The Curse of the Crimson Throne (Inactive)

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A group of Korvosan patriots combat forces that threaten to tear their city apart.


Eodred's Death: Calistril 3rd, 4708
Date and Time: 8:00pm, Calistril 4th, 4708

Map of Korvosa with Landmarks

Map of Korvosan Environs

Map of Korvosa

The Protagonists / Health Tracker
- - -

Darius Filipes (LN human paladin (vindictive bastard) 1/investigator (empiricist) 1)
hp 20/20, conditions: none

Mackeson Slatethorne (CG dwarf warpriest of Cayden Cailean 2)
hp 24/24, conditions: 2 NL damage

Anguela Noctis (LN human oracle (lore) 1/sorcerer (crossblooded) 1)
hp 17/17, conditions: 1 NL damage

Paige Ward (NG human bard (faith singer, dawnflower dervish) 2)
hp 18/18, conditions: none

Atticus Montague deGray (LN human zealot (scarlet sentinel) 2)
hp 24/24, conditions: none

Portia Cilliathis / The Silver Ghost (CN / CG human vigilante 2)
hp 25/25, conditions: 2 NL damage

Tasks and Quests
- - -

1. Help to quell the unrest plaguing the city.

2. Five guards have gone missing in the Old Docks region. Orianna, the second-in-command at the Citadel, has tasked you with finding them.

NPCs and Contacts
- - -

Queen Ileosa Arabasti: A 19-year-old woman from Egorian, in Cheliax, Queen Ileosa is hugely unpopular. She is seen as an immature brat who stole the throne from a popular king using her feminine wiles.

Field Marshall Cressida Kroft: A paladin of Abadar, the leader of the Korvosan Guard, and a competent politician. Kroft is a personal friend of Darius and an old schoolmate of Atticus. Her reputation says that she is honorable, fair, hardworking, and just.

Marcus Thalassinus Endrin: The commandant of the Sable Company Marines, Endrin is known to have a strict adherence to a code of honor and the rules of his mercenary company.

Toff Ornelos: The current Headmaster of Korvosa's Acadamae, Toff is the most public figure of the relatively secretive Acadamae. He is known to be one of the most powerful arcane spellcasters in the whole Varisian region, perhaps farther.

Lictor Severs DeVry: The leader of the Hellknight Order of the Nail, Severs has significant influence in the city despite the fact that his order is not based within it, due to the proximity and power of the Order of the Nail.

Emilian: Darius' roommate, Emilian is an elderly Varisian ex-sailor who currently operates a small shop in Old Korvosa.

Gareth and Serena Noctis: Anguela's cover family, the Noctises own a magic shop in Midland called Curiosities Noctis and are allies with Anguela's exiled real family.

Louise and Lia Cilliathis: Portia's parents, they own or have investments in businesses all over Korvosa and the surrounding area.

- - -

1. When crafting, adding 5 to the Spellcraft DC in exchange for ignoring a pre-requisite is not allowed. You must fulfill all prerequisites for magic item creation.

2. Weapons and armor attunement from automatic bonus progression are not counted against you when buying special qualities for your weapons. You do not lose the enhancement bonus if you buy a special quality.

3. When you attempt a combat maneuver, it does not provoke an attack of opportunity unless it fails. If you possess the relevant "Improved" feat, it does not provoke an attack of opportunity at all.

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