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Full Name

Avery Starr


Human (Kellid)


Hunter (Divine Hunter) 1 (HP 8/8 | AC 19 | Fort +2 Ref +4 Will +3 | Initiative +2 | Perception +11)






Early Twenties

Special Abilities

Animal Focus 1/day, Animal Companion (horse)


Chaotic Neutral


Ketephys and Calistria


Stolen Lands


Hallit, Taldane (racial), Elven, Sylvan (Int bonus)



Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 16
Charisma 10

About Avery Starr

Human (Kellid):
* Abilities: Wisdom +2
* Focused Study: Free Skill Focus at lvls 1-8-16, replaces bonus feat
* Heart of the Wilderness: Half level bonus on Survival, replaces extra skill point
* Languages: Hallit, Taldane (racial), Sylvan, Elven (Int bonus)

Archetype: Divine Hunter, loses teamwork feats and Dungeoneering, gains domain and Religion
Deity: Ketephys (primary) and Calistria
Feather Subdomain: Half level bonus on Perception, Fly class skill, fly maneuverability increase one step
Animal Companion: Horse ("Ten-Ten")
Animal Focus: lvl/day, 1 minute increments, choose one of +2 Str or +2 Dex or +4 Perception or Darkvision 60' or...

Social/Friend in Every Town: Local +1 and class, Diplomacy +1
Campaign/Pioneer: Perception +1 and free horse

(Human) Skill Focus (Perception): Perception +3
(1) Huntmaster: Hunter level +1 for purposes of animal companion
(3) ?
(5) ?
(7) Leadership?

Skill Points: 11/lvl (6 class + 2 Int + 1 favored class + 2 background)

Perception +11 (Trait/Pioneer, Feat/Skill Focus)
Heal +7
Survival +7
Knowledge (Local) +7 (Trait/Friend in Every Town)
Knowledge (Geography) +6 (Background)
Knowledge (Nature) +6
Knowledge (Religion) +6
Ride +6
Handle Animal +4 (Background)
Knowledge (Arcana) +3
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +3
Diplomacy +1 (Trait/Friend in Every Town)

Known Spells:
(Inf/day Level 0) Create Water, Light, Purify Food and Drink, Stabilize
(2/day Level 1) Summon Nature's Ally I (class), Calm Animals (domain), Cure Light Wounds, Speak With Animals

Scale mail, 50gp, 30lbs
Heavy wooden shield, 7gp, 10lbs
Morningstar, 8gp, 6lbs
Spell component pouch, 5gp, 2lbs
Horse (free, light riding, in addition to animal companion)
Saddle, pack (for one horse), 5gp
Saddle, riding (for the other horse), 10gp
Scale mail barding (for animal companion), 100gp
Total encumbrance: 48lbs

Animal Companion (horse):
Level 2 Animal Companion (+1 Hunter level due to Huntmaster feat)
HD 3d8+6; hp ?? (roll or average?)
Ability Scores Str 16, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6 (+2 Str or Dex depending on Animal Focus)
Armor Class 19 (10 +4 Natural +5 Barding +1 Dex -1 Size)
BAB +2; Attack +5; Damage 1d4+3 (primary), 1d6+1, 1d6+1 (secondary)
Saves Fort +5 Ref +4 Will +2
Speed 35' (reduced from 50' by barding)
Feats 2: Light Armor Proficiency, Medium Armor Proficiency
Skills 3: Acrobatics +5, Perception +5, Swim +7
Tricks 6 (Int) +1 (bonus): Attack, Attack Unnatural, Come, Down, Flank, Heel, Stay

Avery is inspired by the 1980s cartoon character Bravestarr, a Native American frontier marshal who draws superhuman power from animal spirits. Translating into Golarion and game terms she is going to be a Kellid tribeswoman and divine self-buffer with a horse animal companion.

Avery grew up in Numeria, the savage land of super-science that neighbors the area of Kingmaker. She had a fairly happy childhood as such things go, with loving parents that still live, and a tribe that she had no significant schisms with. Yet, she has left that society behind. As she grew older, she started to realize more and more that somewhere outside Numeria, there was a land that wasn't polluted and irradiated to the bone. She felt strongly that the tribe should move to better, more fertile lands. After passing her rite of adulthood at the age of fourteen, she made her case before the tribal council, and was not flat out rejected. But that wasn't the end of it, of course -- it wouldn't be that simple. As the tribe was heavily rooted in Numeria, they felt that no such move could be done without much preparation. A dozen youths were selected from the tribe to scout out new lands, and as the spokeswoman of the migration movement, Avery was heavily suggested to put her money where her mouth was. Thus, Avery Starr was sent away from her tribe to explore the lands to the east of Numeria.

After her fifteenth birthday, Avery set out into the wilderness with little but a backpack of supplies and her tribal skills. She made her way eastwards, and little by little, the corruption of Numeria began to fade under her feet until one day she stood before the purest pond she had ever seen, in the middle of a forest clearing. Everything was vibrant green and crystal blue, to a degree she had never seen in all her Numerian years. It was that one forest pond that gave her the epiphany and firm conviction that there were indeed better lands than where she had grown up. She began to explore, going from village to village, town to town, getting to know people, getting to know the land, to make certain that this was where her tribe should come.

Time passed. Avery grew closer and closer to the green lands. Every spring, she traveled back to Numeria to her tribe, and extolled the virtues of the eastlands. Speaking with the tribal council over and over again, she requested the tribe to come with her, but the council was full of old men and women who moved slower than Avery had hoped. Every spring, she came to invite the tribe east. Every spring, they said, "this is a bad year, maybe next year". Avery grew from a teenager into a young woman, and she was starting to build a life in the eastlands. Year by year, she started to wonder more if the tribe was just humoring her and never truly intended to move. What would she do if they wouldn't? How long was she willing to wait? And would she be prepared to go back to Numeria and live out the rest of her days there, amidst the pollution and radiation? A rift started to grow. And that is where Avery is as the campaign starts. She has just returned to the eastlands from a trip to Numeria, and she is conflicted and torn between how much she loves the green lands and how much she misses her family.

During her time in the eastlands, she has picked up the religion of the elven deity Ketephys. Many nature followers venerate Erastil, but Avery's chaotic spirit always felt that faith too stifling and too littered with conservative and constraining old men's beliefs. Ketephys is also a nature deity, but was far more willing to entertain a progressive young follower who actively resists getting stuck in the rut of a formulaic life. Along with Ketephys, Avery has also venerated the better known deity Calistria, because the two deities get along and welcome followers who venerate them both polytheistically. Her worship of Ketephys and Calistria, as well as her nature-leaning tendencies, have brought Avery close to elves, and she has picked up their language and much of their culture.