Survive or Die - Return to Epiphany (Inactive)

Game Master Tierce

Can the adventurers tame the wildlands and make it their own, or die trying?

The World of Epiphany – A Brief Look

The world of Epiphany was once a realm of multiple peoples and nations that were governed and ruled by a Council of Elders from each nation. The rights of free speech, free religion and practicing of magic were widely encouraged. The only known violence was from the occasional problem with bandits and from tribes of nomadic monsters and savages. Any problems such as these were solved by Adventurers, groups of likeminded mercenaries who were treated as gods for their talents.

However this glorious Golden Age was soon to end in blood. Tyrene, a country known for its tyranny and military might launched a gruesome war that engulfed the entire world. The war, known as the Consolation War, was fought on two fronts, a war of blood, and a war of religion. Tyrene priests, who believed in the worship of only a single creator god, known as Praetor, began a campaign to remove all other religions from the face of the planet. While the legions of Tyrene brought the countries of Epiphany under heel, the Priests of Praetor enslaved the hearts and minds of their people.

Only two countries were able to avoid the complete conquering of Tyrene. The eastern Dwarven Kingdoms, content in their mountain fortresses, sealed themselves away from the world. The legions of Tyrene, unable to breach or even find the fortresses simply gave up on the search. As long as the dwarves sealed themselves away from the affairs of the world, then they would not interfere.

Realinia, the smallest country of Epiphany was founded as a gathering place for Adventures. The large concentrations of ancient ruins, nomadic tribes, and wandering monsters made Realinia a perfect hot zone for people seeking glory and treasure. The town of Cross would host an annual adventuring contest that invited adventuring groups for all over the world to compete in a week long survival test in the various ancient ruins that Realinia was famous for. Tyrene, thinking that Realinia would be a push over, decided to leave it for last in its crusade. However when the Legions of Tyrene marched on Realinia, they were surprised to find a combined army of adventures, tribes of Orcs, Trolls, and Ogres; and slew upon slew of sentient monsters, all intent to defend their homes. This would signify the only major defeat that Tyrene would face in the war, and a peace accord was agreed upon.

Realinia would keep its independence and be open for any people who did not want to live under the rule of Tyrene. On a show of good faith, Realinia adopted Praetor as its patron deity and would allow legions of Tyrene to cross their borders to reach their southern province of Caldin. However, it is still well known that Tyrene is still aggravated at their loss and any legion that crosses the border is usually escorted by remaining bands of adventurers.

Countries of Epiphany :

Realinia – The one last “free” country of Epiphany. All people are welcome as long as they agree to be civil and peaceful. Realinia is the only country to not have fallen to Tyrene during the Consolation Wars and thus, has a large refugee population. They host a week long adventuring contest that features various tasks and feats of strength.

Tyrene – the militaristic country of Tyrene began a war several centuries ago to consolidate the nations of the world under their guidance and leadership. Only two countries escaped their wrath. The war ended approximately two decades ago and the world has been forever changed. Tyrene’s codes of laws are as follows:

Keep no God in your heart that is not Praetor, our lord and protector

Practise of magic is forbidden unless under the tutelage of the priesthood of Praetor

Adventuring for sport and monetary gain is forbidden, the protection of the realm is under the guidance of the legion

Caldin – Southern province of Tyrene, the country is mostly covered in desert except for the southern port cities closet to the ocean. Caldin is known for its expensive silks and spices and trades them throughout the realm.

Mabrin – Northern province of Tyrene, Formerly the Elven Nations of Mabrin, is mostly covered in forests and is home to the great tree. Mabrin’s population is mostly elves and half elves, the former of which is slowly in decline.

Ka’al’dor – Province of Tyrene, Ka’al’dor was known for its extensive magical academies. Individuals possessing magical talent were in high demand if they studied from the academies in Ka’al’dor. However, after the War of Consolidation, all the academies have been converted into monasteries of Praetor.

Swamp of the Dead – a wasteland of swamps, bogs and marshlands. This entire area is devoid of any civilization.

Northlends – Northern Provice of Tyrene. Most of the country is covered in ice and snow, especially during the winter months. The Northlends have no major cities as the people are mostly nomadic.

Dwarven Kingdoms – The current status of the dwarven kingdoms is currently unknown as their fortresses have been sealed for more than twenty years.