Terrapin Order - Wizard Only Campaign

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Magic, More Magic
Map of Varisia
Map of Korvosa
The Terrapin's Lair
Palin's Cove Map
Hang Nail Inn is like this, but bigger

Six wizards enter the employ of a peculiar person. What devious schemes will they be asked to carry out?

Nitty Gritty:
Starting Level: 7th
25 point buy
HP progression: Max at first level. After that either roll (if you're feeling lucky), or use PFS progression (half + 1). You can choose which option at each level.

Class: Wizard only all the way up, Archetypes OK, no prestige classes (ever).

Race: Any Paizo Race 20 RP or less. Remaining RP can be spent on extra feats at the rate of 5 RP per feat. Extra RP are wasted and cannot be used for anything else. (This will hopefully balance more powerful races.) Core races take no RP, meaning that you get 4 extra feats! Woot!

Traits: Gain 4 traits and 2 drawbacks. (I like drawbacks for helping define characters, so choose carefully, and use them.)

Feats: Normal feat progression. At 7th level you should have a total of 4 feats plus your bonus wizard feat from 5th level. Then add your feats from RP to that for a max of 9 (10 if you're human)

Spells: Paizo spells only. Choose your 2 per level plus any 4th level or lower spells you want to buy from other wizards at the Acadamae, as per the rules for copying spells from other wizards’ spellbooks.

Starting Gear: 23,500gp. The Acadamae has just about everything you could want as far as magic items go. If you have crafting feats, we can assume you crafted the items for half price.

Wizardy Shenanigans: It’s all good. Wizards are OP by design, so have at it. You’re all wizards, so feel free to one up each other. You’re all of questionable morality, so you might not want to trust your companions fully. And there’s no barbarian in the party who will get emotional because he’s feeling left behind in the power curve. No barbarians also means that fighting may not be the best solution to every encounter. You will have high intelligence. I expect you to use it.