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Monk/Oracle Gestalt 2 | HP 10/36 | AC 17, T 16, FF 11 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB +7, CMD 19 | Perc +7 | Init +2 | Ki Pool - 4

About Amarekashu the Bronze

Amarekashu the Bronze:

Amarekashu the Bronze
Male Human Scaled Fist Unchained Monk 3 - Dual Cursed Oracle of Dragons 3 Gestalt
Lawful Good Medium Humanoid
Initiative; +2 Perception +5

AC 17 touch 16 flat-footed 11 (Base +10 - Dex +2 - Monk +3 - Natural Armour +1 - Dodge +1)
hp 24
Fort +5 Ref +5, Will +3

Speed 40 ft.
To Hit - First Blow +9 - 1d6+6 Bludgeoning Damage - x 20 Critical
Second Blow - +9 - 1d6+4 Bludgeoning Damage - x 20 Critical


Level 0 - No limit per day - DC 13
Detect Magic - See magical auras, and divine their nature with time and study.
Read Magic - Read and study magical texts.
Create Water - Create pure water.
Stabilize - Stop a dying creature from passing on.
Light - Make and object shine like a torch.
Prestidigitation - Perform a variety of minor but useful tricks.

1st Level Spells - 5 per day - DC 14
Obscuring Mist - Create a fogbank to hide in.
Shield of Faith - Grants +2 Shield Bonus, scaling by 1 every 6 levels.
Ill Omen
Touch of Truth Telling - Compels a target to be honest.
Bonus Spell - Cure Light Wounds - Heals 1d8 + level (max 5).


Str 18, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 16,
Base Atk +2; CMB +16; CMD 18

Bonus Feats
Improved Unarmed Strike - Allows unarmed attacks to lethal damage. Gained from Monk’s Unarmed Strike class ability.
Stunning Fist - Adds an effect to an unarmed strike. Gained from Monk.
Dragon Style - First Unarmed Strike per round has 1.5 Strength Bonus. When using this style you can also charge through allies, and ignore difficult terrain when running, charging or withdrawing. Gain a +2 against Paralysis, Stunning and Sleep effects. Gained from Scaled Fist Monk.
Dodge - Gain +1 AC. Gained from Scaled Fist Monk.

1st - Extra Revelation - Gain an additional Oracle Revelation (Draconic Resistances).
3rd - Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strikes) - +1 to hit.

Get the Cargo Through - Having worked to transport cargo for Zummabu, Amar has picked up an additional 300gp.
Blood of Dragons - Grants +1 to Perception.
Two-World Magic - Add Prestidigitation to list of spells known.
Drawback Pride - When threatened, accused or insulted take a -2 penalty to Sense Motive and Diplomacy rolls.
Racial Traits
Dual Talent - Gain a second +2 to an attribute. Replaces both Skilled and the human Bonus Feat.

Skills Climb +8, Diplomacy +9, Disable Device +7, Perception +7, Stealth +6, Sense Motive +4,, Spellcraft +4 Swim +8
Bonus Skills Linguistics +5, Craft (Food) +5
Languages Common, Draconic, Celestial

Combat Gear -
Other Gear Masterwork Backpack, Canteen, Medium Tent (30 lbs), Bedroll (5 lbs), Blanket, Spider Silk Rope x 100ft
Coffee Pot, Cooking Kit, Halfling Trail Rations (7), Wandermeal (7), Coffee Beans (3 lbs), Chocolate (1 lbs), Beans (5 lbs), Chillies (1 lbs), Cumin (1 lbs)
Courtier’s Outfit x 3 , Hot Weather Outfit, Silver and Amethyst Torque (50 gp), Silver and Amethyst Earring (75gp), Dragon Themed Bronze, Silver and Amethyst Pectoral Plate (100gp), Perfume Kit , Grooming Kit , Shaving Kit, Soap.
Money 96gp 8sp 8cp
Special Abilities

Unchained Monk Abilities

Draconic Might - All Monk class abilities that usually use Wisdom instead use Charisma.
Fast Movement - Increase base speed by +10 when unarmoured and unencumbered.
Flurry of Blows - Make an additional strike as part of a full attack at highest BAB.
[i]Ki Pool
- Creates a pool of Ki that can be used for various effects, equal to half class level plus Charisma.
- Ki Strike - Attacks count as magical.
Stunning Fist - Gain Stunning Fist as a bonus feat. Additional abilities unlock as levels progress.
Unarmed Strike - Gain Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. The damage also scales with level.
[/i]Evasion[/i] - Recieve no damage when rolling for a Reflex save to half.

