The God Games.

Game Master Captain Wombat

The Pathfinder Olympic games, where one PC who wins the most will join the ranks of the gods.

For 50,000s years the Ziggurat of the God Games as not been seen,
Now news has come to you that once more it has arrived on your plane,
that once more the games will start and one just one, the winning being will Join the ranks of god like inside the Ziggurat. Where power unknown to any planes can be had, where truths that should never be told are said to be hidden. You also hear that others are gathering their powers to take the challenges in an around the Ziggurat of the god Gamers. You must move fast, gather what followers you can and head there by any means. Its location the say in a place called "The World Wound" even now empires are sending army's to seek it, Princes and kings, grate mages and Demons search for it. You need to get there before they, scrying gets nothing but a polite "No" Even the gods themselves seem to be keeping well away? why more to the point why is it here NOW? after all this time, something they said came before even the 1st world. You have to no, you must know, now is the time to act.

Location of the God Games

The Worldwound
A century ago, the nation of Sarkoris was murdered. Today, the fallen nation is a horrific, post-apocalyptic nightmare cloven by a vast canyon that connects Golarion to the demon-haunted reaches of the Abyss. This rift is known as the Worldwound, and through it the demonic hordes pour forth, set on defiling the world of mortals and claiming it for their own. Though the demons have so far been held back at the borders by barbarians and crusaders alike, the region that was once Sarkoris remains a fiendish beachhead on the mortal realm. Worse, the Worldwound itself is slowly growing—and if something isn’t done to halt this blight, the demons it spawns might one day swallow all of Golarion! The odd bit of local wild life shows up, you can use it as target practice for your troops.

====MAKING ALTs======

All PCs and ALTS have to be made on paizo NO 3ed location sheets.

You will need an Alt for.

1: Your PC

2: Any Familiars/Animal companions/Edalons/Mounts/Psicyral/Intelligent Mythic item etc.

3: For your Cohort

4: For each band of your army 1 2 and 3.

5: A Alt of links to your regular summoned things, so I can just look it up.

6: An Alt for your camp, you have 1 Cubed mile on which to encamp, this is your area and no other player can enter it unless you agree to them being in. Once in its up to you to oversee them and get them to go. The area is 50% above ground 50% below. You will have 24 hours in which to make camp. Is a dry barren and hot, waist land.

Rules for making your PC:

1: 25 Point Buy

2: Race, that dos not go over the 21 Race Point build in race builder, If you wish to play a monster you must remake it in Race builder Limit RP 21 as well, then go from there. If you take a race that less then RP21 like Human you can Spend the out lacking RP from its built upto RP max of 21 to add stuff on top.

3: Level 20th both sides of the Gestalt + 10th Level Mythic

4: Templates, you can have 1 template by paying for it with levels on one side of your gestalt.

5: Classes, Any on it has to be on there or its out, SO YES to 3PP and YES to Psionics, and YES to Godlings.

6: 5 traits and 2 Drawbacks. [that right 2]

7: You get the Leadership feat free feat and Leadership score is Max'ed at 25 at the start of game.

8: 4,000,000 gp for items/permanency etc on this character and/or your Amry

9: Magic items, See magic item rules

Rules for Magic Items:

It must be on

3pp ok as long as its on and you linked to it.

Stock items ok

Mythic Items OK

Legendary OK

Artefacts NO

Making Items.


IF you make your own [you need the feats and skills] you get them at crafting price. CL20 Max for items

If you buy bespoke [with the +50% tax CL20 Max for items] or stock items, you pay full price.

+5 max on weapons TH enharncement etc still stands

What dos combing mean, in regard to CL
It works like this,
THE CL for Belt of Tumbling is 1st, Ring of Swimming +5 is CL 2nd

ADD them, now you have CL3 you can keep adding until you get to CL20

Rules for making your Army:


This is your army brake down.

Any Core, Featured or Uncommon Race is usable. [No Draw Nobles]
templates Yes pay levels.
Race Builder yes RP 11 to build with. [no don't ask for more, bar-humbug]

Band 1 - Grunts
levels 1-2,
You start with 50 1st level grunts
They have 500 XP each. you can give them a zero template of you wish. You can combine 3 to make 1 second level Army MPC.

Band 2 - NCOs
Levels 3-6,
You have 50,000 Xp to spend NPC's in this band.

Band 3 - Officers
Levels 7-12,
You have 250,000 Xp to spend NPC's in this band.

Band 4 - Cohort
Your Cohort is your General, unless you have an officer take the role.
Level 17. You can DROP your CoHorts level and feed the EXP from this into your Army. So a drop from 17 to 16 level Cohort gives you 250,000 XP to spend on any 1 Band of your Army. Do it again down to 15 and you get 175,000 more, cool go on you know you want to. What could be the down side A? hehe

You get Leadership as a free feat and you score is 25 at start of game. This feat can not be taken any any member of your army.

We will be using "Fast" Experience Point leveling HERE

Total money you can spend on your Army is now 2,000,000 Gold just like you. You can take money from that pot to add to your 4,000,000 GP or you can give some to your army.

So the total coin you have to spend is 6,000,000 no more no less, that is unless you take the Rich Parents trait and then you get 900 more.