Reign of Winter (group two) (Inactive)

Game Master Whack-a-Rogue

Ruined Temple
Loot List

Town Map

1. Armory
2. Iskerys Smithy
3. General Store
4. Town Hall
5. Willowbark Apothecary
6. Barber
7. The Silver Stoat (tavern)
8. Livery Stable
9. Town Square
10. Ionnia Teppen’s House (council leader)
11. Temple of Erastil (also Abadar, Gozreh, Pharasma, Sarenrae)
12. Carpenter
13. Heldren Sawmill
14. The Butcher of Jalrune (butcher shop)
15. Old Mother Theodora’s House (midwife, soothsayer, “wise woman”, herbalist)

Games List:
Archery Contest
Compete against members of the town militia (and other PCs) to accumulate as many points as possible! Targets are placed at 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500ft from the firing line. You have 5 shots. Targets are worth 1, 2, 4, 8, or 12pts based on distance. Each arrow will have distance penalties (per range increment as usual) and needs to hit AC 10. The Heldren militia captain scored 25 points.

Show off your prowess with a blade! These are one-on-one bouts where you target your opponent’s Touch AC. First to achieve 3 touches wins! I'll provide NPC info as needed.

Ride the Bucking Bronco
Try to stay in the saddle of a wild horse until time expires! Participants must make three consecutive Ride DC 15 checks to avoid getting bucked off. Failure means you fall off and must try again. You get three attempts (a maximum of 9 checks). For smaller players, a pig is available.

Talent Show
Show off your hobby! There are two categories, represented by the Craft and Perform skill respectively. Highest result wins. The local seamstress (Craft) scored a 19. The local puppeteer (Perform) scored a 6.

Answer questions about all manner of topics! Players can make a DC 15 Knowledge check for each category (arcana, religion, history, etc). Ten categories total, worth one point each. All can be attempted untrained. Once everything’s been answered, the player with the most correct answers wins. Heldren’s resident smartie-pants scored 6 points.

Pull the other team across the line and into a mud pit! Participants form teams of 3 (NPCs are included if not enough PCs join in the fun) and make opposed STR checks. Low results count as “Aid Other” attempts to boost the highest result. Three consecutive successes means your team wins! I'll provide NPC info if fill-ins are needed.

Cold Weather Rules:
Falling snow imparts a -4 penalty on Perception checks. Also, the ground is considered difficult terrain (1/2 movement speed). Snowshoes reduce the penalty by half (aka. 3/4 movement speed).

In addition, every hour spent outside requires a Survival Check (DC 15 + 1 per previous check) to avoid taking 1d6 nonlethal cold damage. Those taking this damage also catch hypothermia (gain the “Fatigued” condition). If this is not remedied, afflicted characters risk contracting frostbite. Cold-weather outfits give a +5 bonus on these Survival Checks. Also, cold resistance is subtracted from any damage taken (so a PC with cold resistance 2 will take 0-4 damage from a failed check).

A hidden compartment has been added that's perfectly-sized for a Bag of Holding. In addition, there are three new levers that are easily-accessible from the driver's bench.

One: extends/retracts a canopy to cover and shade the slaygon's interior. The canopy is large enough to shade the driver as well. It's also fire-resistant.

Two: extends/retracts wooden panels that form a 5ft-wide platform around the slaygon's base. This platform is suitable for walking, sitting, standing, or sleeping upon.

Three: When the above platform is extended, this lever raises it to a vertical position and opens arrow slits. This leaves 5ft of space between the defensive wall and the slaygon - enough room for you to stand single-file and fight behind improved cover.

PC Initiatives: [dice=You]5d20+17[/dice]