Wydroe's Core Run of PFS Scenario 3-19, The Icebound Outpost (Inactive)

Game Master Wydroe

This is a core game. Scenario, 3-19, The Icebound Outpost

Icebound Outpost Map

Aram Zey is looking for experienced agents in the area to help with the developing situation that is the fighter for control of the Hoa Jin Tapestry. You have been summoned to the lower vaults in the middle of the night. The note said to “dress warmly”.

3-19, The Icebound Outpost, starts in the center of Civilization, Absalom beneath the Grand Lodge, but takes place almost entirely within the pocket demiplane that is accessed through the Hoa Jin tapestry.

This scenario is designed for characters levels 1-5. This will be a core campaign credit game. Looking for low tier level 1-2 core characters but will consider higher tier characters should that be the current demand. I expect participants to be able to check the game posts everyday and to post most days.