Save the Greenskins (Inactive)

Game Master Brian Minhinnick

17th Century North America inspiried game set in a possible future of Golarion.

House Rules:

Guns Everywhere: Guns are commonplace. Early firearms are seen as antiques, and advanced firearms are widespread. Firearms are simple weapons, and early firearms, advanced guns, and their ammunition are bought or crafted for 10% of the cost listed in this chapter. The Gunslinger loses the gunsmith class feature and instead gains the gun training class feature at 1st level.

Defense Bonus

Rapid Reload: Instead of effecting a specific weapon, it affects either Crossbows, Flintlocks or Modern Firearms. Classes or archetypes which grant Rapid Reload should be modified accordingly.

Riding Wolf Animal Companion/Mount
Starting Statistics

Size Large; Speed 50 ft.; AC +2 natural armor; Attack bite (1d8 plus trip); Ability Scores Str 17, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 10; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent.

Tommahawk - Light Martial Weapon 8 GP 1d6 x3 20' range increment 2 lbs. Slashing


Capital: Elesomare (2,896)
Notable Settlements: Bostown (930), Elesomare Bay (650), Vindsor (543), Springfeld (499), Northhamptown (380)
Total Population: 37,000
Ruler: Lord Governor Branden Kern
Government: Council composed of nine representatives, three from the Lumber Consortium, three from the Arcadia Trading Company and three from the militia leaders.
Languages: Common
Religion: Abadar, Sarenrae, Cayden Cailean, Erastil

Elesomare declared nominal independence from the Confederated States of Avistan in 4994 AR. It chartered itself as an independent republic under the authority of the Lumber Consortium and the Arcadia Trading Company, as granted to them by the citizens of the Elesomare. It’s a land of small forts, palisaded towns and farms. The people are simple and freedom loving, mostly self sufficient farmers willing to sell their surplus to one of the two corportations. Many people come over from Avistan as indentured work for one of the big two, and after ten years are granted Elesomari citizenship and a plot of land to work as they see fit. The main economic products are lumber, furs, and fishing.

The Elasomari often come into conflict with the native tribes along their ever expanding borders, and their military is supplied by a militia consisting of every able bodied man between the ages of 16 and 20. They are called up as need, and meet to train once every week. Their officers are generally elected by the men of the platoon.

Kinkanoa Confederacy
Capital: N/A
Notable Settlements: N/A
Tribes: Kinkanoa (6,750), Narraganna (4,300), Nidmucc (2,400), Pawtudde/Massasets (2,400), Various smaller tribes (5,600+)
Total Population: 21,500
Ruler: Great Chieftain Wammsutta Thunderstick
Government: Autocratic tribal chiefdom
Languages: Kinkanoa
Religion: Druidry, Animism, Totemism, Gozreh (Father Sky/Mother Sea)

A loosely aligned group of tribes that all speak Kinkanoa, the Confederacy came into being over the last few generations as a mutual defense and aid pact against the encroaching Elasomari. The Kinkanoa tribe is the largest and its chieftain is considered to be Great Chieftain over all the others. Lacking any real organization or structure, they come together only when needed for decisions that affect them all. Individual's loyalty is more likely to lie with their own local chieftain and clan then the Confederacy.

The greenskins are expert at woodcraft and their existence is integrally tied to the forests. The mothers, children and older men typically stay near their tent-like wicker and hide dwellings herding deer and doing low intensity farming and foraging in the forest clearings. The young men and women range out and back in hunting and raiding parties, bringing home game, loot and new blood to keep the tribes strong. Each tribe has a loosely defined territory that they range back and forth in, with several good settlement sites being rotated between in cycles of a few years each.

Capital: Vallenhall (4,600)
Notable Settlements: Edmundstown (1,345), Quebonc (2,300), Montrattl (3,500)
Total Population: 63,000 (30,000 settlers, 33,000 native Skraelings)
Ruler: Jarl Eyvindr Petersson
Government: Colonial Administration
Languages: Ulfen, Common, native tongues
Religion: Gorem, Gozreh, Erastil, Cayden Cailean

A colony of the fearsome Northern Alliance, Vallenhall is home to an Ulfen cultural tradition. The land is geographically massive spreading from the shores of the Arcadian sea in the east hundreds of miles inland to northern ends of the Appalachuck mountains in the west. While long ago the Ulfen colonists found themselves in conflict with the native Scraeling humans, they have since managed to work out their differences and their cultures have essentially fused. The Ulfen learned the ways of the natives, and the natives adopted superior Ulfen tools. Now the colony supplies a massive trade in furs, amber, coal and iron back home across the sea.

They maintain a standing army garrison of Northern Alliance riflemen in all their towns, and are supplemented by several elite units inlcuding the Scraeling Rangers, Berserkers and the Battle Skalds. Tensions are always high with the Elasomari to the south and the Vallenhallers often seek to aid the enemies of Elasomare.