Slumbering Tsar: The Sip O' Blood Tavern (Inactive)

Game Master Lord Manticore

The Sip O' Blood Tavern in the area known as 'The Camp.'

The building itself looks as if it has been rebuilt at least several times over the years. Built more like a mostly-enclosed open pit of some measure, the bottom third of the building is covered by fieldstones all the way around. The rest of the building is covered in pitch, wood, and mud, with several chinks in the structure, each letting steam and smoke out into the night sky. Walking in, you get hit with a combination of wood smoke, a little coal, and the smell of stew over an open fire in the middle of the large room.

The inside of the tavern, other than the aforementioned camp pit, is an L-shaped room, selling most manners of alcohol and some field dinners (i.e. venison, rabbit, etc.)