Oracle Abilities

Dragon Mystery - The powers of dragons are many and great…
- Breath Weapon - Once every five level breath a 30 foot cone of lighting, dealing 1d6 per two Oracle levels. A reflex save halves this damage.
- Draconic Resistances - Gain Lightning Resistance +5 and +1 Natural Armour.
- Dragon Senses - Gain Dark Vision up to 60ft.
Dual-Cursed - Dual-Cursed Oracles gain a permanent second curse, but also gain new abilities…
- Covetous - Become sickened unless wearing 25gp plus 100gp per level in fine clothes, gems and other adornments or be sickened, or if something worth 25gp times the character level is taken without consent become sickened for 24 hours.
- Wrecker - Held objects gain the Broken condition. Disable Device becomes a class skill, and non-magical traps can be destroyed with a touch.

Favoured Class Bonus - 1 Bonus Spell.

A tall, imposing man, Amarekashu stands at six and a half feet and is well build, with large arms and broad, powerful shoulders. His form is a little odd, with shorter legs than one might expect for someone his size and a longer torso packed with muscle. His skin is a glistening bronze that looks almost oiled. No one’s sure what colour his hair is, as he ritually shaves it from his person, but what patches remain tend to be dark.

Amarekashu has odd eyes, making him seem less human and with an unusual glow to them, making them almost look like a lizards. His voice is a deep, rolling tenor. Since he bathes often and tends to wear perfumes he has a pleasant scent, although it has an oddly metallic undertone.

With his physique and his pride it is not surprising that Amarekashu tends to wear revealing clothes that show both off, enjoying open robes and fines shoes or sandals in metallic colours and whites, which he uses his magic to keep fastidiously clean. He also wears a great deal of jewelry, showing off both his wealth and his ability to keep others from taking what is his even when he has them on open display.

A proud man, Amarekashu believes firmly that he is truly something far more than he appears, and demands a certain respect. He believes such is his due and becomes angered when others insult or demean him. Despite this flaw, he is surprisingly disciplined, able to control his natural impulses in most regards. He believes in the rule of law, and only puts aside such laws when someone would be harmed by them.

On the other hand, he is greedy and covetous, desiring a certain amount of food and wealth. He enjoys eating, drinking and partaking in life’s pleasures. He enjoys displaying his wealth and prowess, but does not begrudge anyone else what is theirs. He is not a thief, and will only take what he can pay for or from those who attack him.

Amarerkashu is also somewhat self-indulgent and selfish, tending to think of himself first and doing what he wants. But he is also happy to help those he realizes needs it, and does not value his own opinion as any higher or better than others.

When it comes to Amarekashu there are few firm facts. What is known is that he was found by Zummabu some distance from the city, naked and in a crater that still crackled with power. Before that, even he himself knows little. He knew his name, and he knew - absolutely - than he was a bronze dragon.

The flaw in this argument being that he certainly does not currently look like one. There was no record found of a dragon of any kind matching his name, either. Clearly, then, he was not a dragon.

His counterpoint was to release a blast of lightning breath at the naysayer.

Clearly, Amarekashu was...something. His abilities were not entirely human. But then, their are many things that aren’t human, and many of them can do what he could. It was even possible he had the blood of a dragon, or one of the races related to them. Still, despite having no idea what had happened or how he had gotten there, Amarekashi held firm.

Zummabu took him back to the city and helped him enroll in a program to harness his abilities and teach him discipline. In truth, it took very little time, as it was more the situation than a lack of self control that had lead to his outburst, and in gratitude Amarekashu worked for Zummabu, guarding caravans and such. It gave him the chance to explore, looking for word of his past one way or the other, and brought in coin - which, in typical draconic fashion, he used to purchase gems and finery suitable to his station.

Now Zummabu has asked for his help, and Amarekashu is willing to give it.