The 5th Mendevian Crusade (Inactive)

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Phantom Chariots with 100' move can cover 11.36 miles of smooth ground in one hour.

Character Creation:

Commonplace Guns: While still expensive and tricky to wield, early firearms are readily available. Instead of requiring the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat, all firearms are martial weapons. Early firearms and their ammunition cost 25% of the amounts listed in this book, but advanced firearms and their ammunition are still rare and cost the full price to purchase or craft.

Hero Points

Alignment:All mortals who lack a divine aura are considered neutral. People with divine auras (clerics, paladins) are an exception. All good gods have paladins, and a paladin's alignment matches its god's. A cleric's alignment must also match their gods. Outsiders and other supernatural beings may fall anywhere on the alignment spectrum. Morality will be fairly grey in my Golarion.

Level: 10

Ability Scores:6d6 drop the lowest three or 20 point buy. You can reroll any score that ends up lower than 6 one time.

Races:Basically any Paizo, including custom races from ARG up to 11 RP (custom races need to be approved individually, exceptionally powerful normal races may also be vetoed. ie Drow Noble)

Classes:Any paizo on, all archetypes available.

HP:Max at first, then 1/2+1

Traits:2 traits, standard rules apply

Starting Gold:Standard WBL (no crafting gear other than potions, wands and scrolls)