Anwa of the Soft Step

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Watched all the preview snippets and I am super hyped for this one! This bodes well I think and looks pretty phenomenal!

Katina Davis wrote:
Announced for July! Product image and description are not final and may be subject to change.

Add in all the amazing teases and bit-n-bobs shared via streamers and I am beyond stoked for this one!!!!

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Sounds absurdly fun -- don't suppose there's a chance we can get a FoundryVTT adaption by chance -- I am running all my games online a.t.m. and this would be a welcome addition!

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I am so very much looking forward to this one -- our 1ED campaign centered on the world wound and the surrounding areas, it will be just epic to return to Lastwall in 2E style!

Liz Courts wrote:
Announced! Product image is a mockup and subject to change.

This just made my week! This plus the Mummy's Path AP -- fantastic!

I adore this creature. I might have to tweak the stats a little downwards, but the Pyrebloom just works and immediately elicited a ton of encounter ideas.

You sir, most definitely have my vote :)

I like the system - should work well, but I agree that a small comments section added into that would make a good addition as well.