Rise of the Runelords: Anniversary Edition ran by DM KLS (Inactive)

Game Master KyleS

The Glassworks

The coastal town of Sandpoint has faced few trials and dangers
over the course of its forty-two year history, but unfortunately,
that is all about to change. Unknown to the town’s founders,
they chose to build their community over the ruins of an ancient
stronghold once used as laboratory and prison, a place where
horrific experiments and unholy explorations into what divides
man from monster took place. These are the Catacombs of Wrath,
a place where arcanists explored and perfected the stolen arts
of lifeshaping and fleshwarping, one of several such sites used by
Runelord Alaznist’s apprentices during Thassilon’s height, When
Thassilon fell, these catacombs went dormant, but the one buried
under Sandpoint was not fated to stay that way.