prone to random bouts of destruction and insanity. He encourages his followers to act on their violent impulses, but not in a way as to make it obvious. To Babaki, rage and hate are like war animals; they are meant to be cooped up and jabbed with sharp things for as long as possible, before being let out in the night to maul every living thing in sight.

Despite this, Babaki is a strangely benevolent god to his few followers and allies. He is prone to giving out lavish gifts to those he feels deserves them, and is liberal with giving out boons and miracles (albeit mostly grotesque and violent miracles). Although he enjoys watching his minions rip each other apart, he (usually) stitches them back together afterwards. He is, however, still very much a god of wrath, and if his followers ever fail in a way he doesn't find hilarious, they end up as broken and bleeding as those he hates.

Appearance: Although capable of taking any form, Babaki has a few forms he favors above all others. The form he takes most often is that of a tall and muscular clown adorned in a suit made of stitched together faces, and another favored form of his is an enormous, bloated ragdoll with a clown face crudely painted on. He often takes on the form of a spider with a human face, and occasionally he will become an amorphous blob of purple slime with dozens of razor-toothed mouths scattered around. A rather disturbing trend of his is to take multiple forms within one another, becoming a sort of horrific nesting doll that randomly tears itself apart. In almost all forms, however, he has a huge, jagged-toothed smile.

Worship: It is often assumed that the followers of Babaki are serial killers, the insane, and horrific monsters. Although there is no shortage of any of those among his faithful, that is not strictly the case. In many cases, those who worship Babaki are otherwise normal people with stressful and unsatisfying lives. Babaki will occasionally notice a down-on-their-luck person with large amounts of unresolved rage, and send them nightmares telling them to kill those who have wronged them. Unfortunately, many of them take him up on his offer.

Babaki is also worshiped by some tribal societies as a god of battle rages. This is most prevalent in orcs, who make up a not insignificant portion of his following.

A curious quirk of Babaki is his lack of interest in people with legitimate mental health issues. In his view, if you don't willingly give yourself into madness and rage, then there is no point to it. As a result, he has been known to punish those followers of his who try to convert the mentally ill to the flock.

Favored Weapon: Club, as it is simple and easy to get a hold of. Followers of Babaki hold most bludgeoning weapons in high regard for their brutal effectiveness.

Domains: Chaos [Demon], Death [Murder], Destruction [Rage], Evil [Fear], Madness [Insanity]

Inquisitions: Anger, Conversion, Torture, Vengeance

Planar Domain: Babaki's realm is simply called The Carnival, a huge expanse of Abyssal land that appears to be a giant circus at first glance. On closer inspection, the tents seem to be made of flayed people of all races, some of which are still alive. Babaki himself dwells within the Grand Tent, a building far larger on the inside than the outside. In this tent, displays that blur the line between circus acts and bloodsports are constantly held for Babaki's amusement.

The afterlife of Babaki's followers is best described as a constant barrage of violence. In The Carnival, the only rule is that there are no rules, so the minions of Babaki do what they did best in life: kill. They constantly play games with their lives on the lines, and frequently tear each other apart for no reason other than they can, knowing that Babaki will just reform anyone who gets slain.

Minions and Worshipers
Herald: Verruckt-Babaki's herald is a monster named Verruckt, a beast in the shape of a large purple baboon who, at first glance, seems to have no eyes. A closer look reveals that the monster's single, enormous eye stares out from where the gullet should be. The eye constantly flashes in every color of the rainbow, fast enough to give most who look into it a seething headache and cause seizures in those with epilepsy. It is able to breathe yellow clouds of smoke that cause mortals to go insane, and the beams it fires from its eye can sear even those immune to fire.

What exact purpose Babaki created Verruckt for is unclear, if there was any reason at all. Although monstrous in form, the creature is polite and well-spoken when not tearing people apart or spreading madness.

Son: Arkaidak- Shaped like an obese red troll with four arms, Arkaidak is among the weakest of Babaki's children. However, his accelerated regeneration, lack of fire vulnerability, and iron claws make him a far bigger threat than any mortal troll. He is ferocious and simple-minded, making him a favored Planar Binding target for less ethical mages.

Arkaidak is undoubtedly Babaki's least favorite spawn, but he still gets special favors above most of the other minions.

Milda's Children: These slender, violent monstrosities lurk in forests where elves are known to live. They appear to be young elvish women, save for their beady eyes, jagged teeth, and enormous mouths permanently twisted into smiles. They are exclusively carnivores, preferring elf flesh above all others. They reproduce asexually, growing lumps on their backs that eventually break off and form new Milda's Children. The offspring resemble their mothers, plus they take after some of the male elves that the mother had eaten.