Ryuko's Forging of a Kingdom (Inactive)

Game Master Ryuko

Watch five intrepid adventurers bring the whole of the Stolen Lands to civility.

Current Map of The Stolen Lands

Group Loot:
34 Days trail rations
200 Arrows
Polished Wooden Case of Herbal Liquor (8 Bottles)
314 gp 1 sp

Oleg Leveton: Owns Oleg's Trading Post. The last bit of civilization in the south of Brevoy.
Svetlana Leveton: Oleg's wife, amazing cook and voice of reason in their marriage.
Devlin: Reformed Bandit in service to Arkady Medvyed. Was a hunter in the Stolen Lands before his father's death.
"Silas" Name Unknown: Mute Former Bandit. Learning letters at Oleg's.
Linier: Galtan former bandit in Service to Arkady Medvyed. Formerly a cook in Galt.
Corporal Alea Ageray: Corporal of the Red Hawks, stationed in Oleg's Trading Post.
Hrothgar Bronzepot: Engineer of the Red Hawks, stationed at Oleg's.
Sergeant Kesten Garress: Scandal prone Sergeant of the Red Hawks. Stationed at Oleg's.
John Kavken: Middle-Aged Priest of Erastil. On a mission to cleanse the Stag's temple.

Oleg's Bounty Board:
Kobolds in The Hills
The Sootscale Kobolds live in a cave in the Kamelands. Something has them riled recently and they have been causing problems for travellers on the southern roads. The kingdom offers an 800 gp bounty to any person or group who makes the roads safe again.

Tatzylwyrm Head
I want the head of a tatzylwyrm. Be a great conversation piece for the guesthall. I'll pay 600 gp to anyone who brings me one, and 200 gp per additional head. --Oleg

Wanted: Tuskgutter
Tuskgutter is the biggest, nastiest boar in the forest. He took Vekkel Benzen's leg a year ago and now Benzen wants revenge. Anyone who delivers the head of the monster boar to Oleg's will recieve in return Vekkel's old longbow and six arrows enchanted to kill animals. Vekkel has also promised to share the head cheese he will make with the trophy.

Moon Radishes Needed
Moon Radishes don't grow around the area anymore unfortunately. Moon Radish soup is Oleg's favorite meal and I'll give anyone who brings me ten or more moon radishes 250 gp and a portion of the soup when it's finished. --Svetlana

Wanted: Falgrim Sneeg
Falgrim Sneeg is a bandit who deserted from the Red Hawks, robbing the company as he did. Bring him to me, alive if possible. --Kesten Garress

Banned List:(Note that this is not a comprehensive list, and some things may be banned. I apologize for being unable to list all, but I'll list what I can.)
Wild Rager Archetype
Rage Cycling (Barbarians, even those immune to fatigue, must wait twice as long as they were in rage to enter it again)
Synthesist Archetype
Master Summoner Archetype
Antagonize Feat
Clustered Shots

Power Attack, Combat Expertise and Lunge are combat options. Anyone with STR 13 or higher may Power Attack. Anyone with DEX or INT 13 or higher may use CE. Anyone with a BAB of more than 6 may make Lunge attacks.
Combat Maneuvers provoke Attacks of Opportunity only with a failure, not with the attempt.
Vital Strike is a single feat that scales.
Weapon Finesse/Agile Manuevers are Options of Finessable Weapons and no longer feats.
Dervish Dance is replaced by Expert Strikes. Expert Strikes is a feat requiring a BAB of +4 which allows you to add your DEX bonus instead of STR bonus to damage for Finessable Weapons.
Weapon Proficiency is a trait. Using a Feat on Weapon Proficiency gains you Proficiency in 2 weapons.
Vital Strike is an attack action which can be combined with any other such action (i.e. Charging, Spring Attack, Cleave).
Lances Do not deal double damage on a charge, only +5 damage.
Characters gains 1 point buy every level, replacing the one attribute point every 4 levels. Points beyond 18 cost an amount of points equal to the resulting modifier (19 = 4, 20-21=5, 22-23=6 etc.)