PaizoCon 2018 Special Guests

Glass Cannon Podcast

The Glass Cannon debuted in June of 2015 as a weekly one-hour actual play podcast of the Giantslayer Adventure Path. In June of 2016, they launched a behind the scenes talkback show called Cannon Fodder which takes a look back at each week's episode while also answering GM and player questions from listener mail all around the world. In 2017, they announced a partnership with Paizo. To become the first officially licensed podcast of the pathfinder game system. They also started a Patreon which quickly became one of the most successful campaigns on the site in under six months and, because of the generosity of GCP nation, they are currently in pre-production for a second weekly actual play of Paizo's first Starfinder Adventure Path—Dead Suns! Traveling to gaming conventions, making surprise visits to their numerous fan meet-ups and bringing their infamous live show on the road all make for an exciting future for five nerds based out of Astoria, Queens.

Taylor Fischer

Taylor Fischer is an artist who works with Paizo to concept and illustrate many of their books such as the Curse of the Crimson Throne hardcover and Occult Adventures, as well leading up the early designs for the Starfinder series. Taylor's work is diverse in style and background, from sci-fi to fantasy. Taylor comes from an experienced AAA gaming background, having also worked on titles such as Elder Scrolls, Civilization, Xcom, and more. She is a competent digital painter, teaching for several years at the Maryland Institute College of Art, but also enjoys a mixture of traditional mediums.